May 15

Visiting Cowling Prof. Ken Walton:"Thoughtwriting-in Poetry and Music"

Professor Kendall Walton to give public talk- "Thoughtwriting —in Poetry and Music"

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012
12:00 – 1:00 pm / Leighton 305
Ken Walton's talk

Here is a brief synopsis of his talk:

All or almost all works of literary fiction have narrators—so it is said anyway—characters who, in the world of the fiction, utter or write the words of the text, thereby reporting the events of the story. But there is a very different way of understanding literary works, one applicable especially to poetry.  Much music can be understood in a similar manner, and doing so nicely explains several important characteristics of listeners’ experiences. It also brings out an unnoticed respect in which poetry has more in common with music than with other forms of literature.

Kendall Walton is the Charles L. Stevenson Collegiate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Michigan. Much of his work consists in exploring connections between theoretical questions about the arts and issues of philosophy of mind, metaphysics, and philosophy of language. He has written on the nature and importance of fiction, emotional responses to fiction, the ontological status of fictional entities, pictorial representation, photography, empathy, the aesthetics of music, metaphor, aesthetic value, and on relations between aesthetic and moral values.

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