May 23

Healthcare as a Human Right: Access & Barriers

From site: Humanities Center

PANEL DISCUSSION, Part of the Humanities Center at Carleton’s “Perspectives in the Humanities” series.

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012
7:00 – 8:30 pm / Weitz 236
Health Care Panel

Sponsors: EThiC and the Humanities Center at Carleton

Americans may agree on a citizen’s rights to life and liberty, but does the nation have a moral duty to ensure healthcare?  As Carleton’s EThiC initiative asks in this term’s “Question” blog (, “Is access to healthcare a universal human right?”  This panel provides some helpful context for that debate by looking at moral and practical barriers that have emerged in assuring fair use of America’s healthcare system.  

  • Carl Elliott, renowned bioethicist and frequent contributor to the The New Yorker, will speak on the ways in which private research sites test new drugs on homeless schizophrenics who are driven to participate in studies by poverty and lack of access to healthcare.  
  • Charlie Mandile, executive director of Health Finders Collaborative of Rice County, will look at the barriers to health care erected by poverty and immigration status in Southern Minnesota.  
  • Daniel Groll, Carleton Philosophy Department, will frame the discussion for us in its larger humanistic, ethical dimensions.

Sponsored by Humanities Center. Contact: Susannah Ottaway, x5446