Studying Abroad and Majoring in Philosophy

While the philosophy department does not run any off-campus study programs, philosophy majors routinely spend a term, or more, off-campus as part of Carleton and non-Carleton programs. Indeed, our current Student Departmental Adviser has been on the London program.  Other majors from the past five years have gone to:

  • The Czech Republic (Czech Arts & Social Change)
  • Denmark (Denmark International Study Program)
  • Germany (Carleton German Program in Berlin)
  • Norway (Scandinavian Urban Studies Oslo)
  • Sri Lanka (Inter-Collegiate Sri Lanka Program)
  • Greece (Arcadia University)
  • Scotland (University of Stirling)
  • Guatemala  (Socio-Cultural Field Research Seminar)
  • Ireland (Carleton Irish Literature and Culture Program)
  • France (Parsons, Paris)
  • India (ACM India Studies)
  • England (University College London)
  • Middle East Mosiacs (Egypt, Turkey, Morocco)
  • Beijing (China)
  • Israel (Carleton WB Faith & Fiction)
  • Switzerland (SIT Public Health)
  • Chile (SIT Public Health)
  • Australia (Welfare Systems)
  • U.S.A. (Carleton WB Jazz History - NYC; Carleton Political Science - Washington, D.C.)

If you have any questions about studying off campus as a philosophy major, feel free to talk to any of the faculty – who can put you in touch with current majors that have gone off-campus – or to the OCS office.

 You might also want to look at the OCS program browser, which can tell you what philosophy-specific OCS programs are available.