Student Research

Student Research Activities, 2002-2003

  • "Nonlinear dynamics of the Liouville probabilities with external noise" (Pattanayak)
  • "NIST research, probe magnetic tunnel junctions" (Pettit)
  • "Gravity wave research" (Christensen)
  • "Exploring the Galactic Magnetic Field" (Weisberg)
  • "Asteroid Photometry" (Clark)
  • "Scanning the Skies, digitization of images of comets and asteroids on glass plates" (Clark)
  • "Pulsar Research" (Weisberg)
  • "Radio Telescope development" (Weisberg)
  • "Gravity Wave Detection" (Christensen)
  • "Chaotic Dynamics" (Pattanayak)
  • "LIGO Noise Studies" (Christensen)
  • "Cosmic ray Detection" (Christensen)
  • "Chaos and Metastability" (Pattanayak)
  • "Hot Spot Galaxy Spectra" (Blaha)
  • "Photon Entanglement Expt" (Christensen)
  • "Nonlinear Dynamics" (Pattanayak)
  • "Improved Quantum Well Solution" (Thomas)
  • "NMR Quantum Computation" (Christensen)
  • "MRI of an Electron Beam in Matter" (Christensen)
  • "21 Cm Radiotel Gal Obs" (Weisberg)

Seniors' Integrative Exercise Topics, 2003-2004

  • "How far the stars? A history of the astronomical distance scale in the first half of the 20th century"
  • "The History and Physics of Roller Coasters"
  • "Modern Cosmology: How exploding stars and a gigantic microwave oven tell us the secrets of the universe"
  • "The Life and Times of the Standard Model"
  • "Europa"
  • "General Relativity"
  • "Phase Transitions: From A to Z"
  • "Theromdynamics of Black Holes"
  • "LIGO and the Search for Gravitational Waves"
  • "Booming Dunes and Granular Physics"
  • "Cleaning up dark matter with laundry detergent: How axions may account for 90% of the matter in the universe"
  • "Superconductors and Superfluids"
  • "Twixt the green sea and azured vault”, “Atmospheric Physics and Numerical Weather Modeling"
  • "The Physics of Baseball"
  • "A Singularity at the Center of Our Galaxy"
Student Off-Campus Scientific/Engineering Research Programs
(Summer, 2003)
  • Michigan State University, Psycho-acoustics, REU
  • Lehigh University, Biophysics, REU
  • University of Wisconsin, Madison, Astrophysics (Interstellar Medium), REU
  • University of Wyoming, Astronomy, REU
  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Materials Science research
  • College of William and Mary, Lamb Wave Tomography, REU