Jan 12

Tenure-Track Candidate Research Talk

Today we'll have the first of four candidates give their research presentation during common time.

Thursday, January 12th, 2017
12:00 – 1:00 pm / Olin 04

"From Galaxies to Fridge Magnets: Origins of Magnetic Fields in the Universe"

Magnetic fields surround us in our everyday lives--they are in our headphones, refrigerators, and medical equipment.  Outside of the Earth's magnetosphere, magnetic fields are found in stars, the interstellar medium of galaxies, and beyond.  Despite their ubiquity, we still do not know how magnetic fields originated in the Universe, nor how they evolved to the strengths we observe today.  To determine these unknowns, my research builds a timeline of the growth of magnetic fields in galaxies.  I use broad-band radio observations to study the three-dimensional magnetic field structure in both nearby and distant galaxies.  In my talk I'll share the results of my current research and how these observations can be used to test theories of astrophysical dynamos and the origin of magnetic fields in the Universe.

Sponsored by Physics and Astronomy. Contact: Trenne Fields, x4383