May 3

PHYS 123 Speaker Kris Storvick

Physics 123 "What Physicists Do" Speaker Kris Storvick

Friday, May 3rd, 2013
3:30 – 4:30 pm / Olin 141

Physics 123
(Approx. First Half of Term)    Fridays 3:30-4:30 (6a)
What Physicists Do
Spring 2013
Olin 141    1 Credit; S/CR/NC

The Department of Physics and Astronomy is pleased to present “Physics 123: What Physicists Do”.  This is our annual series of five lectures by guest speakers, many of whom are Carleton alums.  The series is intended to introduce students to a broad range of real-world physics and to give some perspective on the kinds of work done by people with a physics background.  Speakers will be available for informal discussions over refreshments afterward.    Questions: Jay Tasson, Olin 337, x4418,

The speaker for May 3rd will be Kris Storvick.

"The Intersection of Law and Physics:  A Career in Patent Law" 

Kris will explain the path from an undergraduate degree in physics to a profession in patent law, including the law school application/choice process, law school itself, taking the state bar and patent bar exam with the USPTO, and other issues.  Additionally, he will discuss a patent attorney's role in the process from an invention in the laboratory to an issued patent on the technology.  Finally, he will discuss how a physics degree makes one uniquely qualified for the day-to-day dealings of a patent attorney, and why a science or engineering degree is, in fact, a requirement to be licensed in this profession. 

Sponsored by Physics and Astronomy. Contact: Trenne Fields, x4383