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Marty Baylor
Marty Baylor Profile
Assistant Professor of Physics

Marty is an experimental physicist with interests in optical signal processing and integrated optofluidic devices.

Cindy Blaha
Cindy Blaha Profile
Professor of Physics and Astronomy
Marjorie Crabb Garbisch Professor of the Liberal Arts

Cindy is an astrophysicist interested in the optical and radio properties of star formation and evolution in the disks and nuclei of spiral galaxies.

Picture of Nelson
Nelson Christensen Profile
George H. and Marjorie F. Dixon Professor of Physics

Nelson is an experimental physicist with current interests in quantum chaos, medical imaging, and gravitational radiation.

Nelson's Webpage

Melissa Eblen-Zayas
Melissa Eblen-Zayas Profile
Associate Professor of Physics
Chair of Physics and Astronomy

Melissa is an experimental condensed matter physicist whose interests lie in studying the electronic and magnetic properties of materials.

Melissa's Web Page

Arjendu Pattanayak
Arjendu Pattanayak Profile
Professor of Physics

Arjendu is a theorist studying chaos and quantum chaos, particularly issues in decoherence and entropy dynamics. He is deeply interested in the integration of research with education.

Arjendu's Webpage

Bill Titus
Bill Titus Profile
Professor of Physics
Bill is a theoretician interested in computer modeling, problems in statistical mechanics, solid state and low temperature physics.
Joel Weisberg
Joel Weisberg Profile
Herman and Gertrude Mosier Stark Professor of Physics and Astronomy and the Natural Sciences
Off Campus: Winter 2016

Joel is a radio astronomer who studies pulsars, gravity waves, and the interstellar medium at the Arecibo, Green Bank, and Very Large Array radio telescopes. He also has strong interests in science policy, and frequently teaches in the Environmental and Technology Studies Program.

Joel's Website

Eric Hazlett Profile
Assistant Professor of Physics

Emeriti Faculty

Picture of Rich
Rich Noer Profile
Laurence McKinley Gould Professor of the Natural Sciences, Emeritus

An experimental solid state physicist, Rich conducts research on electron field emission and the application of superconductivity to particle accelerators. He is also interested in the history and philosophy of science.

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Robert Reitz Profile
Professor of Physics, Emeritus
Bruce Thomas Profile
Laurence McKinley Gould Professor of the Natural Sciences, Emeritus


Picture of tom
Thomas Baraniak Profile
Electronics & Laboratory Manager in Physics & Astronomy
Instrumentation Electronics Specialist for the Sciences

Tom has worked on the Hubble Space Telescope and writes for Circuit Cellar Magazine about cool sensors he develops for robots, spacecraft, and home automation. Tom is interested in integrating and broadening the sciences and science education.

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Marie-Anne Bizouard
Research Associate
Bruce Duffy
Bruce Duffy
Technical Assistant in Physics and Astronomy
Mark Zach
Mark Zach
Instrument Project Manager
Trenne Fields Profile
Administrative Assistant in Physics and Astronomy
Matthew Edwards
Research Associate
Michael Coughlin ’12
Research Associate
Marty Schwarz ’14 Profile
Educational Associate for Physics and Astronomy