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    • Transports leaving at 2:45 (presenter priority) and 3:05-ish for supporters from the Olin/Mudd loading dock!

    • Campus-wide Poster Session

      October 21, 2016
    • Campus-wide poster session

      October 19, 2015
    • Student Research Presentations

      September 13, 2014

      This week, we finish the series of presentations by students who did campus research, an off-campus REU, or another project over the summer of 2014.  They will be held in Olin 04 during 6a on Wednesday (3:10-4:20) and during common time on Thursday (Noon-1pm). 

      Wednesday speakers:  Shail Mehta  "A Metallicity Analysis of Spiral Galaxies in the Local Group", Carolyn Raithel "Characterization of the Unusual Emission of Pulsar J0901-4624 using data from the Parkes, Australia 64 meter Radio Telescope" and Brian Charous "Searching for Higher Order Cladding Modes in Fiber Optic Based Optical Levers"

      Thursday speakers:  Ben Levy  "TBD" and Bibek Pokharel  "Progress Towards Controlling Quantum Chaos"

      Come support your fellow students, learn about cool stuff they did, and find out how YOU can do the same!  We'll have a light lunch for the Thursday presentations. 



    • Campus Poster Event

      August 20, 2014

      Student Summer Experiences Poster Session

      Come see what your fellow students did over the summer and get ideas about your future plans!!

      Students will be presenting their summer internship experiences posters to the Carleton community.  Please join the students in celebrating their accomplishments, while doing so, get some great ideas for your next summer experience, and learn about internship funding opportunities. 

      Check out more information on how these students funded their experience by clicking here.

      Refreshments will be provided.

      Date Friday, October 24 2014
      Time: 7:30 p.m.–8:30 p.m.
      Location: Weitz Commons
      Sponsored by: Career Center
      Contact: srechtzi, x4296
    • This week we begin a series of presentations done by Carleton Physics and Astronomy students to showcase the research they did this past summer.  This week's talks will take place Tuesday, Oct. 8th, and Thursday, Oct. 10th at 12:00 (common time) in Olin 02.  A light lunch will be provided. Please note:  the Tuesday presentations will take the place of the regularly scheduled Physics Table for this week.


      Tuesday's presenters:  

      Ben Levy's talk is titled:  Working Towards Finding an Upper limit for Crackle in LIGO's Maraging Steel Blade Springs

      Zach Lynn will present on:  Medical Applications of Atmospheric Plasmas


      Thursday's presenters: 

      Erin Roth will speak about Swift Satellite Monitoring of the Galactic Center:  From Supermassive Black Holes to Magnetic Neutrons

      Jackson Tears will talk about The Development of ZBLAN Glass

      Bibek Pokharel will present his research on Investigating the Self-Organized Critical Behavior of Global Geomagnetic Systems


    • November 7 (Wednesday) 3:10-4:20pm, Olin 04

      Join the LIGO students as they talk about the research they did last summer.  Refreshments will be served.

    • October 30 (Tuesday) noon-1pm, Olin 04

      Join Luke Hellwig, Oliver Heywood and Frazier Mork as they talk about the research they did last summer.  Lunch will be provided.

    • October 16 (Tuesday) noon-1pm, Olin 04

      Join Avery Johnson & Garo Moughalian and Marty Schwarz & Laura Wadleigh as they talk about the research they did here at Carleton last summer.  Lunch will be provided.


    • October 10 (Wednesday) 3:10-4:20pm, Olin 04

      Join Andrew Chael, Patricia Porter, Peter Duggins and Henry Luo as they talk about the research they did last summer.

    • October 4 (Thursday) 12:00-1:00pm, Olin 04

      Join Charlotte Zimmerman, Tom Callister and Taylor Want as they talk about the research they did last summer.  Lunch will be provided.

    • November 2 (Wednesday) 3:15-4:15, Olin 04

      Join Evan MacAyael, Ben Hubbert, Shunji Li, Michael Coughlin, David Miller, and Xinxin Xie as they talk about the research they did last summer.

    • October 25 (Tuesday) noon-1:00pm, Olin 04

      Join Colleen Barr, Becky Riss, Traci Johnson and Frazier Mork as they talk about the research they did last summer.  Lunch will be provided.



    • Oct 19 (Wednesday) 7pm, Gould Library Athenaeum

      Come learn about Engineers Without Borders' Water Resources Project in Guatemala!  Members of Engineers Without Borders will present on their new international project, initiated this past summer with a water resources assessment trip in Primavera del Ixcan, Guatemala. Refreshments Provided!

    • October 20 (Thursday) noon-1:00pm, Olin 04

      Join Jon Beker, Min Yao Lim, Peter Duggins, Kevin Hallman and Shao Min Tan as they talk about the research they did last summer.  Lunch will be provided.

    • October 12 (Wednesday) 3:15-4:15pm, Olin 04

      Join Ross Cawthon, Valerie Fox and Peter Bumcrot as they talk about the research they did last summer.

    • November 13 (Friday) 3:30-4:30pm, Olin 02

      Eight students will give brief presentations about their summer research experiences at Carleton and other institutions.

    • January 21 (Wednesday) 3:10-4:20pm, Olin 04

      Join Brianne and Ezra as they talk about their experiences last summer teaching in the TOPS and PREP programs.

    • November 19 (Wednesday) 3:10-4:20pm, Olin 04

      Join Tom and Ted as they discuss the research they did last summer.

    • November 6 (Thursday) Noon-1pm, Olin 04

      Join Elliot, Sam and Anna as they discuss the Research they did here at Carleton with Melissa. The title of their talk is "CMR and CDW Materials". Lunch will be provided.

    • October 30 (Thursday) noon-1:00pm, Olin 04

      Join Ian and Tiffany as they tell us about the research they did last summer. The title of Tiffany's talk is "June 2006 Seismic Swarm in the Michoacan-Guanajuato Volcanic Field: Implications for Magma dynamics".

    • October 22 (Wednesday) 3:10-4:20 pm, Olin 04

      Join Tom, Daniel and Tomoki as they talk about the research they did here at Carleton last summer with Nelson.

    • October 15 (Wednesday) 3:10-4:20, Olin 04

      Join Chris and Bob as they talk about the research they did here at Carleton last summer with Arjendu.

    • Oct 24 (Friday) 3:45-5:15 pm, Hulings Atrium

      All are invited to attend this annual celebration of student scholarship in science and math. Fifty students who have done research at Carleton and elsewhere will present posters on their work. We will be spread over two floors of the Hulings Atrium and refreshments will be served. This event is sponsored by Sigma Xi, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and the Carleton Interdisciplinary Science and Math Initiative (CISMI).

    • October 7 (Tuesday) Noon-1:00pm, Olin 04

      Join Bill and Meeks as they talk about there summer research. Bill will be talking about "Hydrostatic Stability of Shrimpfish (aeoliscus strigatus)". The title of Meek's talk is still unknown.

    • October 2 (Thursday) 12:00-1:00pm , Olin 04

      Join Ayesha and Ryan as they tell us about their summer research experiences. Ayesha's talk is entitled "Investigating Observed Temporal Changes in Hydrocarbon Emission on Neptune". Ryan will be talking about "The Continuing Renovation of the UH Quick Infrared Camera". Sub sandwiches will be served for lunch.

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    • Hello! My name is Rachael Merritt and I am the President of Wayne State's Society of Physics Students.  Every November we host a regional Undergraduate Research conference.  Our conference this year will be held on Friday, November 7th from 2:30pm - 7pm.  Students, if you have participated in undergraduate research and would be interested in presenting a poster at our conference, please follow the registration link for the conference below:

      If you have any questions, please let me know. 

      Rachael Merritt, President
      Society of Physics Students
      Department of Physics & Astronomy
      Wayne State University
      Detroit, Michigan

    • October 26 (Wednesday) 3:45-5:15pm, Weitz Center 236

      All students who have done research in math or science are encouraged to present a poster at the All Science and Math Poster Session.  Students should register by Wednesday, Oct 12 at  CISMI/HHMI will pay for poster printing at Carleton Printing and Mailing Services.  Students should have their posters to Printing and Mailing no later than Oct 19 to ensure printing will be completed by Oct 27. When giving the digital copy of the poster to Print Services indicate that the poster is for the Science and Math poster session, and the proper account will be billed.  Students are also invited to upload invited ( for our HHMI grant archives/data requests and various levels of public consumption, with faculty PI permission where proprietary concerns arise after the poster session is over.if you have any question, please contact Ellen Haberoth (ehaberot).

    • Carleton Student Symposium

      January 16, 2009

      Have you done physics or astronomy research you are dying to share? A group of students is organizing the first ever Carleton Student Symposium, where Carleton students are encouraged to present their research in all sorts of disciplines to other Carleton students. If you have something that you would like to present on the Saturday of midterm break, February 7, for 5-15 minutes, email for a spot. Topics should be made intelligible to a broad audience.

    • The All Science and Math Sigma Xi Poster Session is scheduled for Friday, October 24 in the Hulings Atrium. All students who did summer research at Carleton or elsewhere are strongly encouraged to make a poster and share their work with the science community.

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