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    • NO Physics Table for week 4

      January 20, 2017
    • SDA Office Hours

      October 26, 2016

      7-9pm tonight in the 2nd Olin lounge.

    • Transports leaving at 2:45 (presenter priority) and 3:05-ish for supporters from the Olin/Mudd loading dock!

    • Town Hall Meeting

      October 10, 2016

      Tuesday, 12-1 pm in Olin 04 instead of Physics Table this week.  Come learn about research opportunities for students!

    • DCC Meeting

      October 9, 2016
    • Seniors/Comps Meeting

      September 19, 2016
    • Engineering Team Meeting

      September 19, 2016
    • Sexual Harassment Training

      September 19, 2016
    • 3/2 Engineering visit

      September 14, 2016
    • The Physics Dept Student Worker Training will be held September 14th

      3:10-5:15pm in Weitz 236. Note the room change! Snacks will be provided. Don't forget to sign-in. This training is required for most student work positions in the department. If you are not sure whether you need to attend, please ask Trenne or Marty.

    • Alumni Panel

      September 7, 2016
    • Honors Convo

      May 23, 2016
    • This Thursday, April 14th, we will hold our traditional first lab for newly-declared Physics majors.  Those of you who just officially signed on are invited to participate, as Jr and Sr majors, faculty and staff all welcome you to the department! 

    • Visitor Candidate Talk

      March 10, 2016
    • Using German in STEM

      January 14, 2016

    • Physics Town Hall Meeting

      October 19, 2015
    • Campus-wide poster session

      October 19, 2015
    • Patent Law Program

      October 12, 2015
    • Save the date (s)!

      September 22, 2015

      Monday 10/5:  Verbrugge Memorial Lecture in Olin 141, 7:00 pm
      Friday 10/9:   5-7 pm: Department picnic, Hill of Oaks
      Friday 10/ 23: 3:30-5:30 pm: All-Carleton student poster session.
      Wednesday 11/11, 3:30-5 pm: Joint Carleton-St Olaf physics poster session

    • Winter Externships

      September 17, 2015
    • WiPs Conference

      September 17, 2015

      Check the link for registration info!

    • Spring DCC Meeting

      May 4, 2015

      DCC members:  remember your meeting on Thursday, 5/12 in the conference room during common time.  Yes, food!

    • Spring Picnic!

      May 4, 2015

      RSVP for the spring picnic!  It will be Friday, May 22nd from 5ish to 8ish pm on the Hill of Oaks.

      Please send Trenne an email by 4 pm TODAY ( and tell her the following:  1) your Carleton ID no. and 2) your dietary preferences, i.e. vegan, vegetarian, or omnivore.  Also, please indicate if you're willing to help schlep food and stuff over to the hill.  Does one of you have a vehicle and can help pick up food from Burton?  Thanks!

    • Seniors:  check your campus mail box for an invitation to this year's Random Wok!

    • Physics students: 

      We need your feedback!  For all of you who attended the talks given by our visiting professor candidates, THANK YOU!  Please come to lunch on Thursday, March 9th during common time to discuss them and let the department know your reaction to their visits.  We will feed you!

    • Friday, May 1st (week 5) 6a (3:30-4:30), Olin 141 

      Adam Witt ’06  “Developing Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulations to Solve  Environmental Issues at Hydropower Dams”

      **If you would like to have lunch with Adam at noon Friday, contact Arjendu Pattanayak (apattana or x7166) to RSVP.**

    • Energy Tuesday

      February 23, 2015

      What are the challenges facing Minnesotaʼs energy policy makers? How can you get involved?   Join two alums who are leaders in the energy sector as they provide their perspectives.

    • Candidate Feedback Session

      January 18, 2015
    • Have you ever wanted to work in the Physics Department?  Do you already, but would like to pick up some extra hours?  Maybe your current work assignment conflicts with your winter term schedule?  In any case,  we are still looking for students to fill open spots.  Most urgently needed are afternoon lab assistants for either Tuesday or Thursday, for intro classes and 165.  Please email Trenne (tfields) to help out.  Thanks!  

    • Total Lunar Eclipse

      October 1, 2014

                                         Goodsell Observatory
                                Carleton College Observing Event

                                                           Total Eclipse of the Moon
                                                                October 8, 2014
                                                                  4:15-6:45 am

      We will have the opportunity to see a total eclipse of the Moon before sunrise on Wednesday, October 8.  The eclipse will actually begin at 3:17am, but it won’t be noticeable until the Moon touches the Earth’s umbral shadow at 4:17 am. If it is clear, come view a lunar eclipse at Goodsell  or watch it at home!  Goodsell will be open (only if clear) Wednesday morning October 8 from 4:15-6:45 am.  Totality is from 5:27 to 6:22am when the Moon is fully within the Earth’s umbral shadow and the Moon usually turns a beautiful red. The Moon will set while still partially eclipsed.  If it is clear, Goodsell telescopes will be open in the domes and several other telescopes and binoculars available outside the Observatory.  If you don't want to come all the way to Goodsell so early in the morning, binoculars at home will do quite well for observing !

      Further details of the eclipse can be found at 

      The image below from the above website helps to visualize the event.   Sunrise will be at 7:20am, so the eclipsed Moon will be setting in the west when the Sun is rising in the east.


                       Lunar Eclipse 

      Image courtesy of Sky & Telescope on-line.

    • Conflicting, separate worlds, or fully connected?  No matter where you fall on the religion, spirituality, faith or science spectra, come tell us what you think--and hear what other Carls & profs have to say!

      7:00 pm in the Chapel Lounge (basement of the Chapel, southeastern corner) on (most) Mondays: Sept. 22 and 29, Oct. 6, 13, 27, and Nov. 3. 

      Contact Jayne (pasternj@) or Iman (jafrii@) with questions or comments.  Hope to see you there!


    • On Wednesday, Oct 22 at 3:30 pm, the Carleton and St Olaf physics departments will be holding a joint poster session for students to present what they did during the summer. This is intended to be an opportunity for physics majors to learn about the breadth of experiences that other physics students had during the summer (plus it's a chance to catch up with Matt Wiebold and Jay Tasson). We welcome posters ranging from summer research projects to posters about internships or teaching experiences. If you are a sophomore this event will help you to begin thinking about what you might want to do next summer. 

      Talk to Trenne or Melissa about transportation to the event! 

    • Senior meeting

      September 19, 2014

      Calling ALL seniors, and any juniors who might be doing comps this year: 

      You need to attend a Very Important Meeting (!) on Wednesday the 24th (week 2) during 6a in Olin 02. 

      If for some reason, you absolutely can't be there, email Joel (jweisber) to make alternative arrangements 
      to get all the info you will miss.  Thanks!

    • Pre-Engineering Meeting

      September 18, 2014

      For all new students interested in Engineering: 

      Join us in Olin 04 on Thursday, September 25th at 2:00 pm when Christopher Ramsay, the Associate Dean of the School of Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis will be here to discuss their Engineering program. 

      Come with questions, and eat treats! 

    • The Frank G. and Jean M. Chesley Lectureship has invited Cornelia Lang to speak in the Physics and Astronomy Department on Thursday, Oct. 9th during common time (12:00-1:00 pm) in Olin 04.  All physics students, faculty, and staff are invited to attend. 

      Observations of Giant Molecular Clouds in the Galactic Center: The Past, Current and Future of Star Formation

      The center of the Milky Way harbors a supermassive black hole and is surrounded by clouds of dense gas, densely packed massive star clusters, and magnetic filaments that appear to be tracing a strong and well ordered magnetic field. This environment is much different than the environment near the Sun and is likely to be common in the centers of most normal galaxies. Therefore, understanding how these clouds remain stable, collapse and eventually form the next generation of stars is crucial to understanding how astrophysics works in this unique region of the Galaxy. I will describe the results of recent observations with the (upgraded) Very Large Array have revealed in great detail the physical conditions in a sample of molecular clouds that have formed stars in the past, are currently in the vicinity of massive stars and that might be forming massive stars in the future.


       Click the 'permalink' for a link to a great article about the galactic center; it's a suggested read before attending this noon talk.

    • Town Hall Meeting

      September 16, 2014

      For any and all students interested in Physics, especially first-years and sophomores:  join us for a Town Hall meeting during which we'll have department representatives tell you everything you'd like to know about Carleton Physics, like declaring a major, becoming involved in special projects, planning for summer research or internships, and more!

      The fun will take place on Tuesday, October 14th during common time (noon-1pm) in Olin 04.  Come, listen, eat, and ask questions! 

    • Tuesday, September 30th, Phys/Astro alum Joe Swiggum '10 will be on campus to give a talk.  He will present during common time (12:00-1:00 pm) in place of Physics Table for the week.  The talk will happen in Olin 04.  Please join us!  



      In the summer of 2007, the 100-m Green Bank Telescope (GBT) was undergoing track replacement and remained stationary for several months. The 350-MHz GBT Drift Scan survey took advantage of this down time, collecting data and searching for radio pulsars as the sky drifted overhead. About 20% of the 1,500 hours of data collected were allocated for the Pulsar Search Collaboratory (PSC) --- an outreach program that aims to interest high school students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) related career paths by involving students in cutting-edge pulsar research and data analysis. So far, the program has involved more than 2,500 students from 18 states, who have discovered 7 new pulsars and re-detected ~75. The discoveries include several interesting sources: a nearby millisecond pulsar, a disrupted recycled pulsar with a spin period of 33-ms, a 4.8-s pulsar that nulls 75% of the time and most recently, a 185-ms pulsar in the widest-known double neutron star system. Over 75 high school students have been included as co-authors on the first two publications describing their discoveries.

    • Fall Picnic

      September 15, 2014

      It's already time to get ready for the fall picnic!  We have reserved the Hill of Three Oaks for this Friday, September 26th.  We'll have the grill going, so c'mon over between 5 and 7 pm to grab a bite to eat and just relax after the crazy first two weeks of term.  

      Please RSVP to Trenne (tfields) if you'd like to come.  You'll need to include several bits of information:  

      • Say that you plan to come!
      • Include your Carleton ID # 
      • Indicate whether you are omnivore, vegetarian, or vegan

      Please RSVP by Tuesday (tomorrow!). 

      Seniors and DCC reps, I'll need 3-4 volunteers to pick up food and get everything out to the hill.  Thanks! 

    • Dr. Ivan Deutsch

      September 15, 2014

      Dr. Ivan Deutsch, Professor and Regents Lecturer of the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of New Mexico, will speak on Friday, September 19th during 6a (3:10-4:10 pm this week) is Olin 02.  The title of his talk is "Breaking Heisenberg:  Controlling the Quantum World". 

    • Student Research Presentations

      September 13, 2014

      This week, we finish the series of presentations by students who did campus research, an off-campus REU, or another project over the summer of 2014.  They will be held in Olin 04 during 6a on Wednesday (3:10-4:20) and during common time on Thursday (Noon-1pm). 

      Wednesday speakers:  Shail Mehta  "A Metallicity Analysis of Spiral Galaxies in the Local Group", Carolyn Raithel "Characterization of the Unusual Emission of Pulsar J0901-4624 using data from the Parkes, Australia 64 meter Radio Telescope" and Brian Charous "Searching for Higher Order Cladding Modes in Fiber Optic Based Optical Levers"

      Thursday speakers:  Ben Levy  "TBD" and Bibek Pokharel  "Progress Towards Controlling Quantum Chaos"

      Come support your fellow students, learn about cool stuff they did, and find out how YOU can do the same!  We'll have a light lunch for the Thursday presentations. 



    • Campus Poster Event

      August 20, 2014

      Student Summer Experiences Poster Session

      Come see what your fellow students did over the summer and get ideas about your future plans!!

      Students will be presenting their summer internship experiences posters to the Carleton community.  Please join the students in celebrating their accomplishments, while doing so, get some great ideas for your next summer experience, and learn about internship funding opportunities. 

      Check out more information on how these students funded their experience by clicking here.

      Refreshments will be provided.

      Date Friday, October 24 2014
      Time: 7:30 p.m.–8:30 p.m.
      Location: Weitz Commons
      Sponsored by: Career Center
      Contact: srechtzi, x4296
    • Junior Meeting

      May 30, 2014


      Monday (today!) June 2nd, all juniors plus faculty members will meet during the regular Contemporary time slot (5a or 1:50 pm) and classroom to discuss Important Things for Next Year.  

    • Contemporary Experimental Physics Poster Session
      Wednesday, June 4, during 5A, 2nd floor Olin

      From silly putty to STMs, come learn about the projects that students have been working on in Phys 342 this term.

    • Farewell Study Break

      May 30, 2014

      We've had some pretty awesome visiting professors the last few years!  Sadly, for all of us, we've got three who will be moving on to new things next year.  Come take a study break on Thursday (June 5th) at 2:00 pm in the 2nd Olin lounge to say farewell to professors Jay Tasson, Julie Coats, and Kassie Martin-Wells.  There will be treats, of course!

    • As a reminder, there will be NO Physics Table this week.  Instead, please come to Olin 02 at noon Tuesday to give input for our upcoming departmental review.  There will be pizza!

    • 2014 Julius Edgar Lilienfeld Prize Recipient Edward Ott will speak at Carleton College on Friday, May 16th at 3:30 pm in Olin Hall, room 141.    



    • Plasma Physics

      May 5, 2014

      Noted plasma physicist Dr. Mike Brown of Swarthmore College will speak on Friday, May 9th during 6a (3:30-4:30 pm) in Olin 141.

      Cookies and coffee will be served in the 2nd Olin lounge immediately after the presentation.


      Is there a Universal Character to Plasma Turbulence?

      Turbulent fluctuations in conventional fluids like air or water seem to have a universal statistical character.  Measurements of statistical turbulence metrics in a wind tunnel or in a tidal basin seem to be the same.  It is not known whether plasma turbulence is universal.  The Sun launches a turbulent stream of high velocity plasma with imbedded magnetic fields into interplanetary space at about 400 km/s.  Properties of this solar wind have been studied for decades and much is known about fluctuations in the velocity, density, and magnetic field.  In this talk, I’ll discuss measurements in a high velocity plasma wind tunnel at Swarthmore College.  The SSX MHD wind tunnel features flow speeds up to 100 km/s, magnetic field of 0.5 T, and temperatures of nearly a million Kelvin.  Comparisons to measurements from the solar wind will be made. 

    • Random Wok

      May 5, 2014


      The Physics and Astronomy department will hold it's annual Random Wok dinner to celebrate your four years at Carleton. 
      Bring your favorite stir-fry ingredient and come for an evening of food and conversation.  You should have gotten an invitation
      in campus mail!  Please reply to Cindy (cblaha) to RSVP. 

    • Spring Picnic

      April 28, 2014

      Friday, May 16th (THIS FRIDAY!!) from 5:00 pm to 7:30ish

      Converge, one and all, on the Hill of Three Oaks for a picnic!  We will supply the food and drinks, plus a few toys/games.
      Bring your flying discs, musical instruments, stilts, or other Fun Things for entertainment purposes.  If you haven't done it yet, send an RSVP to Trenne with your name, student ID #, and dietary preferences.  Come join us! Contact Trenne (tfields) with questions.


    • Current Physics majors, faculty, and staff are all invited to participate in the traditional first lab for newly-declared Physics Majors.

      Join us in the 2nd Olin student lounge on Thursday, April 24th beginning at 4:00 pm for a treat! 

    • Come view a total lunar eclipse at Goodsell Observatory or watch it at home! The observatory will be open (if it's clear) Tuesday morning, April 15th, from 1-3:30 AM (that's TONIGHT, for you night owls!). Totality, when the moon usually turns a beautiful red, is from 2:06 to 3:25. The Earth's shadow takes its first real bite out of the Moon at 12:58. We will have the 16" telescope open in the dome and several other telescopes and binoculars available on the pad outside. If you don't want to come all the way here in the middle of the night, binoculars at home will do quite well!

      Cindy Blaha and Joel Weisberg, Physics and Astronomy  

    • From the St. Olaf calendar: 

      Tuesday, April 15 at 7:00 pm in the Viking Theater, St. Olaf campus

      Physics: Film “Copenhagen”
      A 2002 PBS adaptation of the play by Michael Frayn, staring Stephen Rae as Neils Bohr, Daniel Craig as Werner Heisenberg and Francesca Annis as Margrethe Bohr.

      Inspired by actual events, Copenhagen revolves around a 1941 meeting between Niels Bohr of Denmark and Werner Heisenberg of Germany. Long ago, Heisenberg had been Bohr’s student and the two had developed some of the key insights of modern physics together. Now, they find themselves on opposite sides of World War II, with Heisenberg in charge of the German atomic program. Heisenberg makes a secret trip to see the Bohr’s but the details of their discussions are unclear. What were the reasons for the trip, what did they discuss and what conclusions, if any did they reach.

    • Carleton College Light Pollution Presentations and Observatory Open House Friday, May 2

      Carleton College's Department of Physics and Astronomy welcomes the public to two events this Friday.   Presentations will begin at 8 pm in Olin 141 on the environmental impacts and health consequences of artificial light at night,  as well as actions that can be taken to protect our dwindling natural resource of darkness at night.  The research leading up to the presentations was done in a class led by astronomy professor Cindy Blaha.

      If it is clear, the presentations will be followed by a Goodsell Observatory Open House from 9-11 pm for personal sampling of dark sky views, nebulas, and planets; as well as urban sky glow. Dress warmly!  The open house (but not the presentations) will be cancelled if it is cloudy.

      Light Pollution Presentations:  8-9 PM, Olin 141

      Goodsell Observatory Open House 9-11 PM only if clear


    • Northfield will be celebrating Earth Day on Friday, April 25th and Saturday, April 27th (Week 4).
      Come check out one or several of the FREE events scheduled for this year! 

      Follow the link below for event times and locations, including an Entertainment & Soup Supper at Weitz on Saturday.

    • SDA Office Hour

      February 24, 2014

      Registration for spring term is next week!  Your SDAs, Zach Lynn and Anne Sledd will have an office hour TODAY during 6a in the second floor lounge.  Snacks will be available while you get pressing questions answered about how to plan for spring courses and beyond!

    • Opportunities at the University of Minnesota: Civil, Environmental, and Geo-Engineering

      Special Presentation 9:30 am, February 13, 2014 Olin Hall, Room 04
      Joseph F. Labuz, MSES/Kersten Professor & Head Department of Civil Engineering University of Minnesota

      The University of Minnesota (UMN) offers great opportunities for students interested in civil, environmental, or geo- engineering to earn degrees in these programs, two of which are unique in the State of Minnesota (BEnvE and BGeoE).    Under the guidance of a world-class teaching and research faculty, students in our department focus on creating knowledge and skills that best serve the infrastructure needs of our society, a mission we refer to as “engineering for the benefit of society.”
      We invite high quality students to enroll in our undergraduate or graduate programs, and to participate in the innovative teaching, internships, and research experiences in the Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geo- Engineering (name change effective July 1, 2014). Students will have opportunities to work on a range of important problems from renewable energy such as wind and biofuels to environmental restoration of lakes and streams, from transportation networks to seismic imaging.
      Curriculum of the three programs will be explained, and specific examples of current projects will be outlined. The presentation will conclude with a brief discussion on “listening to rock.”
      Refreshments will be served.

    • Physics Table

      January 24, 2014

      If you would like to have lunch with Physics students, faculty, and staff, during which you might discuss some physics (or maybe nothing at all related to physics), we have an app for that!

      January 28th (Tuesday) Noon-1pm, the LDC Class of '51 Dining Room is when and where you should be.  Meet in the study area outside Olin 331 just before noon to walk over together, or meet us there.  ALL students interested in Physics, faculty, and staff are welcome and encouraged to join us; you do not need to have any certain level of experience with physics.  First-year students are definitely welcome!  The department will treat you to lunch.

    • PHYS 228 poster session

      January 17, 2014

      PHYS 228 (A & N) students will be presenting their posters this Wednesday during 2A in Olin 211.  There will be some treats and hot beverages there as well.  You are all invited to come check out what they've been working on!  

      Eric Hazlett
      Assistant Professor of Physics (aka the newbie)

    • Dr. Eric Hazlett, faculty candidate, will be on campus Monday and Tuesday of this week.  He will give a teaching presentation Monday, January 20th, at 8:30 am (1a) in Olin 101.  His talk will be about Optics: Nature Always Takes the Shortest Cut.  Please come join the discussion (yes, it's early, but worth it!)

      Eric will also be presenting a research talk on Tuesday, January 21st during common time (12:00) in Olin 04, during which lunch will be provided.  His talk is titled: What's Colder than Cold?  Not a Polar Vortex, but Laser-Cooled Atoms, of Course!   After his presentation, coffee and cookies will be served in the 2nd Olin lounge so that students can meet Eric, discuss the presentation, or ask any questions about his research or candidacy.

      The Physics Department strongly encourages all faculty, staff, and students to attend these talks.  We'll ultimately choose one of these candidates to become a tenure-track faculty member, who will then help shape the department and curriculum for years to come. 

    • We will NOT have Physics Table this week, since we have a tenure-track faculty candidate on campus. 

      Come hear him speak and have lunch instead! 

    • Internship Information

      January 17, 2014

      Hello Physics majors!

      Want to get an internship? 

      Come to Weitz 236 (Larson Room) on Tuesday, January 21st from 7:30-8:30pm for student-to-student consulting
      on all of those questions you haven't had a chance to ask: the how, when, why, and where of internships. 

      Physics major Scott Dossa '14 will be offering his wisdom and expertise on finding internships, along with students working in a variety of sectors including: health, education, government, law, non profit work, environment, and more.  

      There will be refreshments!!!

    • WiPs Study Break

      January 16, 2014
    • Carleton Astro alum, Dr. Sidney Wolff, Class of ’62, will be visiting campus to deliver convo on Friday and to talk with current students on Thursday both in the Physics & Astronomy Department as well as in the Career Center.  Sidney has been involved in planning, building and operating most of the premier observatories in the nation.  She has tremendous insights into the state of field as well as many great stories of her work in shaping the next generation of observing.  And Sidney is eager to talk to current physics majors about their plans and interests.  You are invited to share in opportunities to meet with Sidney.  See below for further information!

    • Snowshoe Arb Walk

      January 14, 2014

      Sunday, January 26th, 2014 6:30 pm, Rec Center

      Join Arboretum Director Nancy Braker and Astronomer Joel Weisberg for an Arb Snowshoe Walk Under the Stars.  Learn about the night sounds of the Arb, and the stories of the stars.  Dress warmly and bring no lights!

      See for more details and last-minute information about possible cancellation due to clouds or extreme cold. Backup dates are Tuesday and Wednesday.

    • Dr. Derek Thuecks, faculty candidate, is on campus this week.  He will give a teaching presentation today, Monday, January 13th, at 3:10 pm (6a) in Olin 04.  His talk will center on interacting objects and Newton's Third Law.  Please come join the discussion! 

      Dr. Thuecks will also be presenting a research talk on Tuesday, January 14th during common time (12:00) in Olin 04, during which lunch will be provided.  His talk is titled:  Laboratory Plasma Astrophysics:  Bringing Space Physics Down to Earth.   After his presentation, coffee and cookies will be served in the 2nd Olin lounge so that students can meet Derek, discuss the presentation, or ask any questions about his research or candidacy. 

      The Physics Department strongly encourages all faculty, staff, and students to attend these talks.  We'll ultimately choose one of these candidates to become a tenure-track faculty member, who will then help shape the department and curriculum for years to come.  

    • Dr. Julie Coats, faculty candidate, will be on campus Thursday and Friday of this week.  Dr. Coats will be presenting a research talk on Thursday, January 16th during common time (12:00) in Olin 04, during which lunch will be provided.  Her talk is titled: Single-Molecule FRET Studies of Protein-DNA Interactions.   After her presentation, coffee and cookies will be served in the 2nd Olin lounge so that students can meet Julie, discuss the presentation, or ask any questions about her research or candidacy.

      Julie will also give a teaching presentation Friday, January 17th, at 3:30 pm (6a) in Hulings 120.  Her talk will be about springs.  Please come join the discussion!

      The Physics Department strongly encourages all faculty, staff, and students to attend these talks.  We'll ultimately choose one of these candidates to become a tenure-track faculty member, who will then help shape the department and curriculum for years to come.  

    • Acclaimed Nature Writer Professor Paul Bogard Lectures on the Beauty of

      the Night Sky and How to Preserve it at Carleton College

      Date&Time:  Wednesday, January 8, 7 PM

      Location:  Boliou Hall Room 104

    • Monthly astronomy open house!

      THIS Friday (week 1) starting at 9 pm, at Goodsell Observatory

    • Systems Approaches for Sustainability

      A special project opportunity will be offered during winter term to explore systems approaches to sustainable design with Melissa Eblen-Zayas (associate professor of physics), Joe Gransee-Bowman (MS in architecture, sustainable design), and Martha Larson (Manager of Campus Energy and Sustainability). Possible topics we may consider include feasibility studies of year-round greenhouses in Northfield as part of sustainable living system design, exploring the potential for net zero energy buildings on campus and in the community, developing a framework for planning and integrating sustainability projects on campus, investigating the history and development of local community sustainability projects, etc. This 2 credit special project course will be offered on a S/Cr/NC basis only and students will be expected to participate in 5-6 meetings during the term, actively contribute to group projects between meetings, and present results in an appropriate forum. Students with interests in engineering, environmental studies, and sustainable design are all welcome.

      Want to know more? Come to an info session on Wednesday Nov 13 at 8 pm in Olin 103 or contact Melissa Eblen-Zayas (meblenza).

    • Physics Pumpkins

      October 28, 2013

      Einstein Pumpkin

      The 2013 Physics Pumpkin Parade

      Rally your team, come up with a plan, and create!  We're looking for physics-themed jack-o-lanterns, or some sort of physics-themed display that incorporates pumpkins.  Send a representative from your team to Olin 331 to pick up your department-supplied pumpkin and carving kit on Monday the 28th (week 7).  Bring your finished creation back to Olin 331 by noon on Halloween Thursday to display. **Location change!** We will descend to the student lounge on 2nd Olin admire the pumpkin presentations and have Halloween treats during common time.

    • This week we wrap up the series of presentations done by Carleton Physics and Astronomy students to showcase the research they did this past summer.  This week's talks will take place Tuesday, Nov. 5th and Thursday, Nov. 7th at 12:00 (common time) in Olin 02.  A light lunch will be provided each day. Please note:  the Tuesday presentations will take the place of the regularly scheduled Physics Table for this week.


      Tuesday's presenters:  

      David Atkinson and McCoy Becker will discuss Nonrelativistic Expansions of the Lorentz-Violating Standard-Model Extension

      Thomas Bertschinger will present on:  Observer and Particle Transformation and Newton's Laws


      Thursday's presenters: 

      Berit Goodge and Luke Hellwig will speak about A New Growth Method for EuO Thin Films

      Shail Mehta's presentation is about M33 and Dwarf Galaxies in the Local Group

      Taylor Baildon, Emily Longley, and Hayden Tournabene will present their research on HII Regions in M31


    • SDA Office Hour

      October 28, 2013

      Come to the second Olin lounge this Thursday at common time for a Physics SDA office hour. It's a great opportunity to ask questions about registration, meet some physics majors and eat free food. Questions? Contact lynnz or sledda.

    • Mercer Law Info Session

      October 27, 2013

      From the Career Center:


      Mercer Law Information Session

      Brittany Smith, from Mercer Univ. Walter F. George School of Law "Mercer Law" in Georgia will be on-campus to talk to interested students.

      Thursday, November 7th, 2013 12:00 pm-1:00 pm

      Location: Sayles-Hill Lounge

      Contact: Andrea Kubinski, Andrea Kubinski, x5511


    • Physics Table

      October 21, 2013

      If you would like to have lunch with Physics students, faculty, and staff, during which you might discuss some physics (or maybe nothing at all related to physics), we have an app for that!

      October 22nd (Tuesday) Noon-1pm, the LDC Shearer Dining Room is when and where you should be.  Meet in the study area outside Olin 331 just before noon to walk over together, or meet us there.  ALL students interested in Physics, faculty, and staff are welcome and encouraged to join us; you do not need to have any certain level of experience with physics.  First-year students are definitely welcome!  The department will treat you to lunch. 


    • Sophomores! 

      Remember to attend the Sophomore Meeting on Thursday, October 24th (week 6)                                                                                                                                                                 at 12:00 noon in Olin 002.  There will be food!

    • Internship Information

      October 21, 2013

      Hey awesome Carls!

      We want you to learn about the cool internships your fellow Carls were up to this summer, funded by Carleton scholarships YOU can apply to get.

      WHAT: Summer Internship Poster Session
      WHEN: Thursday, Oct 24, 7:30-8:30pm
      WHERE: Great Hall

      Looking forward to seeing you there. Cheers!
      Your Career Advisors

    • Interested in working with Peace Corps?

      Workshop with Leslie Miles ’11

      What: Peace Corps Information Session with Leslie Miles  ’11
      Recently returned Peace Corps volunteer Leslie Miles will present about his experiences serving in Cambodia from 2011 to 2013. He will share candidly about work responsibilities, living conditions, volunteer support, and behavioral policies within the Peace Corps.

      At the end of the session, Miles will be available to meet with students individually to answer questions about the program and assist those who are currently applying.

      When: Today!  October 14, 2013 from 7:00pm-8:00pm
      Where: Leighton 301

    • Carleton Phys/Astro alum Ryan Terrien will be here for a visit and will give a presentation during common time on Thursday, Oct. 17th (week 5) in Olin 101.  A light lunch will be provided.

    • This week (week 4) there will be NO Physics Table.  Instead, please join us Tuesday (and Thursday!) during common time to hear Physics and Astronomy students present on the research they conducted this past summer.  We will meet in Olin 02; a light lunch will be provided each day. 

    • TEDx at Carleton

      September 30, 2013

      TEDx is Coming to Carleton on Saturday, October 12

      Register now to be a part of this immersive, full-day experience of enlightening talks and thoughtful conversation.  19 speakers and countless student organizers value your support and hope to see you there!

    • Engineering program meeting

      September 23, 2013

      For all potential engineers:

      On Thursday (September 26) will have a visit from a representative of
      the dual degree program at Washington University - St. Louis. He will be
      available to meet with students from 10 am to noon, in Olin 202. If you
      are interested in the dual degree program this would be an excellent
      opportunity to receive more information about Washington University,
      their engineering school, and everything about the dual degree.

      See you there!

      Nelson Christensen, Engineering Advisor

    • Physics Table

      September 19, 2013

      If you would like to have lunch with Physics students, faculty, and staff, during which you might discuss some physics (or maybe nothing at all related to physics), we have an app for that!

      October 1st (Tuesday) Noon-1pm, the LDC Shearer Dining Room is when and where you should be.  Meet in the study area outside Olin 331 just before noon to walk over together, or meet us there.  ALL students interested in Physics, faculty, and staff are welcome and encouraged to join us; you do not need to have any certain level of experience with physics.  First-year students are definitely welcome!  The department will treat you to lunch. 


    • THIS WEEK: Friday, Sept. 27th (week 3) we will have our annual fall department picnic from 5-7 pm on the Hill of three oaks.  Details are posted on the bulletin board outside Trenne's office and in Olin stairwells.  Everyone interested in Physics is encouraged to attend!  Juniors and Seniors, if you bring along a first-year student or a sophomore, we'll put your name in a drawing for a Goodbye Blue Monday gift certificate.

      Please email Trenne with an RSVP which includes your meal plan no. and veggie/vegan/omni meal choice.

    • Welcome to Fall Term 2013!

      September 16, 2013

      Welcome, new students, and welcome BACK returning students! 

      Stuff for you to make note of, or remember, or act on:

      Senior Meeting

      A meeting will be held for all seniors on Friday, Sept. 20th (week 2) in Olin 02 at 3:30 (6a).
      You'll discuss comps and post-Carleton options.  Joel Weisberg, our department "Comps Czar"
      and a campus career coordinator will be there to cover everything you need to know.  Any current
      juniors who plan to do their comps this academic year should also attend!

      Social Media

      Did you know that the Physics and Astronomy department has it's own Facebook page?  Twitter account? 
      Yes!  Both truly exist!  Log onto Facebook to "like" our page (Carleton College Physics and Astronomy)
      or check out Twitter and follow us at:

       There, you can find science-related posts, fun trivia, and information about department people and events.

    • On Tuesday, September 17, the Minnesota State Senate Higher Education Committee will hold a Town Hall Forum at Carleton to hear from students, faculty, staff and those from the broader Northfield area community about their views on issues facing higher education. Committee chair Senator Terri Bonoff will visit as part of a statewide listening tour to learn more about private colleges in Minnesota, and the important part they play in educating our future leadership and workforce. Committee member Senator Greg Clausen and other elected officials will attend as well.

      Join in the Town Hall Forum on Tuesday from 2:45-3:30 p.m. in Great Hall.

      Senator Bonoff is taking her listening tour to 20 colleges around Minnesota during the month.  To find out more about her tour and how you can share your ideas, please visit

    • Women in Physics!

      September 16, 2013

      The Women in Physics and Astronomy (WiPA) group at the University of Minnesota is hosting "Life after Undergrad", an event for undergraduate women in physics and related fields.  We would like very much to invite female undergraduate students in your department to our event. The basic information is as follows:

      Date: Monday October 7th, 2013
      Time: 6:15-9:15 PM
      Location: Tate Lab of Physics, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities, East Bank (specific room TBA)
      Who: All undergraduate women currently majoring in or interested in physics or related fields (astronomy, engineering, etc)  (preferably by Sept. 26, 2013)
      Cost: FREE

    • If you would like to have lunch with Physics students, faculty, and staff, during which you might discuss some physics, we have an app for that!

      June 4th (Tuesday) Noon-1pm, LDC Class of '51 Dining Room is when and where you should be.  Meet on 3rd Olin at 11:50 to enjoy a companionable walk over or just meet us there.


    • FOCUS students:  You are Invited to the FOCUS End-of-Year Ice Cream Social!

      Please join all of the FOCUS students in celebrating the end of another successful year and congratulate the seniors on their upcoming graduation from 3:30-4:30 pm on the last day of classes, Wednesday, June 5.  We will gather in the amphitheater area between Hulings, Olin, and Mudd if the weather is good.  In case of poor weather, we will move inside the link on the ground floor of Olin/Mudd.  Ice cream and good conversation will be plentiful, and we hope to see you there!

      Cindy Blaha, Eric Egge, Deborah Gross and Debby Walser-Kuntz

    • Honors Convocation

      May 28, 2013

      Honors Convocation Friday, May 31st at 3:00 pm 

      Kai Knutson ’11, recipient of a Larson International Fellowship and a Watson Fellowship will present this year’s convocation address. This is a great opportunity for students to celebrate the achievements of friends and classmates--there are several Physics and Astronomy majors who will be honored at the convocation.   Please come and congratulate them!

    • MIPs campfire

      May 28, 2013

      From Physics major Zach Lynn:

      This Friday, May 31st, (week 9) Men in Physics will be having a campfire somewhere in the Arb (hopefully the Hill of Three Oaks) at 8pm. There will be s'mores, music, football and lots of shenanigans. All are welcome. Email lynnz or tearsj with questions.

    •     *    *    *    * PICNIC! *    *    *    *

      THIS Friday, May 24th (week 8) we will hold the annual end-of-year picnic for ALL Physics and Astronomy students, faculty, and staff.
      It will be held at the Hill of Three Oaks starting at 4:00 pm, but the fun will continue until 8-ish if you can't make it 
      right away.  If strange, inclement Minnesota weather threatens, we will move things to the patio area in front of Olin Hall.
      If you are currently of Junior class standing, by tradition you should volunteer to help take grills, coolers, food, etc. over to
      the hill.  Please email Trenne to let her know that you can, in fact, help with these essential tasks.

      Frisbees, balls, tightropes, juggling implements, and other fun things are welcome to join us.     

      If you plan to attend the picnic, please email Trenne ( to RSVP.  If you have a board plan, be sure to
      include your student ID number.   You should also indicate if you prefer a vegetarian meal option.  

      PLEASE RSVP BY TUESDAY (tomorrow), MAY 21 AT NOON! 



    • Carleton is currently engaged in creating a Facilities Master Plan for the campus. The Science Planning group is charged with determining what investments in facilities are necessary for the College to maintain its historic leadership in undergraduate physical and biological science education. Getting input from current students is a crucial part of that process. To that end, student representatives from the DCC as well as SDAs will be facilitating a student conversation about classrooms, labs, research spaces, and social/study spaces in the department to find out what about those spaces works well, and what doesn't.

    • Physics Table

      April 29, 2013

      April 30th (Tuesday) Noon-1pm, LDC Class of '51 Dining Room

      Join physics students, faculty and staff for lunch at the LDC.  Meet us on 3rd Olin at 11:50 for the short walk over or meet us there.

    • Thursday, April 25, 2013
      7:30 p.m.
      Olin 149

      The Carleton Chemistry Department is very pleased to welcome Prof. Robert Grubbs from the California Institute of Technology as our 2013 Mohrig Lecturer in Chemistry.  Prof. Grubbs won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2005 and is a leader in “green chemistry” and development of new catalysts and processes that are both useful and environmentally friendly, and he will deliver a lecture on this topic on Thursday, April 25 (see abstract below).  We hope you will be able to attend!  Refreshments will be served after the lecture.  

      “Green Chemistry and Catalysis” 

    • Professor Bob Jacobel, professor of Physics at St. Olaf College, will be on campus Friday, April 26th to speak in the Geology department.  His presentation is titled "Water Beneath the Ice--Investigations of an Antarctic Subglacial Lake".   He will speak at 4:30 pm in Mudd 73. Everyone is welcome!

    • It's time to continue on with the process of selecting a new Visiting Professor!  Hopefully you made it to some of the candidate presentations--now come let us know what you think.   Please join us Thursday, April 11th at noon in Olin 101 to talk about the three candidates over lunch.  Here's your chance to help shape the department.  Take this opportunity to voice your opinion on YOUR Physics future.  

    • Physics students:  you are invited to attend a dinner with Physics 123 speaker Paul Grossi ('89) this coming Friday, May 12th at Chapati.  Enjoy an evening of friendly conversation which may or may not include some physics talk, but which will definitely include a very tasty dinner, sponsored by (read: paid for by) the Physics and Astronomy department.  RSVP to sign up with Trenne (tfields) via email by 2 PM Thursday.  Sorry, but we have to limit dinner to the first 6 students who respond.  Meet in the department office common area and be ready to leave by 5:29 PM Friday.  Those of you interested in teaching may especially be interested in speaking with Paul. 

    • Series of three lectures presented by candidates for the Visiting Professor position in Physics and Astronomy. 

      These lectures will take the place of the regularly scheduled Physics Table lunch discussions during the first two 

      weeks of the term.  STUDENTS:  come take part in shaping your future!  Give your feedback on the presenters and  

      help select one of YOUR new professors!  (Have lunch on us!)

      The final one will take place April 9th in Olin 04 at noon.  

    View all items in Upcoming Events.
    • REU at U of AZ

      February 20, 2017
    • REU at Michigan State

      February 13, 2017
    • Click to read about faculty accepting applicants for summer positions.

    • programming

    • Work during Reunion!

      February 10, 2017
    • Computer help wanted

      February 10, 2017

      Computer help

    • Paid internship with CEG

      January 26, 2017
    • U of Chicago PhD program

      January 16, 2017
    • Field trip to a play!

      January 9, 2017
    • Jobs With Impact

      January 3, 2017
    • Thursday, Nov. 10th 12-1 pm in Leighton 303

    • Science Grad Programs

      November 7, 2016
    • Teach Physics next year!

      October 31, 2016
    • DHS Internships

      October 24, 2016
    • Carleton-Funded Fellowships

      October 24, 2016
    • Teach Physics next year!

      October 24, 2016
    • PT Medical Scribe Positions

      October 18, 2016
    • NPSC Fellowships

      October 3, 2016
    • Jobs at Environment America

      September 29, 2016
    • Internship

      September 28, 2016
    • New Resources in the Libe

      September 27, 2016

      Title:  The Unknown Universe : A New Exploration of Time, Space, and Cosmology / Stuart Clark., New York :, Pegasus Books,, 2016, 9781681771533 :, ISBN

      Call Number:  QB982 .C53 2016

    • Reminders

      May 31, 2016

      It's a relatively quiet week, event-wise. So, finish those last papers, lab reports, and problem sets.  Respond to your emails.  Make sure you drink enough water.  Get some actual sleep.  Enjoy your last week of 2016! 

    • EPA job opportunity

      May 9, 2016
    • Science Teaching Jobs

      March 11, 2016
    • Jialun's Math Comps

      February 19, 2016
    • Take ASTR 113 spring term!

      February 15, 2016
    • Summer Research Positions

      January 25, 2016
    • Tutor needed ASAP

      October 26, 2015
    • Kudos to Arjendu

      October 5, 2015
    • Travel and Study Info

      October 2, 2015
    • Global Engagement Initiative

      September 28, 2015
    • HyperLoop Design Competition

      September 17, 2015

      Calling Engineers!

    • Robotics Club

      September 17, 2015

      Click the link to the right for info and photos!

    • Topic:  Joel is looking for an artist to convert his bikes into astro-bikes.

      Once, on a planet far away and long ago, some Carls stole Joel’s bike and turned it into an astro bike.  It finally went the way of all flesh, and he has missed it ever since.  He has a blue bike with black fenders, and a white bike.  Both are crying, “paint me as an astro bike, paint me as an astro bike!”  Joel went to MIT so he is not artistic.  If you are and would like to take on this project, (say one or the other bike), please let him know.  There will be a reward!

      Joel Weisberg
      Stark Professor of Physics and Astronomy and the Natural Sciences
      Carleton College
    • We’re looking for smart, hard-working students and recent graduates who are eager to make a difference. You can apply online at or call 612-331-8401.

      The Fund for the Public Interest (aka “the Fund”) works with some of the top progressive organizations in the country like Environment America and US PIRG.  And we're hiring!   Specifically, we're hiring full time Minneapolis campaign staff to work on a campaign with Environment Minnesota to protect Minnesota's 10,000 Lakes. Average pay is $4,000-$6,000 for the summer.

      If you are interested in applying, visit our website at
      Marilea Griggs
      Citizen Outreach Director
      Fund for the Public Interest

      615 First Avenue NE, Ste. 335
      Minneapolis, MN 55413

    • Students:  if you are interested in serving on next year's DCC (Departmental Curriculum Committee), send Trenne an email (tfields). 

      You will meet with other reps and two faculty members over lunch (provided) once each term to discuss current and proposed ideas for the Physics curriculum.  

    • We are recruiting for current students and recent graduates to help build community gardens, educate children and youthsupport veterans, work with Native American tribes, and more!  You can find more information at: and

    • Physics and Engineering students:

      See the attached job listing. Even though we don't have electrical engineering coursework at Carleton, a couple of years of physics course work can still make you a strong candidate. If you are interested in this position and you want to know how to market yourself, do not hesitate to contact me.



      Assistant Professor of Physics
      Department of Physics and Astronomy
      Carleton College

    • What are you doing this summer?  Interested in working on the Carleton weather tower?  Click the link for details on this position in the Phys/Astr department.

    • SISE Conference

      April 6, 2015

      Apply to the 5th annual Summer Institute on Sustainability and Energy to be held August 6-18 in Chicago. Click for details!

    • Are you interested in sharing your physics knowledge with the general public? Are you interested in supporting the Northfield community in sustainability efforts? The Northfield area community solar group is looking for a couple of students who would be interested in putting together some hands-on activities on electricity & magnetism, photovoltaics, and related topics for a community event on Friday April 17th (probably from 4-6 ish). Please contact Marty Schwarz if you are interested in helping out.

    • Campus job opportunity

      March 30, 2015

      Click the link for details.

    • Semester at SEA

      February 16, 2015

      SEA Semester info session at Sayles:  Thursday, February 19th,11 AM-2 PM and 5 PM.

    • Soudan Underground Lab

    • Work with 'Impact'

      January 12, 2015

      Make your impact for our environment, our democracy, our future

      To learn more, visit our website at! Our priority application deadline for graduating seniors is February 8.

    • REDA Master's Program

      November 17, 2014

      The University of Wisconsin-Madison has a new, first of its kind master's program in resource and energy demand analysis (REDA). This would be an interesting opportunity for students and graduates who are interested in sustainability and in promising careers. 

      REDA is a 10-month intensive master's program which trains students in economics and data analytics for careers evaluating resource and energy conservation programs and strategies.  Demand for these skills is growing rapidly due to the deployment of smart technologies and global efforts to move to a low-carbon economy

      ( .

    • Summer 2015 REU at Yale

      November 3, 2014

      The Yale CRISP REU program will once again be funding REU fellowships (residential and non-residential) at Yale University in New Haven, CT for the summer of 2015.

      The deadline for applications is February 1, 2015

    • Interested in a Master's of Public Administration in Environmental Science and Policy?  How about getting it through a fellowship?  Click the link for info! 

    • Summer REU

      October 27, 2014

      Research Experience for Undergraduates Opportunity

      University of Utah MRSEC Next-Generation Materials for Plasmonics & Organic Spintronics - Salt Lake City, UtahJune 1 – July 31, 2015

      $4500 stipend, travel allowance, housing & meal plan.
      Apply online by January 19, 2015 at:
      Open to U.S. citizens & permanent residents obtaining an undergraduate degree after December 2015.
      Women & minority students are especially encouraged to apply.
      Students from non-research institutions may be given priority.
      Supported by the National Science Foundation under grant no. DMR-1121252 CFDA NO. 47.049
      See attached flier. Would you like a poster to hang about this opportunity? Request one today!


      Materials Research Science & Engineering Center
      University of Utah
      72 Central Campus Drive, Rm 1650
      SLC, UT 84112
      Phone: 801-585-9173
      Fax: 801-581-8692
    • Winter elective for students with interests in physics, chemistry, or ENTS

      Consider taking ENTS 262: Materials Science, Energy, and the Environment during winter term. Drawing on chemistry and physics principles, this course will focus on the relationship between the structure and physical properties of materials, how materials science can address environmental and energy challenges, and the technological and societal impacts of materials development. Topics to be covered will vary from year to year. This year we will focus on materials for energy efficient buildings, materials life cycle assessment, and, if time allows, materials for renewable energy technologies.

      This course meets during 3A, and satisfies the applied physics requirement for the physics major. Contact Melissa Eblen-Zayas if you have any questions.

    • From the dean's office: 

      "Here are the latest details about the student event that is scheduled with
      the architects from EYP on Wednesday, Oct. 22.  The time has been changed to
      6:30 - 8 p.m. and the location will be Olin 141.  We will have pizza and pop
      available for dinner.  If each department could recruit 5-10 students to
      attend this meeting that would be very helpful.  Please let us know
      approximately how many you expect from your department so that we have an
      idea how much food to order.  Please let me know if you have any questions
      about this."


      Email Trenne if you are interested in participating!  

    • Engineering Technician – temp 3-6 months

      This position will support engineers in the design development, testing, documenting, verification, validation, and commercializing of new products.



      Assist Engineers in the Design and Development of new Products and Processes and under their direction:

      ·       Prepare and test samples of development materials
      ·       Document product testing results, including visual observation
      ·       Organize, catalog, analyze and present results
      ·       Seek clarification and additional training as needed in order to complete assigned tasks
      ·       Organize work in a way that allows for efficient teamwork.
      ·       Perform other duties as assigned

      Previous Experience

      Good computer skills Word, Excel

      Required Qualifications

      ·       High school Diploma
      ·       Good personal Organizational skills
      ·       Good Communication skills
      ·       Ability to handle multiple projects
      ·       Reliable

      Preferred Qualifications

      ·       Proficiency with general lab procedures
              Knowledge of IPC test methods

      Hours are 12pm -8pm
      Pay is 16-18

      To learn more about our company please go to:  or

      Interested applicants can submit their resume to

    • Hello! My name is Rachael Merritt and I am the President of Wayne State's Society of Physics Students.  Every November we host a regional Undergraduate Research conference.  Our conference this year will be held on Friday, November 7th from 2:30pm - 7pm.  Students, if you have participated in undergraduate research and would be interested in presenting a poster at our conference, please follow the registration link for the conference below:

      If you have any questions, please let me know. 

      Rachael Merritt, President
      Society of Physics Students
      Department of Physics & Astronomy
      Wayne State University
      Detroit, Michigan

    • Distinguished Women Visitors

      September 29, 2014

      Distinguished Women Visitors Fund Seeks Proposals

      The Elizabeth Nason Distinguished Women Visitors (DWV) Fund is seeking proposals from students, faculty, and staff for 2014-2015. Potential visitors are prominent women who would bring to campus a perspective on what it is like to be a woman in her field. Applications are due by November 1. Later applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis if there are funds remaining. To submit a proposal, please complete this form.

    • Scienct Network article

      September 22, 2014
      UCS Science Network

      Are you a postdoctoral fellow looking for a job in science policy? Or maybe an engineer who is thinking about a career change? A student who wants to know what your options are outside of academia? Join us for our upcoming discussion for advice.

      So You Want to Work in Science Policy: What the experts wish they knew when they were students
      Date: Thursday, September 25
      Time: 3:00 p.m. EDT

      Register Today

      This interactive Google+ Hangout will feature scientists who have experience at the intersection of science and policy. They'll take your questions and offer advice about resources to take advantage of and opportunities to seek out for those who are interested in science policy careers.

      I hope you can join us.

      Melissa Varga
      Melissa Varga
      Outreach Associate and Community Manager
      Science Network
      Union of Concerned Scientists

      P.S. On the Google+ Hangout we'll also be revealing our new slate of resources for early career scientists. You don't want to miss it!


    • Welcome Back

      September 15, 2014

      To:                All Physics Majors and Students Interested in Physics
      From:            Melissa Eblen-Zayas, Chair, Department of Physics and Astronomy
      Date:             14 September 2014

      Welcome back everyone! It's wonderful to have you back on campus, and we hope you've enjoyed your summer.  Here’s a quick orientation for the coming year.

      Who’s who?

      Marty Baylor and Arjendu Pattanayak are both back from sabbatical, and Eric Hazlett has joined our department as the newest experimental physicist. Eric earned his PhD from Penn State University, and he has most recently been a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Chicago. His research focuses on trapping atoms to explore quantum interactions. Please stop by and introduce yourself to Eric. His office is Olin 335, and his lab is Olin 306.

      In addition, the Student Departmental Advisors for this year are Shail Mehta and Carolyn Raithel. They are excellent resources if you have questions about the department.

      How to get involved in the department?

      Physics and astronomy faculty are always excited to work with students on a variety of research projects. During the year, you can earn credit for this research by registering for Special Projects, which are worth 2 or 3 credits. The list of available projects for this fall is posted on the web:

      I’d encourage you to talk with faculty about projects that look interesting to you.

      The department is looking for Department Curriculum Committee (DCC) members from each of the sophomore, junior, and senior classes.  The DCC usually meets about once per term, and they discuss issues related to the departmental curriculum and maintaining an engaging physics community here at Carleton. This year the department will be undergoing an external review, which involves bringing physicists from other schools to visit Carleton and help us evaluate our program. The DCC will play an important role in this process. Please send me an e-mail ( if you are interested in being involved.

      What’s coming up in the department?

      Radiations, which appears weekly on-line and in your in-box, is the best way to find out what is going on in the department. We use Radiations to advertise department activities,  internship opportunities, and curricular updates, so please try to glance at it each week. If you are not on the Radiations e-mail list, please send Trenne Fields, our departmental administrative assistant, a quick e-mail ( so that she can add you to the list. 

      Physics Table, a chance for students, faculty, and staff to get together for lunch, will be during Common Time on Tuesdays this term. Most Tuesdays we will eat in the LDC Shearer Dining Room, but the first week of classes we will have a pizza lunch on 2nd floor Olin on Tuesday, September 16.

      There are several get-togethers and meetings that we are planning for early in fall term:

      Senior physics majors meeting       Wed Sept 24, 3:10 pm                      Olin 02

      Fall picnic (all physics students)     Fri Sept 26, 5-7 pm                           Hill of Oaks

      Making Olin your “home away from home” 

      As you know, physics majors tend to spend quite a bit of time in Olin. This year, the department has requested keys to Olin 204/210 and Olin 301/302 for all declared physics majors. These keys can be picked up at Facilities. If you are doing research with a faculty member, fill out a key request form with your research advisor. Then pick up a key from Trenne.  Because all majors will have keys, there should be no need for propping open doors. Please make sure that when you leave a lab for the evening that you close and lock the door after you.

      Juniors and seniors, in addition to the mailboxes outside Trenne's office on third Olin, there are cubbies with your names on them in Olin 210 on the northeast wall. This space will give you some place to store books, papers, etc. that often proliferate as the term progresses. Cubby space will be available by the end of the first week of classes.

      You are invited to help us make our Olin “home away from home” a place filled with good humor and hard work and a space with a strong sense of community. Please let me know if you have ideas for strengthening the physics community, and best wishes for a wonderful fun-and-physics-filled year ahead!

    • Hello!

      I am part of the recruitment department for EnSoft Corp., a software development company in Ames, Iowa, affiliated with the Iowa State University Research Park. We have posted a software engineering position for physics majors that may be of interested to graduating seniors or young alumni. The position can be viewed here directly: If you would like more information about Ames, our company, or our career opportunities, please visit:

      Jacob Van Patten
      EnSoft Corp.
      Industry and Academic Coordinator

    • Work to protect the Boundary Waters with Environment Minnesota this summer! 

      To learn more and apply, visit or call our Minneapolis office at 612-331-8400.

      The Fund for the Public Interest is a national non-profit organization that works to build support for progressive organizations across the country. We run campaigns for the Human Rights Campaign, USPIRG, and Environment America. This summer we will be in over 50 cities, working and lobbying to help win environmental and social justice campaigns. In Minnesota, we’ll be working with Environment Minnesota to protect the Boundary Waters from toxic sulfide mining.

      Last summer our staff worked to stop toxic gas drilling, end subsidies for junk food, and build support for equal rights for all Americans. Throughout the summer, our staff will build valuable leadership skills. Currently, we have paid positions open on our campaign staff in each of our locations across the country. We require that interested candidates are hard workers and have excellent communication skills. 

      As a member of our staff, you will fund-raise, build the membership of our partner groups, and educate and activate citizens on critical issues. You will also have the opportunity to organize press conferences and build coalitions with other non-profit organizations. While on staff, you will gain knowledge of pressing issues, learn how to effectively generate public support, and obtain a firm understanding of the political process. 

      To apply, please visit or call our Minneapolis office at 612-331-8400.

    • A 10 week position is available for a student to work on a major upgrade to Carleton's weather site.  The project involves some electronics and a lot of computer programming on Mac and Linux systems.  The successful candidate will be writing Python, PHP, MySQL and other code.  You need not know all these languages, but must be able and interested to learn them.    This summer's goal is to develop and implement a single-board computer system which can communicate with weather sensors, gather and store data from those sensors and then pass those data to another computer which runs a database and web server.

      Carleton has been gathering and sharing weather data since 1881, and these data are the oldest official weather records in the state.  Our weather site pioneered some now-common methods of presenting weather data graphics on the web.    Most of the work on the site has been accomplished by students, and we look forward to continuing that tradition.  We're looking for someone with a friendly attitude, attention to detail, and an interest in weather, scientific instrumentation, and of course computing.  

      If interested please contact Tom Baraniak or Doug Foxgrover.

      Tom Baraniak
      Olin 208

      Doug Foxgrover
      CMC 133

    • Are you interested in sustainable agriculture?

      Whitewater Gardens Farm is currently looking for motivated, energetic field assistants for the 2014 season. Seasonal full-time and possible part-time positions are available running from May through mid to late October. There is a possibility of a part-time position throughout the winter months, as well.  Greenhouse duties would include planting and transplanting potted plants, planting, maintenance, and harvesting crops grown in the full-season greenhouse and hoop houses.  Field work would include planting, weeding, hoeing, and harvesting.  Washing, post harvest prep, packaging and boxing would be included also.

      Special responsibilities may include food safety monitoring and recordkeeping, pack facility assistant, primary greenhouse assistant, plus more.  Must be able to lift up to 40 lbs. and work in sometimes uncomfortable weather conditions.  Passion for local sustainable food a must!

      Whitewater Gardens Farm raises a large variety of vegetables for farmers markets, CSA, and wholesale. We use organic (not certified), biological methods.  We strive to help create a healthy future for both our community and the planet.  Join us in our journey!


      Lonny and Sandy Dietz
      Whitewater Gardens Farm
      17485 Calico Hill Rd
      Altura, MN 55910

    • Are you interested in sustainability or energy issues? Do you want to learn more about local efforts in this arena? The city of Northfield is looking for two student interns this summer to help the city with its implementation of the GreenStep Cities initiative (  You would be working under the supervision of Jasper Kruggel, city engineering/GIS technician. Contact Melissa Eblen-Zayas for more information. 

    • Are you interested in working in the Physics and Astronomy Department next academic year?  We have many positions available including Lab Assistant, Tutor, Grader, Shop Assistant, Lab Set-up, Computer/Technical assistant, and Electronics Lab assistant.  Assignments are set up by term, for either 5 or 10 hours/week.  Follow the link below to fill out an interest form.  We assign jobs based upon Physics experience first, and preference second, giving first priority to those who submit the form earliest.  Though we can generally give you as many hours as you ask for, at times we have more work students than hours and can not guarantee you'll get all the hours you'd like.

      Please submit the form by the end of April; I'll then send out a tentative work schedule around mid-May. 



    • Summer 2014 jobs

      April 7, 2014

      Environment Minnesota will be working this summer with with the Fund for the Public Interest, a national non-profit that runs campaigns on environmental and social justice issues for groups like Environment America, U.S. PIRG and the Human Rights Campaign. We’re gearing up for our summer campaign and hiring students for jobs on our campaign to protect the Boundary Waters from toxic sulfide mining.  Follow the link below for more information!

    • Educational Associate in Physics -- Energy Topics

      The department is looking to hire a graduating senior to work with Arjendu Pattanayak and Melissa Eblen-Zayas, as well as the Center for Community and Civic Engagement (CCCE), to develop curricular materials and activities and to support projects with community partners around issues of energy efficiency and renewable energy. If interested, please submit a resume and a brief statement (1-2 pages) highlighting your strengths and what interests you about the position. Applications should be e-mailed to Arjendu ( and Melissa (; evaluation of applications will occur on a rolling basis. Contact Melissa or Arjendu with questions.

    • SISE

      March 31, 2014


      2014 Program: UrbanENERGY
      Hosted by the Energy Initiative (University of Illinois at Chicago)
      In partnership with Argonne National Laboratory; Clean Energy Trust; Energy Policy Institute at Chicago (University of Chicago); Energy and Sustainability Engineering (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign); Institute for Sustainability & Energy at Northwestern (Northwestern University); Wanger Institute for Sustainable Energy Research (Illinois Institute of Technology)

    • It's a Boy!

      March 10, 2014

      Carleton Physics Department:

      Natalie and I decided to have a baby on Tuesday, and we came home from the hospital yesterday. Everyone is doing well!

      Walter Michael Wiebold was born at 12:27pm Tuesday, and was 7 lbs 4 oz, 19.5 inches long (3.28 kg, 49.5 cm for those of you into that sort of thing). His big brother was very excited to meet him and loves to hold him!

      I look forward to working if nothing else geographically close to the department next year.

      Matt Wiebold
      Assistant Professor
      Department of Physics
      College of St. Benedict / St. John's University

      Walter Michael Wiebold 

    • Study Abroad Info

      February 24, 2014

      Calling all Physics & Astronomy students! 

      Are you considering a study abroad or off-campus program before you graduate from Carleton?  There are lots of great options available through the Associated Colleges of the Midwest (ACM).  Most ACM programs feature independent study, research, or internship opportunities.  And all ACM programs are designed for students at liberal arts colleges, making them perfect for Carleton students.

      If you’re interested in Physics & Astronomy, here is an ACM program you should check out:

      While Carleton’s application deadline for programs in Summer and Fall 2014 is Thursday, 17 April, if you want to go on an ACM program the deadline is Saturday, 15 March.  Make sure you speak with someone in the Off-Campus Studies department ASAP to complete the Carleton application and approval process! 

      For more info on ACM programs, go to

      Hannah Whitehead
      Recruiting Associate | Associated Colleges of the Midwest (ACM)
      11 E. Adams St. Suite 800 | Chicago, IL 60603 USA | +1 312.263.5000 | Fax +1 312.263.5879
      E-Mail: | Website:

      ACM… Expand Your World.

    • Environmental Physics Course Second Five Weeks of Spring Term

      To majors interested in environmental issues, consider Environmental Physics (Phys 152). In this class, your will get to look at environmental issues through the lens of physics, mainly those related to energy (especially thermodynamics) and the environment. It is a second-five-week spring course which has a prerequisite of an introductory physics five-week course.  Mostly it is taken by majors from other sciences, and only rarely by physicists.  Recently we realized that it can provide useful insights even to majors, with its emphasis on practical applications (including labs and a tour of Carleton's energy infrastructure).  It might make an especially attractive spring term package when combined with "What Physicists Do," the 1-credit, first five week lecture series. Yes, some of it will repeat material you have seen elsewhere, but much will be new. Contact Joel for more details.

    • Minnesota Technical Assistance Program (MnTAP) Internships

      MnTAP is seeking junior or senior college students to work on waste reduction and energy efficiency projects at companies in Minnesota for the summer of 2014. MnTAP anticipates funding up to nine projects for the summer of 2014 in locations around the state. The projects are at different companies and in a variety of industries.

      To apply for an internship, complete the online application form. Priority will be given to students who apply before March 1, however applications will be considered until all positions are filled. Students do not need to be enrolled at the University of Minnesota to apply.

    • Environmental Physics Course Second Five Weeks of Spring Term

      To majors interested in environmental issues, consider Environmental Physics (Phys 152). In this class, your will get to look at environmental issues through the lens of physics, mainly those related to energy (especially thermodynamics) and the environment. It is a second-five-week spring course which has a prerequisite of an introductory physics five-week course.  Mostly it is taken by majors from other sciences, and only rarely by physicists. Recently we realized that it can provide useful insights even to majors, with its emphasis on practical applications (including labs and a tour of Carleton's energy infrastructure).  It might make an especially attractive spring term package when combined with "What Physicists Do," the 1-credit, first five week lecture series. Yes, some of it will repeat material you have seen elsewhere, but much will be new. Contact Joel (jweisber) for more details.

    • Physics Phacebook

      February 14, 2014

      Did you know that the Physics and Astronomy department is on Facebook and Twitter?  

      We use them to make announcements, post upcoming events, show what's going on in
      various courses, and even to have a little fun.  Check us out at "Carleton College Physics and
      Astronomy" on Facebook, ( or @CarletonPhysAst ( on Twitter. 

    • Mellon Mays Fellowship

      February 10, 2014

      Calling all sophomore and junior Physics majors with a commitment to diversity: consider applying for the Mellon Mays Fellowship.  The Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship (MMUF) is one of the Foundation’s premier programs and the centerpiece of the Foundation’s long-term effort to help remedy the serious shortage of faculty of color in higher education.  MMUF aims to create a legacy of qualified and gifted scholars who will provide opportunities for all students to experience and learn from the perspectives of diverse faculty members.

      Contact Melissa Eblen-Zayas or Bill North if you have questions.

    • Grader needed!

      February 3, 2014

      Work study students:

      We've lost one grader for PHYS 151 during the 2nd five weeks of winter term.  Please send a quick email to if you are interested in picking up a few extra hours.  Thanks! 

    • Become an Environment America Fellow: Fight for a green future. Learn what it takes to win.

      My name is Michelle Hesterberg.  I graduated from Carleton in 2011, and now I’m the Plains Federal Field Organizer at Environment America.  We’re a statewide citizen-based environmental advocacy group.  We’re about clean energy, clean air, clean water, and protecting open spaces – right now our top priority is doing our part to stop global warming. And, we’re hiring!

      Environment America is a federation of 29 state-based groups with nearly 100 professional staff and more than 1 million members, activists and allies across the country.  Each year, we hire graduating seniors with the passion, the commitment and the talent it takes to stand up to polluting industries, fight for a green future and do what it takes to win.  Our Fellowship Program is a two-year crash course in the nuts and bolts of environmental activism, organizing, advocacy and the type of institution-building that can sustain long-term battles.

      As a fellow, you’re not just learning how to make an impact; you’re making one. If you want to hear more straight from our current fellows, we put together a short video for you. You’ll find it on our website here After two years as a fellow, you’ll have learned the ropes, gained invaluable hands-on experience and you’ll have made a real difference for the environment.  Hear from two former fellows about the work they're doing now to fight fracking here.

      To learn more and apply, visit Our early application deadline is Sunday, February 16th.

      And if you’re not graduating this year, you should apply to be an Environment Minnesota intern – you’ll learn how to make an impact on critical environmental issues, and there’s no better way to get the experience to launch your career with us.

      I look forward to hearing from you!

      Michelle Hesterberg '11
      Environment America Plains Federal Field Organizer
      o: (612) 331-3315
      c: (651) 206-9685

    • The Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at the Medical College of Wisconsin sponsors a 10-week paid internship program. 
      The Summer Program for Undergraduate Research (SPUR) is accepting applications for SPUR 2014.  This
      program provides students with a hands-on intensive research experience.  If you are currently a sophomore or junior with an
      interest in a summer internship, you are encouraged to apply to:

    • Interested in Teaching?

      January 24, 2014

      Grade 6-12 Science Teaching Opportunities & Virtual Job Fairs

      Each year, Southern Teachers Agency helps hundreds of candidates find jobs at outstanding private & independent schools throughout the mid-Atlantic and South – nearly 600 schools in 16 States from Pennsylvania to Florida to Texas. Private schools value candidates who have participated in a teacher certification program, but have the flexibility to hire teachers with a strong academic background in physics who have not taken courses in education.

      The hiring season for the 2014-15 academic year will begin very soon and we encourage interested students to apply to STA as soon as possible.  Schools have already begun to list vacancies for the next school year! The STA online application can be found on our website:

      We are excited to share our news about STA’s recruitment fairs in 2014! Beginning February 6th, STA will host 12 virtual recruitment fairs throughout the hiring season: Thursdays @ STA!  Registered STA candidates may participate in these fairs and will have the opportunity to meet school administrators through prescheduled, real-time digital interviews for vacancies, with zero travel and zero registration costs.  In order to participate in the first virtual fair of 2014 on February 6th, interested students should apply to STA for candidacy as soon as possible. For more information about Thursdays @ STA, click here.

      Shannon Johnston
      Coordinator of College Recruitment
      (434) 295-9122
      STA . . . because your students deserve the best

    • Teach for LearningWorks!

      January 20, 2014

      Breakthrough is a national organization that provides six weeks of free academic programming for middle schoolers. Another key feature of the program is that all Breakthrough teachers are high schoolers and college students. (High school juniors & seniors are eligible to apply, as well as current college seniors.) There are more than 30 Breakthrough sites across the country, and each site's structure and culture is different. I'm writing on behalf of the Minneapolis site, LearningWorks, where I've spent my last two summers teaching. LW teachers choose their topic, create their own curriculum, assignments, and activities. LW is an incredible program, and I encourage anyone even remotely interested in education to apply. 

      The application deadline is Feb. 25, 2014, and the application is a bit of work, so it's a good idea to start now. 

      Noam Wiggs, a director of LW, will be tabling with me in Sayles on Wednesday morning from 11AM-1PM, so stop by if you have any questions or curious about the program. 

      Who: High school & college students interested in teaching/education
      What: a summer internship teaching middle schoolers + incredible opportunity. Application deadline is Feb. 25, 2014
      When: LearningWorks 11:00am-1:00pm
      Where: Sayles tables

      Feel free to email me at judillam for any questions or concerns you have about Breakthrough, LW, the application, what it's like to write lesson plans, etc.

    • NASA program

      January 17, 2014


      The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) is offering summer projects for students interested in working on NASA missions or space-related research opportunities at APL. Students will receive a stipend for the 10-week program, and housing will be provided. Visit the website for more information and to apply:

      Applications are due January 27, 2014.

    • Majors Fair

      January 6, 2014

      This year's Majors and Concentrators Fair will be held on Tuesday, January 14, from 6:30 - 8:00 p.m. in Great Hall.  This is an opportunity for first-years and sophomores to learn about many different sorts of academic options available to them--majors, concentrations, pre-professional programs, and more. Refreshments will be served. 

      If you have any questions, contact Becky Krogh (x4311). 

    • NASA internship

      January 6, 2014

      NASA (summer 2014) internships!

      Interested?  Check out

      to submit an application.   Students can specify areas that interest them but do not have to select specific internship programs.  Most NASA internships are limited to U.S. citizens.   Most NASA internships are limited to U.S. citizens.  Most programs require a GPA of at least 3.0 (out of 4.0).  Students receive a stipend to participate in NASA internships, much of which will be spent on expenses like food and housing, though the experience they receive is "priceless!"
       Offers usually start going out about the end of January so it is best for students to apply by then even though the website says that applications are accepted until March 1, 2014, for summer 2014 placements.  We hope to be able to fund 5-6 students for summer 2014 NASA internships.

    • Schuler Scholar Program

      January 6, 2014

      AmeriCorps Math Scholar Coaches needed! 

      The Schuler Scholar Program is a non-profit organization based in nine partnership high schools in the northern suburbs and the city of Chicago. The SSP prepares students who are bright and motivated, but underserved, to succeed at the most competitive colleges and universities. Schuler Scholars are typically first-generation college-bound, come from under-resourced families and communities, and will need financial assistance in order to attend college. Many Scholars are from a population that is under-represented on college campuses.

      We believe that high-achieving but vulnerable students will be successful in obtaining a college degree if they are motivated, have access to academic and enrichment programs while in high school, are well informed of college options, receive support from a wide network, and secure financial assistance.

      Here is a link to our website:

      We are in search of high achieving recent college graduates to serve as AmeriCorps Math Scholar Coaches.  Specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to: monitor Scholar progress in math and science, provide assistance to Scholars in math and sciences, manage math online enrichment programs, facilitate math and science after school programs,  chaperone college visits, and plan Scholar outings.   Overall, our Scholar Coaches are invaluable members of our team and act as mentors to our Scholars.

      Kerry Pearson
      Educational Counselor
      Schuler Scholar Program
      Highland Park High School
      433 Vine Ave.
      Highland Park, IL 60035
      Website |  Facebook |Blog

    • Summer Science Fellowship

      January 6, 2014

      Carleton Summer Science Fellows -- Application deadline Jan 13

      The goal of the Summer Science Fellowship is to broaden participation of historically underrepresented groups (including gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic background, and disabilities) in the sciences/math. Carleton Summer Science Fellows will have the opportunity to work in a research lab either at Carleton or at another institution for two summers with a summer stipend of $4200. Summer Science Fellows will be expected to enroll in the 1 credit Science Fellows Research Colloquium in the spring before and the fall following their research experience.

      - First or second year student
      - Must have completed at least one introductory science course with lab by the end of the first year. Students interested in CS/math/stats must have completed at least one course in those fields
      - Interest in obtaining a PhD in a science/math field or exploring science/math as a potential career.

      The application is available on-line at

      Questions? Contact Melissa Eblen-Zayas,

    • Interested in a PhD in either Geochemistry or Cosmochemistry?  Check out the University of Chicago!  

    • Attention physics majors, particularly juniors:

      If you are thinking about the possibility of pursuing a career in teaching physical science at the pre-college level, then you may be interested in the six-week summer program "TOPS" sponsored by the MIT-Harvard Center for Ultracold Atoms. Information is at
      The program is sponsored by the MIT-Harvard Center for Ultracold Atoms. Questions?  Contact:

      Daniel  Kleppner

      Lester Wolfe Professor of Physics, Emeritus
      Co Director, Center for Ultracold Atoms
      MIT room 26-237, Cambridge, MA 02139

    • Physics REU at Rutgers

      November 4, 2013

      Thanks to funding from the National Science Foundation, the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Rutgers University will host an on-campus Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program in the summer of 2014. This page answers basic questions about the program, but we also invite you to visit the links above to learn more about about which projects may be available this summer, what Rutgers and central New Jersey have to offer, how to contact us if you have questions, and how you can apply to the program. We thank you for your interest and hope to see your application soon! 


    • Summer Research Opportunity

      October 28, 2013



      Summer research experience for undergrads at the Materials Research Science & Engineering Center (MRSEC) @ Northwestern University.

    • Research Seminar 2014

      October 28, 2013

      Research Your Future in Science

      Summer 2014 seminar for undergrad students

    • For any science & engineering students looking to get into careers in national security, economic development, international relief, or foreign policy: 

      Georgia Tech is looking for you! We offer a Master’s of Science in International Affairs (MSIA) that specializes in Science, Technology, and International Affairs. Any science/engineering majors (especially those pursuing a political science, policy, or economics minor) would be a good fit for this program. Our program is also great for graduating seniors who want to add an extra edge to their resume; or who want to broaden their job horizons. Our department’s faculty includes political scientists, economists, physicists, chemists, computer scientists, and policy experts from across a wide spectrum of issue areas and regional specialties. 

    • Follow the link for an interesting article published last week in the New York Times about research into why fewer women than men enter and stay in scientific fields.


    • Click the link below to find information about workshops, job fairs, internships, etc., courtesy of the Career Center!

    • Hello!

      I am a ’97 Physics alum working in the Twin Cities for Tokyo Electron (TEL).  We just opened several internship positions for the summer of 2014:

      -          Software Engineering

      -          Electrical Engineering

      -          Process Engineering

      -          Mechanical Engineering

      -          Quality Engineering

      Tokyo Electron is an international capital equipment manufacturer for the semiconductor industry.  The Chaska, MN location was originally FSI International and was acquired by TEL last year.  TEL FSI supports Tier 1 semiconductor device manufacturers and foundries worldwide including Intel, Global Foundries, Samsung, TSMC, and UMC.

      I started at FSI International in 1995 as a summer intern working in the process engineering group.  Seventeen years later I am the Product Engineering Manager for one of our three product lines and a dangerous example of what can happen as the result of a summer internship – that being long term employment.

      TEL is part of a dynamic and highly technical industry.  Summer interns have the opportunity to work directly with engineers within cross-functional teams on real projects that are being released to our customers.  This is hands-on work that includes time spent doing background research, lab work, prototyping, coding, test set-up and data collection, data analysis, and group presentations.

      We are looking for motivated students with a technical background that can learn quickly, communicate effectively, and bring creativity to their work.

      The start/ end dates are flexible to the individual’s schedule, but we need people available for the full summer.

      I have attached a word document summarizing each position.  Interested students are encouraged to visit our website at and post a resume there, and/or resumes can be forwarded to me at this email address.  I am also available to answer questions regarding TEL and our internships or review resumes before submission. 

      Best regards,

      Christina Rathman        
      ANTARES Engineering Manager
      ANTARES/ ZETA Process Engineering
      TEL FSI, Inc



    • EPIC job opportunity

      September 16, 2013

      EPIC is currently looking for talented individuals for our Technical Services/Problem Solver positions!

      Problem Solver/Technical Services

      If you’d like a career that is both challenging and meaningful, consider Epic. We’re a worldwide leader in healthcare software, caring for 49% of Americans.  Chances are we are affecting the life of someone close to you.

      As a Problem Solver (Technical Services) at Epic, you will build strong and lasting relationships with your customers and deliver top-notch technical guidance, ensuring they realize their full potential using our software. You'll apply your creativity and problem-solving skills to design unique solutions, from improving efficiency and patient safety to optimizations and software upgrades.

      We’re currently hiring engineers, math, physics and MIS or related majors for both 2013 and 2014 start dates. If you think you might be a good fit for Epic, apply at or send your resume to


    • Princeton - UChicago Fall 2013 Quantitative Trading Conference


    • KSTF Teaching Fellowships

      September 16, 2013

      2014 KSTF (Knowles Science Teaching Foundation) teaching fellowship application deadline is coming up! 

       Check the link below for more information:


    • Check out Astro 113!

      May 17, 2013

      Joel says: Consider registering for Astro Lab (113) Fall Term 2013, under the stars  every clear Wednesday night.  Learn the sky and how to use telescopes and imagers.  Everyone who receives this has adequate background. If you need a permission form because you do not have official prereqs or have questions, contact Joel.  You will need to be free every single Wednesday evening for the first half-term, and can miss one  time thereafter.

    • Did you possibly forget to turn in a work request for next year?  It just so happens that there are still a couple of spots available to work in the Physics Department during fall term.  You should have taken at least P151, and some background in electronics is a plus.  You could find yourself helping with the electronics class, OR having fun as the electronic assistant.  If Astronomy is your passion, we've got a spot for you there as well.  Email to let Trenne know you are interested. 

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    • Physics Fulbrights

      September 24, 2012

      Answer to last week's trivia question: engineering associate at Medtronic. Sadly, no correct answers were submitted.  

      In the past five years, three physics majors have been Fulbright scholars. What were the three countries that these Fulbright scholars traveled to after graduation?

      Please submit your answer (along with your name and e-mail address) to the envelope labeled Radiations trivia outside Melissa's office (Olin 325). From the correct answers submitted by Wednesday morning at 9 am, one respondent will be chosen at random to receive a prize.

    • Carleton physics majors from the Class of 2012 are attending graduate school in all of the following fields except one: architecture, astronomy, civil engineering, earth and planetary science, electrical engineering, law, mechanical engineering, marine science, physics. Which one is NOT a field being pursued by one of last year's physics graduates?

      Please submit your answer (along with your name and e-mail address) to the envelope labelled Radiations trivia outside Melissa's office (Olin 325). From the correct answers submitted by Wednesday morning at 9 am, one respondent will be chosen at random to receive a prize.

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