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Volume 17, Issue 23 (April 11, 2011)

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    • We are looking for two undergraduate students who are studying in the science and/or education field to work at the Soudan Underground Lab this summer.  This position will involve continued development of the outreach program and working with the DNR giving science tours in the park and, depending on when the underground tours resume, also in the lab.  Visit to learn more about the lab.  Positions are for eight weeks, starting June 20.  To apply, please e-mail your resume and a cover letter describing your interest, by April 30, to the outreach coordinator Al Lipke at

    • It's time to utilize your pent-up creativity for the physics T-shirt design contest. If you have an idea (something fantastically nerdy, perhaps?), submit it! Designs will be posted in the 2nd Olin lounge so you can vote on your favorite during the week of the 18th. Designs are due to eberlel on Sunday, April 17


    • The Physics & Astronomy Department relies heavily on our students to serve as laboratory assistants, graders, tutors, and technical assistants in support of our academic program.  We strongly believe that such activities provide important benefits to you beyond the obvious monetary compensation.  Seniors and recent grads will tell you that a lot of good solid learning occurs, and new insights develop.  You can, and should, cite this experience in future employment or grad  school applications, just as we will cite it in formulating  supporting letters for you.

      It is time to arrange these job positions for next year.  All students who would like to work in the Department should fill out an application found here.  Applications must be received by April 20, 2011.

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