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Volume 18, Issue 21 (April 2, 2012)

    • April 2 (Monday) 3:10-4:20pm, Olin 2nd floor

      Everyone is invited to see the the interesting projects that our upper level physics students have been doing.  Projects might include (but won't be limited to) the lamp tag project students worked on last summer and some of the optics experiments in Marty's advanced optics labs as well as some of the final projects that the students in electronics made.  These nifty activities are often hidden from view and we would like everyone to see them.  First and second year students considering a physics major are particularly encouraged to attend.  There will be prizes and you must be present to win!

    • April 3 (Tuesday) noon-1pm, Olin 02

      Jolene Johnson Armstrong, PhD candidate from the University of MN, will give the talk 'What's in a virus? Quantitative fluorescence studies of viral composition'.  Everyone is invited and lunch will be provided.

    • April 4 (Wednesday) 3:10-4:20pm, Olin 141

      Join Tyler as he gives his comps talk on "Design Principles and Operating Parameters of the Modern Bypass Turbofan Engine". Everyone is invited.

    • April 5 (Thursday) noon-1pm, Olin 02

      Brittany Nelson-Cheeseman, postdoctoral researcher at Argonne National Laboratory, will give the talk 'Building Your Own Oxide for Energy'.  Everyone is invited and lunch will be provided.

    • April 6 (Friday) noon-1pm, LDC Shearer Dining Room

      Join physics students, faculty, staff and PHYS 123 speaker Daisy Raymondson for lunch at the LDC.  Meet on 3rd Olin at 11:50am for the short walk over or meet us there.

    • April 6 (Friday) 1:10-2:10pm, LDC 104

      Daisy Raymondson, laser physicist with KMLabs in Boulder, CO, will give the talk "Physics and Applications of Ultrafast Laser Systems".  Everyone is invited.

    • April 6 (Friday) 3:30-4:40pm, Olin 141

      Join Emily as she gives her comps talk "The Interstellar Medium".   Everyone is invited.

    • April 6  (Friday) 9:00-11:00pm, Goodsell Observatory

      If skies are clear, view stars, nebulas and planets.  Dress warmly.  Canceled if cloudy.

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