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Volume 20, Issue 13 (January 20, 2014)

Tenure-Track Candidate Presentations

January 17, 2014
By Trenne Fields

Dr. Eric Hazlett, faculty candidate, will be on campus Monday and Tuesday of this week.  He will give a teaching presentation Monday, January 20th, at 8:30 am (1a) in Olin 101.  His talk will be about Optics: Nature Always Takes the Shortest Cut.  Please come join the discussion (yes, it's early, but worth it!)

Eric will also be presenting a research talk on Tuesday, January 21st during common time (12:00) in Olin 04, during which lunch will be provided.  His talk is titled: What's Colder than Cold?  Not a Polar Vortex, but Laser-Cooled Atoms, of Course!   After his presentation, coffee and cookies will be served in the 2nd Olin lounge so that students can meet Eric, discuss the presentation, or ask any questions about his research or candidacy.

The Physics Department strongly encourages all faculty, staff, and students to attend these talks.  We'll ultimately choose one of these candidates to become a tenure-track faculty member, who will then help shape the department and curriculum for years to come. 

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