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Volume 20, Issue 30 (June 2, 2014)

Senior Canoe Trip

May 27, 2014
By Trenne Fields

LAST CALL!  If you haven't yet RSVPed, please contact Trenne!

            Yes, it's almost time for the historic annual senior physics event: the Cannon River Canoe Trip!  You are hereby invited (at your own expense, unfortunately) to join friends and faculty in an exploration of the wilderness between Cannon Falls and Welch, on

Thursday, June 12. (During Senior week)

We'll leave from the road between Olin / Mudd and the LDC at 8:30 a.m., and drive to Welch, where we'll leave our cars. The canoe outfitter will then take  us back to Cannon Falls with our canoes.   From there it's an easy 3-hour paddle (longer if you turn over, or get lost in the shortcuts) on the scenic route to Welch.  We'll stop for lunch on the way. We'll arrive back at Carleton around 2:00..  Please join us!

The cost?  A paltry $20 per person (or slightly more or less, depending on the number who go).  No canoeing experience is necessary (it's even more fun that way).  Bring the cash, sunscreen, clothes that won't mind water and mud, and a lunch.

Have a special friend who'll be jealous if left out?  Bring her or him too!

We do need to know in advance how many are coming, so reserve a place by Monday, June 8 at noon, with Trenne (voicemail at 4383 or email at tfields or a written note are all fine). 

·            Please give us a phone number in case we have to wake you up! 

·            If you have a car, please let Trenne know how many people it holds.

Word on the street has it that  some old folks (aka staff) will be there.  You too be there , or be square!

For more information, go to http://www.welchmill.com/canoeing-kayaking/

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