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Volume 19, Issue 26 (May 6, 2013)

Facilities Master Plan Discussion

May 10, 2013
By Trenne Fields

As you might know, Carleton is currently engaged in creating a Facilities Master Plan for the campus. Melissa Eblen-Zayas is a member of the Science Planning group charged with determining what investments in facilities are necessary for the College to maintain its historic leadership in undergraduate physical and biological science education.

Getting input from current students is a crucial part of that process, and that's where the department needs your help. We'd like to host a conversation with physics and astronomy majors and students who have been enrolled in courses in our department to discuss the following questions:

• Thinking about the classrooms, labs, research spaces, and social/study spaces in the department and on campus in general, what about those spaces works well? What makes them good, useful spaces?

• Thinking about the same set of spaces, what about them does not work well?

Think small (like, "Maybe if we had xxx piece of equipment") or think big "If I were to design a new Physics building, it would look like this...".  Either way, please come to the meeting with any ideas and suggestions you may have.  This meeting is for discussion and brainstorming.  One student will be selected to report back to the  Science Facilities Planning Group at their next meeting.  To facilitate your brainstorm, we will be serving lunch to attendees.   **This meeting will take the place of the regularly scheduled Physics Table.**

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