Mathematica for Students

Carleton students can install Mathematica for free.  For instructions, go here, provide your Carleton id/pw, and search for 'Student-Owned Computers'.

Note for Windows users with McAfee AntiVirus

If you have McAfee AntiVirus installed on your computer,  you should create an OnAccess Scan "exclusion" for Mathematica.  The exclusion prevents McAfee AntiVirus OnAccess Scan from scanning the application and the resources it loads, greatly speeding up Mathematica's launch time.  It also prevents errors like this from occuring:

    "JLink`InstallJava::fail: A link to the Java runtime could not be established."

You can create the exclusion by:

  1. Going to the Start menu, opening the "McAfee" folder, right-clicking on 'On-Access Scan' and selecting 'Run as administrator' (opening the 'On-Access Scan Properties' window).
  2. Select 'All Processes' from the lefthand sidebar, selecting the 'Exclusions' tab, then selecting the 'Exclusion' button (Opening the 'Set Exclusions' window).
  3. Select 'Add' (opening an 'Add Exclusion Item' window).
  4. Under 'What to exclude', select the 'By name/location' and then select the 'Browse button just below (opening the 'Browse for Files or Folders' window).
  5. In the Browse window, select 'Computer', then navigate to 'c:\Program Files\Wolfram Research\'.
  6. Select the 'OK' button (closing the Browse window and returning you to the 'Add Exclusion Item' window).
  7. Select the 'Also exclude subfolders' checkbox, then select 'OK', (closing the 'Add Exclusion Item' window),
  8. Select 'OK' (closing the 'Set Exclusions; window,
  9. Select 'OK' (closing the 'On-Access Scan Properties' window).
  10. You're done!