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The following is a list of links which contain information that may be interesting or useful to you in thinking about a career in physics and/or astronomy. Check back often for up-to-the-minute updates!

Looking for jobs and fellowships? Career advice? You can find those opportunities and resources in one place: Physics Today Jobs.

In particular, students who visit Physics Today Jobs can make free use of

The opportunities advertised on Physics Today Jobs are numerous, diverse, and international. They include postdoctoral, tenure-track, internships and REUs, senior academic, governmental, and private-sector positions.

A state-by-state listing of some of the employers who have recently hired new physics bachelors. The lists may be useful to job seekers in identifying the variety of companies that hire physics bachelors and to physics departments wishing to strengthen contacts with their local employers.

Your guide to graduate programs in physics and related fields.

AIP Career Network

A job listing of open positions in the field of physics.

Science Job Market on the Physical Sciences Resource Center website maintained by the AAPT. This new service offers a wide variety of job listings, from high school physics teaching to postdoctoral research to chemical engineering positions. Easy-to-use, searchable site.

APS Careers in Physics includes information on and links to career programs and activities organized by the APS such as: the online career center database; Job Fairs, career workshops and sessions at the meetings; and career reports. It also includes other relevant information and resources designed to help people learn about physics careers, and better navigate their careers.

Job listing by the Internet Pilot to Physics.

Job listing maintained by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.

Listing maintained by the International Society for Optical Engineering


This site has links to many sources of information, and includes pages of available employment opportunities in research, teaching, and industry.

Great resource for graduating seniors interested in a career in teaching or other careers in physics. Post your resume free.

A listing maintained by the American Association of Medical Schools of MD-Ph.D programs.

Career Trends
Industry or Academia: Where do I fit in?

From the publishers of Science, this free downloadable booklet grapples with the question of whether you'd be better off in academia or industry.

Information about Science Related Careers

Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs

The MS program prepares students with science and engineering backgrounds and the MPP-STEP program prepares students with any undergraduate background to assume roles in public policy development, implementation, management, and leadership. Students are taught to analyze and design policies for appropriate promotion and oversight of science and technology regionally, nationally, and internationally. They explore the interactions between science & technology and society in interdisciplinary ways, using a problem-oriented approach.

To complement HHH courses, students are able to take additional coursework from a wide range of departments across the University of Minnesota, such as Natural Resources and Management, Conservation Biology, Management of Technology, Environmental Policy, Applied Economics, and Bioethics. MS and MPP-STEP graduates have a wealth of job opportunities available to them, and graduates end up in state and federal government (e.g. Department of Commerce, energy policy analyst), business (e.g. 3M, regulatory affairs), and non-profit (e.g. Great Plains Institute for Sustainable Development, policy analyst) policy positions.