Program Highlights - Conference on Southeast Asian Americans

  • Keynote Speakers: Dr. Mai Na Lee & Ms. Hai Binh Nguyen
  • Student Panel Sessions:

Faculty and Graduate Student Commentators: Dr. Naran Bilik (Carleton), Ms. Pakou Hang (UMn-TC), Dr. Rika Ito (St. Olaf), Dr. Gary Yia Lee (Concordia), Dr. Mai Na Lee (UMn-TC), Mr. Penh Lo (MnSU), Dr. Tun Myint (IUB), Dr. Carolyn Wong (Carleton), Dr. Kou Yang (CSU-Stanislaus), Dr. Greg Filice (UMn-TC), and Dr. Yang Dao (UMn-TC)

  • Luncheon Speakers: Dr. Kou Yang & Mr. Penh Lo
  • Community Activism and Service Panel featuring: Tou Ger Xiong, Tun Myint & Jay Xiong
  • Dinner Lecture: Honorable Mee Moua, Minnesota State Senator
  • Cultural Performance by: Tou Ger Xiong, Carleton Class of '96

"Hmong Elvis, James Brown & Michael Jackson: Addressing Racial Issues through Humor, Storytelling, Dance, and Hip Hop"

A one-man show that combines explosive energy, humor, folklore, dance, and rap music into an interactive performance that educates about cultural diversity and racial stereotypes.

Referred to as "...the Hmong version of Chris Rock, Jim Carey, and Snoop Dogg--all stir fried into one."

  • The band Watching Leona will perform in Concert Hall after the Tou Ger Xiong performance.

Detailed program


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Meals are optional and require on-line reservation. (Lunch $8; Dinner $12. Registrants can pay in advance by check, OR by check or cash at the door, but they must register in advance.)

With special thanks to our co-sponsors at Carleton College: Office of the President, Dean of the College, Committee on Students in the Arts, Elizabeth Nason Distinguished Women Visitor's Fund, American Studies, Department of Political Science, Cross-Cultural Studies, Intercultural Life, Perlman Center for Teaching and Learning, and Campus Activities

and the student organizations: Carleton College ASIA Club, Carleton College Coalition of Hmong Students, and St. Olaf College Hmong Culture Outreach.

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