Information for First-Year Students

The political science department at Carleton offers courses in all branches of political science. A tradition of student interest in political affairs has made our department unusually large and diverse for the size of the College. As we represent a variety of fields and interests, so we also represent a wide spectrum of political opinion and a variety of approaches. Such diversity fosters lively debate about issues of public concern not only in classes but also in the Carleton community as a whole.

Can I major in it? Yes. The department offers two tracks: Political Science, which covers all aspects of the discipline, and Political Science/International Relations, which has greater emphasis on international and global issues.

Topics explored: American government and politics, comparative political systems, international relations and world politics, and political philosophy.

How to get started: First-year students normally begin their study in the department with POSC 120: Comparative Political Regimes, POSC 122: Politics in America: Liberty and Equality or POSC 160: Political Philosophy. Some 200-level courses are open to first-year students.

Frequently asked questions:

Can I get credit toward the major for Advanced Placement courses I took in high school?

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What kind of extracurricular events and social gatherings does the Department have?

Can I S/Cr/NC classes that count for the major?

How will I be assigned an adviser in the major?

Who can I talk to for more information?