Staff and Committee Members

Pam Middleton
Pre-Health Advisor, Pre-Health Advising

Lorie Tuma
Administrative Assistant in Biology
Assistant to Pre-Health Advisor

Advisory Committee Members

The members of the Advisory Committee on Health Professions Programs are:

  • David Alberg, Chemistry
  • Chris Calderone, Chemistry
  • Joe Chihade, Chemistry
  • Steven Drew, Chemistry
  • Deborah Gross, Chemistry
  • Gretchen Hofmeister, Chemistry
  • Fernan Jaramillo, Biology
  • Pam Middleton, Chair
  • Matt Rand, Biology
  • Jay Tasson, Physics
  • Debby Walser-Kuntz, Biology
  • Jennifer Wolff, Biology
  • Stephan Zweifel, Biology

You should feel free to consult any of the Committee members if you have questions.