For Faculty: All the Basics to Study Animals

Welcome to the process of studying animals at Carleton. There are some items faculty need to develop prior to working with animals in the psychology dept. One is to develop a familiarity with the review process of the facility and the care programs here. Another is to develop animal care programs, training, and engage in relevant external and internal reviews if a new species is introduced. Another is to submit a protocol for any research or teaching involving animals. Finally, it is wise to consider if there are any alternatives to the study of animals, or the means of the study, to reduce any pain or distress. These issues are reviewed in separate sections below.

External and Internal Reviews of Animal Care and Use

Developing a Program for a New Species

How to Apply to Study Animals at Carleton

Consideration of Alternatives to Animal Study

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I have read each section of faculty training and understand the guidelines therein. I will follow these guidelines as I plan my research/teaching uses with animals. I will also read through relevant species-specific training so that I am aware of any risks exposed to me or my students/staff, and I will communicate those risks by requiring students/staff to read appropriate sections of training.
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