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For 2015 - 2016, Sharon Akimoto and Sophie Guterl will serve as the official career coordinators for the Department. Feel free, however, to consult anyone in the Department on career-related matters. We have a number of books that describe a variety of psychology-related careers in Olin 107 (the Student Lounge). The Career Center is also an important source of information, as well as this psychology specific page.

Your psychology degree and skills you have gained at Carleton (e.g. written, computer based) provide you with numerous career opportunities.  These include research-related positions (e.g., in program evaluation, polling, audience research, government work); marketing research; and human services positions in social work, education, and residential treatment centers. Governments hire psychology graduates for mental health clinics, social service outreach positions, correctional facilities, hospitals, and other agencies.


Worried you won't be able to survive on your $0 income internship?  Apply for funding from various Carleton student fellowships.  Don't let financial issues stop you from gaining the valuable experiences grad schools and employers will be looking for!

The Career Center also offers Summer Internship Funding. You can find out more about how to apply and what qualifies as an internship here.

Overview of Careers in Psychology

The field of psychology is very diverse and can lead to many different career paths. If your trying to get a job right after college with a BA or you are planning on obtaining a Masters or PhD, there is a psychology related job for you.


  1. Reference Books
    The psychology office has a wide selection of up to date reference books in the student lounge area, such as:
    • Finding jobs with a psychology bachelor’s degree:  Expert advice for launching your career (R. Eric Landrum)
    • The insider's guide to the psychology major:  Everything you need to know about the degree and profession (Amira Rezec Wegenek and William Buskist)
    • Majoring in psych? Career options for psychology undergraduates (Betsy L. Morgan)
    • An overview of the human services (Kristi Kanel)
    • The psychology major:  Career options and strategies for success (Eric Landrum, Stephen Davis, and Teresa A. Landrum)
  2. American Psychological Association
    The APA website is one of the best resources for everything related to psychology. Use PsycCareers to find job postings and descriptions of psychology subfields. You can find psychology career news and helpful tips that will prepare you for a job in the field of psychology.  Additionally, there is a page that profiles psychologists in less traditional positions and their journeys to these interesting jobs. A great resource to see where your degree could take you! You can also find interesting Undergraduate Research Opportunities.
  3. Career Center
    The Career Center (located in Sayles 050) is a great resource not only for jobs but also for finding internships and research opportunities.  On the career center website you can find a link to the Alumni Directory, the Tunnel (Job and Internship database), Engagement Wanted (an effortless connection to many alumni), and many other helpful resources.  You can stop by and speak with a Career Advisor (CA) or make an appointment to speak with a Career Center director.
  4. Organizations of Interest: While these organizations may not have any postings at this time, they are ones to watch as summer draws closer.
  5. Fellowships
    Each year, Carleton students achieve some of the most prestigious awards for graduate study and travel in many parts of the world. Preparing for these wonderful opportunities requires work well in advance of submission deadlines to find fellowships that best match your interests and experience, your academic and extracurricular life, and to develop your qualifications to the fullest by the time you apply.
  6. Alumni
    A great resource would be Carls in the field today. You can do a quick alumni search for alums in your area of interest and contact them with questions you may have.  The best career advice can come from people who are practicing in a psychology related field now and have an association to Carleton. 
  7. Job Resource Center 
    The Job Resource Center is a website where employers post psychology related positions.  These jobs are not necessarily endorsed by the Carleton psychology department, but this page can help you see what you can do with your degree.

Psychology Related Internship Databases

Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers (APPIC)

Institute for Humane Studies

National Institutes of Health

National Science Foundation (REU Programs)

Social Psychology Network