Lab Members

Danny Campos Gonzalez Danny Campos Gonzalez ('20)

Danny was born in Bogota, Colombia and has grown up in MN since 4th grade. She's a 2020 Psych major with a passion for healthcare and theater. She loves dancing, the outdoors, and dogs. Danny hopes to be a pediatrician one day and work with underserved and underrepresented communities to promote healthcare access for all.

Alexa Curtis Alexa Curtis ('20)

Alexa is a Psychology major and History minor from Appleton, Wisconsin. She is interested in the role of psychology within the legal system. She is a member of the Mock Trial team and the club tennis team. In her spare time, she enjoys going for walks in the arb and baking cookies at Dacie Moses. 

naseemimg Naseem Dillman-Hasso ('20)

Naseem is a Psychology major and Cognitive Science/Music Performance double minor from Durham, NC. He is interested in environment and mental health research, and how people use language to communicate. Naseem also enjoys riding his bike, being outside, and watching Netflix.


charlottedonoho Charlotte Donoho ('20)

Charlotte is a Psychology major from Wilmington, Delaware. She is interested in the role of audiovisual integration in communication as well as the cognitive processes involved in memory. In her free time, Charlotte enjoys co-hosting her radio show on KRLX, doing yoga, watching movies, and getting lost in the arb. 

Kate Finstuen-Magro Kate Finstuen-Magro ('20)

Kate is a prospective Psychology and Computer Science major from Washington, DC. She has a many interests in psychology, particularly in speech acquisition and interpersonal communication. Outside of the classroom, she is a member of the Women’s Rugby team and tutors at the local youth center. Kate intends to attend medical school after Carleton.

ZhaoBin ZhaoBin Li ('21)

ZhaoBin is a potential psych/cog sci/comp sci/maths/stats major. He lives in Singapore. He is constantly exploring diverse interests. For now he is most interested in artificial intelligence. He likes doing yoga and running in the arb.

ellie mamantov  Ellie Mamantov ('21)

Ellie is a prospective Computer Science and Psychology double major from Knoxville, TN. She is interested in human-computer interaction, artificial intelligence, and behavioral neuroscience. She enjoys cooking, playing ultimate frisbee, and drinking coffee.

Lucia Lucia Ray ('20)

Lucia is a prospective Psychology major from Minneapolis, Minnesota. She has a wide range of interests in psychology, including how people interact and communicate. Lucia is a member of the club soccer team and sings in the Carleton acapella group the Accidentals. She enjoys listening to music, running in the Arb, and drinking tea.

Nyx Vazquez Nyx Vazquez ('20)

Nyx is a Linguistics major from Anaheim, California. He’s interested language acquisition and sociolinguistics. In his free time, Nyx likes to listen to music, study languages and play video games.

Lab Alumni

Hunter Brown ('17)

Violet Brown ('17)

Jeff Berg ('14)

Allie Cooperman ('13)

Lydia Ding ('17)

Alexander Frieden ('20)

Carolyn Harris ('15)

Maryam Hedayati ('18)

Sarah Jang ('16)

Courtney Jones ('15)

Halie Langanki ('16)                   

Paul Mains ('14)

Harper Makowsky ('14)   

Emily Massell ('16)    

Sasha Mayn ('18)   

Madeleine Merchant ('17)

Justin Navratil ('20)

Morgan Ross ('19)

Jill Poskanzer ('15)

Andrea Simenstad ('13)

Julia Smith ('18)

Joseph Slote ('16)

Hettie Stern ('17)

Jon Rowe ('14)

Layne Teska ('14)

Janna Wennberg ('19)

Eric Wittenburg ('15)

Annie Zanger ('18)