Research Participation Opportunities

Interested in participating in Psychology research?

You've come to the right spot! Listed below are the studies that are currently seeking participants. If any of these studies interest you follow the provided link/information to sign up. The page will be updated as more opportunities become available. 


Earn $10 for one hour of participation

Participants will hear and see people saying words and recall or make judgements about them.

Sign up here.


Earn $5 for 30 minutes of participation

Participants will watch short videos of speech and complete a sensory identification task.

Sign up here. 

Social Media and Producing Irony

The Language and Cognition Lab is currently seeking participants. The experiment that we are conducting is about social media and producing irony and the length is approximately 30min. The participant will get $5 compensation.We are looking for participants who:

  1. are native English speaker
  2. have an Facebook account
  3. check Facebook and Facebook Messenger at least once a week
  4. have posted status to Facebook and used Facebook Messenger at least once a month
  5. have Facebook messenger and Facebook apps on their phone or are willing to download them
  6. are smart phone users

If you are interested, please email Cecily Conour ( to schedule a time slot.

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