Goals of the Major

The goals of the major are: 1) to provide you with a strong background in psychology, and 2) to contribute to a development of analysis, expression, and understanding that may benefit you.

We attempt to achieve the first goal by offering a wide range of basic courses in psychology and by providing you with opportunities to apply and develop your skills and knowledge through fieldwork and research, laboratory, and teaching experiences. By taking a wide range of courses, majors acquire a broad knowledge of psychological phenomena, theoretical frameworks, and methodological approaches within the field. We encourage you to sample widely from our course offerings.

The second goal is met in part by academic requirements within our courses: All of our courses include writing assignments and many include the collection and analysis of data. Our methods and laboratories sequence is intended to help you to develop rudimentary computer literacy, statistical and methodological "know-how", and clear writing skills. Our "Comps" process provides an opportunity to refine and to demonstrate these important abilities.

We believe that a psychology major serves a variety of students. Clearly, those who plan graduate work in psychology should find the course offerings and major requirements useful. We believe that the skills, knowledge, and diversity of topics presented in the major will be useful to these students in "post-graduate" life, and will contribute, in different ways, to a variety of careers and life plans.