Welcome to the Religion Department

  • Religion seniors '17

    MAY 2017 - Religion Seniors

    Religion Seniors (l to r): Nick Lorenz, Gus Leinbach, Gillian Applegate, Claire Rostov, and Connor Rechtzigel give feedback to juniors on comps
  • Religion majors attending Reunion 2016

    Reunion June 2016

    Religion majors attending Reunion pictured from left to right: Terra Peterson '11, Francesca Chubb-Confer '11, Marlene Edelstein '11, Professor and Chair of Religion Department Lori Pearson, and Micah Lemons '06.
  • Fire Festival - close up image

    Fire Festival (Himatsuri) in Nachi, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan

    RELG 152: Religion in Japanese Culture
  • Pilgrims at Mt. Osore ("Mount Fear")

    Pilgrims at Mt. Osore ("Mount Fear")

    in Aoyama Prefecture, Japan. Mt. Osore is believed to mark the entrance to hell. Their pilgrimage is to commemorate and communicate with the dead.
  • Leighton Hall

    Our Home in Leighton Hall

    We are located on the third floor - stop in and visit!

The study of religion, in the context of a liberal arts education, draws upon multiple disciplines in the humanities and the social sciences.

We examine the existential, intellectual, and social problems to which religions respond, and probe the dynamic and often ambiguous relationship between religious beliefs and practices and the social order in which they are embedded.  Throughout the curriculum, religion is approached as a significant and pervasive expression of human culture, both past and present.

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