Religion Department Events

Apr 27

Henry Brown '21 gives Religion comps talk

12:55 – 1:25 pm / Zoom
Henry Brown '21 Religion Comps Poster

Title of talk - ¿Cristo al Servicio de Quién?: Evangelicalism, Liberation Theology, and Freedom

Seeking to challenge commonplace notions regarding the rise of evangelical churches in Latin America, Henry examines the speeches, songs, essays, and interviews of prominent theologians in Ecuador, Venezuela, and Brazil in light of Catholic theologies of liberation. In an attempt to deviate from US-sourced stereotypes surrounding the social and political character of these new evangelical movements, Henry relates them to historical events, revolutionaries, cultural figures, and one another to better understand each movement on their own terms rather than an extension of preexisting scholarship.

Send an email to Kristen Askeland for Zoom info.  

Sponsored by Religion. Contact: Kristen Askeland