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  • AM and LG learn to make bubliki (Russian bagels) in Zvenigorod, July 2017.

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Jenny Holm (Russian, '11), founder of The Georgian Table writes:

Jenny Holm“Studying Russian has opened more doors for me than I ever could have imagined, both personally and professionally. Like any language, speaking it has allowed me to converse and  develop relationships with people I would never have otherwise met, much less hiked with, learned from, or dated. But to me there's something special about Russian in particular — there's a long history of mistrust between Americans and Russians that's far from being overcome, so learning the language and being able to communicate personally with Russian speakers has felt at times like peacebuilding, which I find fulfilling.

“There's also a sense of community among people who have studied Russian or spent time in Russian-speaking countries that I appreciate — we bond over the travails of mastering noun declensions and trying to navigate the complexities of Russian post offices and dormitories without getting yelled at by the babushki, even years later.

“Knowing Russian was critical to landing the job I've been doing happily for the past seven years, through which I've traveled and feasted across much of the former Soviet Union. The language and the culture, literature, history, politics, and people that come with it have kept me curious, challenged, and inspired for as long as I've been studying and interacting with them. Do yourself a favor and give it a whirl — you just might find yourself hooked!”  – Jenny Holm ’07

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