The alumni listed here have volunteered to answer questions that SOAN students may have about careers or graduate school. 

Our alumni are a great resource - don't be afraid to contact them! They can share their own experiences with you and offer information, ideas and maybe even the names of other people to contact.

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  • Have fun making connections—these alumni volunteered because they want to help you.
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Rhonda P. Chan

Rhonda P. Chan ’09

Sociology/Anthropology, Studio Art

Video Game Environment Artist , Ready At Dawn Studios

Contact me about 3d Modeling, Environment Art, Texture creation, Video Games

Phil S.C. Chan

Phil S.C. Chan ’06

Sociology/Anthropology, Dance

Arts and Culture Director , IVY

Phil Chan currently serves as the Arts and Culture Director for IVY. Formerly: General Manager for Youth America Grand Prix. He was the founding General Manager of the Buck Hill Skytop Music Festival, the largest arts presenting and arts education initiative in Northeastern Pennsylvania, and was the General Manager for Armitage Gone! Dance. As a writer, he has contributed to the Huffington Post, Dance Europe, Dancer Magazine, and FLATT Magazine. As a freelance manager, he represented dancers from American Ballet Theatre, New York City Ballet, Berlin State Opera Ballet, the Mariinsky Ballet, San Francisco Ballet, and has consulted for “Stars of the 21st Century,” producing ballet events at Lincoln Center, Bellas Artes (Mexico), Teatro Nacional de Panama (Panama), among others. He is a graduate of Carleton College, an alumnus of the Ailey School, and has performed with Salvatore LaRussa Dance Theater and Canadian Ballet Theatre. He served on the 2013 National Endowment for the Arts dance panel and the 2014 Jadin Wong Award panel presented by the Asian American Arts Alliance.

Elizabeth A. Mills

Elizabeth A. Mills ’97


Assistant Production Manager , The Metropolitan Opera

After falling in love with theater at Carleton my freshman year, I transferred my work-study to the theater shop, as a technical assistant.  In the summers, I worked in theaters and summer stock -- The Jungle Theater as run-crew, Westport Country Playhouse as a staff carpenter.  On the recommendation from my boss at WCP, I applied to graduate schools for Technical Direction.  After completing the Technical Design and Production program at the Yale School of Drama, I accepted a job as a Production Coordinator at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in August 2001.  After 9/11, I was laid off due to the ensuing financial crisis and budget cuts.  I then acquired a job at Pook, Diemont, and Ohl (a theater equipment installation company) where I worked as the project administrator for three years.  However, I was not interested in the construction side f the industry so I left the company to look.  After a year of working temp jobs and searching for the perfect position, I found it.  I started as a technical assistant at the Metropolitan Opera and over the course of the next ten years worked my way up to my current position as Assistant Production Manager.

Lauren W. Simpson

Lauren W. Simpson ’05

Sociology/Anthropology, French and Francophone Studies

Dance Lecturer , Self Employed


Kim Aasland

Kim Aasland ’86


Director of Admissions and Marketing , Judson International School

When I graduated from Carleton, I worked at St. Olaf for 2 years in their Office of International Studies.  Then a got my MA from the Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs at the University of MN.  I then worked at the Hennepin County Human Services Council doing social research for 2 years.  After this, my husband and I moved to Kazakhstan with our two young children to work with the church in humanitarian aid.  We ended up staying there for 16 years and having two more children.  We moved back to the U.S. 5 years ago.  I began teaching World History at my children's school and that grew into working in administration at the school - first helping them develop a high school and now working on Admissions and Public Relations (Marketing and Alumni).

Melissa Y. Abecasis

Melissa Y. Abecasis ’10


Health Insurance Specialist , Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

Contact me about Disaster Management, Government, Health Business, Public Health

After graduating from Carleton, I worked for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in the New York Regional Office for 2 years. I was part of the outreach team, going out to communities in the area to answer questions about our programs and present updates about the Affordable Care Act. In 2012 I moved to Israel to pursue an EMPH (Executive Masters in Public Health) in Emergency and Disaster Management.

After graduating I stayed in Israel and am now working as the Head of Client Services at a health start-up, Niel Asher Healthcare Ltd., in Raanana Israel.

Kate L. Byrne

Kate L. Byrne ’14


Co-Director of Education and Human Potential , Girl Be Heard

Paul J. Caine

Paul J. Caine ’08

Sociology/Anthropology, Cinema and Media Studies

VP-Acquisitions , Blank Property Group

Contact me about Real Estate, Urban Planning, Urbanism

Eryn H. Carter

Eryn H. Carter ’94


Director, Global Markets , Million Dollar Round Table

Contact me about MCAN

After Carleton, I did an internship at a social service agency in Minneapolis then taught for a year in North Minneapolis at an Afro-centric school. I returned to Chicago and worked in advertising before landing where I am now and I worked my way up to where I am now.

Sheila E. Cooke

Sheila E. Cooke ’83


Consultant , 5 Deep Limited

Contact me about Holistic Management, Human Change, Human Emergence

I used my sociology/anthropology degree as an underpinning for my 20 year career in international marketing and general management. In 2007, I founded my own company focused on facilitating group process. I have developed and teach a course on virtual facilitation to assist virtual teams in collaborating across the Internet.

Together with my husband / business partner, we focus on helping those who know something needs to change, but are not quite sure what to change or how to go about it. We help individuals and organizations introduce Factor 100 Innovation in order to facilitate transition to the new era. While our work sounds complex, it is really very simple. It boils down to creating the life conditions that release motivational flow.

Most recently we have added Holistic Management to our repertoire. We educate farmers in the Holistic Management Framework which enables land managers to make decisions which are economically, socially and ecololgically sound.

Cara Coren

Cara Coren ’13


Benefits Counselor - MNsure Project Coordinator , Minnesota AIDS Project

Contact me about Global Health, Medical Anthropology

Monica Diaz McMillan

Monica Diaz McMillan ’08

Sociology/Anthropology, Latin American Studies

Account Manager , GSI Health

Contact me about Health Access, Information Technology

After Carleton, I worked at a community health center as a Quality Improvement Associate. After graduating with a M.A. in Social Sciences, I worked at a state hospital that cared for primarily under-served and under-insured populations. I am now a Project Manager at a Health IT company in New York, working to implement care coordination services and software that help improve patient care across the U.S. My SOAN degree influenced the way I look at population health by bridging patient cultural perceptions, and the reality of our healthcare delivery. I believe technology can provide some answers. 

Sabrina M. Franklin

Sabrina M. Franklin ’09


Associate Director , The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research

Sophie L. Glassford

Sophie L. Glassford ’16

Women's and Gender Studies, Sociology/Anthropology

Project Engingeer , R.J. Ryan Construction

Contact me about Archaeological Anthropology, Archaeology, Gender Theory, Medical Anthropology, Medical Sociology, Nature and Society, Sociology/Anthropology, Spanish Language

  • University of Notre Dame - Office of Academic Services for Student-Athletes, Calculus Tutor
  • Carleton Residential Life, Resident Assistant
Shayna R. Gleason

Shayna R. Gleason ’17


Coord. of Age-Friendly Pittsburgh Initiative/PULSE Fellows , Southwestern Pennsylvania Partnership for Aging, PULSE

Contact me about Aging, Environmental Sustainability, Policy Research, Political Activism, Psychology, Religion, Sociology/Anthropology, Spanish

Teacher's Assistant at Salta! Jump Into Spanish of Edison, NJ

Experienced babysitter, all ages

Tutor of elementary and middle schoolers in Elizabethport, NJ in basic academic skills (spelling, arithmetic, etc.)

Snack Bar Assistant, Sayles-Hill

Sarah Graham

Sarah Graham ’07


Education & Outreach Coordinator , Motherlove Herbal Company

Yijun He

Yijun He ’17

Sociology/Anthropology, Mathematics/Statistics

Product Analyst , Marxent Labs

Contact me about Consumer Insights, Consumer Marketing, Consumer Research, Cross Cultural Understanding, Literature, Market Research, Marketing, Public Relations, Statistical Analysis, Translation, Writing

Bean Sprout Plan Translation Group                                                                             


  • Recruited and managed 20 volunteers to translate 100+ articles (100,000+ words) offering parental guidance to caregivers of autistic children
  • Directed volunteers to translate 9 chapters (99,000+ words) of a book called An Early Start for Your Child with Autism and proofread the translation, which was published in 2016 and reprinted in less than a year

Jindu Magazine                                                               

Marketing Director                                                                 

  • Publicized the magazine on 3 social media platforms, attracting 1,000+ followers and 10,000+ page views
  • Wrote a monthly column featuring movies and museums on WeChat to increase interaction with followers by 470%

Carleton College Chinese Club                                                   

President; Treasurer                                                                

  • Led a cultural organization with an executive of 13, a membership of 200+, and an annual budget of $700
  • Organized 12 events promoting Chinese culture, increasing profits by 10x in one year and increasing executive retention rate by 55%


Samantha A. Kemper

Samantha A. Kemper ’14


Media Planner

Contact me about Advertising/Marketing, Consulting, Health & Wellness, Health Promotion, Public Health

Assistant Consumer Engagement Planner at Carmichael Lynch

Consumer Engagement Intern at Carmichael Lynch

Career Center Student Advisor at Carleton College

Nanny in Prior Lake, MN

PEAR Student Assistant at Carleton College

Shipping and Receiving Assistant at Top Gear Outfitters

Camp Counselor for Prior Lake Volleyball

ITS Student Computer Technician at Carleton College



Edward Liebow, Ph.D.

Edward Liebow, Ph.D. ’75


Executive Director , American Anthropological Association

Contact me about Applied Anthropology, Non-Profit Work

I have always worked outside the academy in an ‘applied’ position. I went to grad school at Arizona State University directly from Carleton (1975-78); left after finishing my coursework to work at a community-based organization for five years, and returned to complete my PhD (1983-86). I then joined the research staff of the non-profit Battelle Memorial Institute in 1986, where I have worked on policy issues having to do with appropriate technology and health risks associated with chronic exposures to chemical and nuclear contamination. After a long and productive career with Battelle, in 2013 I became the first anthropologist to ever lead the staff of the American Anthropological Association. My wife is a museum anthropologist, so in addition to my policy work, I get to hear over the dinner table every night about the application of anthropological training in the museum world as well. 

Elizabeth E. McGeveran

Elizabeth E. McGeveran ’92

Sociology/Anthropology, Political Economy

Director of Impact Investing , McKnight Foundation

Christopher H. Purdy

Christopher H. Purdy ’88


President , DKT International

Contact me about Family Planning, Global Health, Innovative Financing, International Development, Reproductive Health, Safe Abortion, Social Business, Social Enterprise, Social Franchising, Social Marketing

Christopher Purdy '88 is Executive Vice President of DKT International. Formerly, he was Country Director of DKT's programs in Turkey, Ethiopia, and Indonesia, where he managed the largest private social marketing family planning program in the world. His professional interests center on advancing the cause of social marketing for improved health, and socially responsible capitalism.

D. Kendall RePass

D. Kendall RePass ’89


Country Representative , American Red Cross

Contact me about International Non-Profit Work

I am currently in Hanoi, Vietnam as Country Representative with the American Red Cross overseeing our work on community resilience, disaster risk reduction, climate change adaptation and HIV/AIDS prevention, care and support. I received an MA in International Affairs from SIPA at Columbia University in 1999 and have moved over time from a technical role in HIV/AIDS prevention to my now senior managerial role. I have worked primarily in Africa and Asia.

Mary L. Reames

Mary L. Reames ’91


Sustainability Project Manager , Leonardo Academy

Right after graduating from Carleton, I attended law school, specializing in environmental law, and practiced environmental law for the City of Chicago helping to prosecute illegal construction waste dumpers. Despite all this work, I didn’t feel like I was advancing environmental sustainability in a meaningful way. I eventually went back to school for another undergraduate degree in sustainable business management and started volunteering for Leonardo Academy and was offered a job once I graduated.

Jobs specializing in environmental sustainability can be very rewarding, but also very challenging. One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is feeling like I'm making a difference to the health of the planet. I love helping people and companies achieve their sustainability goals. However, one of the biggest challenges is economics. As you can imagine, companies want economic benefits from any changes they make and the problem with sustainability advancements is the economic benefits are there, but they might not be immediate. I work to show the companies that sustainability makes sense economically, however many companies seem reluctant to take a route that does not have immediate economic advantages. Another challenge is change management. Some people tend to resist changing their habits and work patterns, but some changes are necessary. I work to make those sustainable changes easier and more palatable.

As people become more aware of the importance of sustainability, jobs in those fields have to change with the times. One change I've seen is that renewable energy is becoming bigger as prices decrease and technology improves. If the EPA’s carbon dioxide rules are eventually enforced, renewables and other methods of reducing carbon dioxide gas emissions will become even more important.

Jonathan D. Rodkin

Jonathan D. Rodkin ’07


Research Associate , Strength in Numbers Consulting Group

Contact me about Consulting, Evaluation, IRBs, Research

I currently work at Strength in Numbers Consulting Group in New York City, performing social science research and evaluation for progressive nonprofit organizations. I have an MA in Sociology from the University of Chicago, where I formerly pursued a Ph.D in Sociology. I also now serve on an Institutional Review Board at Mt. Sinai Hospital. Prior to entering graduate school in 2009, I held a number of shorter-term research positions that I think many recent college graduates would find interesting. One of those jobs was at the Univ. of Michigan Institute for Social Research, one of the largest survey research organizations in the nation that runs many concurrent research projects at any given time.

Jennifer K. Ryan

Jennifer K. Ryan ’91


Executive Recruiter , DaVita

Krystal C. Stackhouse

Krystal C. Stackhouse ’09


Sr. Program Manager , Genesys Works

I come to Genesys Works - National Capital Region after working with Genesys Works - Twin Cities for 5 years. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree from Carleton College, I knew I wanted to create social change by providing disadvantaged youth with opportunities to build their social capital. After graduation, I served two years as an AmeriCorps member with College Possible at Patrick Henry High School. There, I assisted 40 low income and promising students with the college application process resulting in 95 percent of them gaining acceptance to college and winning community scholarship dollars totaling $150,000. At Genesys Works Twin Cities, I served as a program coordinator working directly with students for 3 years helping them develop real world skills to be successful in a paid corporate internship. Because of my affinity for working with school partners, I was promoted to manage the student recruitment and selection process to improve the awareness of Genesys Works amongst students and school staff members. Now in the Capital Region, I have taken on the challenge of helping start and manage the newest Genesys Works site.



Alex R. Textor

Alex R. Textor ’92


Travel Writer & Editor , Self Employed

Contact me about Freelance Writing, Travel Writing

I am a freelance travel writer and editor. I've made a successful (if not conventionally stable) career in a field in which success is sadly not the norm. I am happy to talk to students about launching freelance careers in travel writing and overlapping "lifestyle" fields –writing about food, interiors, gardening, design, hobbies, and so on, and on the importance of establishing niche areas of expertise in general in writing and editing. Before I devoted myself to travel journalism I completed a PhD from the Program in American Culture at the University of Michigan (2002).

Education (Higher Ed)

Gabriela M. Arteaga

Gabriela M. Arteaga ’14

Sociology/Anthropology, Studio Art

Administrative Supervisor , City of Madison

Contact me about Education (Higher Ed), Education (PreK-12), Government/Public Service, Social Service/Advocacy

Rafadi Hakim

Rafadi Hakim ’13

Sociology/Anthropology, South Asian Studies

Graduate Student in Anthropology , University of Chicago

Laura J. Heideman

Laura J. Heideman ’03


Assistant Professor , Northern Illinois University

Contact me about Peace Studies, Sociology

After Carleton, I went on to get my Ph.D. in Sociology at UW-Madison, with a focus on peace and conflict studies. I am now a professor in the Department of Sociology and the Center for NGO Leadership and Development at Northern Illinois University. I am happy to talk to students about navigating graduate school and the academic job market (both postdocs and faculty positions), and about research or activist careers in peacebuilding.

Sonya R. Huber

Sonya R. Huber ’93


Associate Professor , Fairfield University

Contact me about Creative Writing

Hahaha! This is not ideal: retail to social work to non-profit work with writing in my spare time, to working at a magazine and publishing my own pieces in journalism and creative writing, to graduate school in journalism, to accidentally finding out I could take free creative writing classes, to discovering the genre of "creative nonfiction," to working as a reporter and applying to an MFA program, to MFA, to work as a college newspaper advisor, to teaching writing to engineering students, to my first full-time job as a writing professor

Eden T. Inoway-Ronnie

Eden T. Inoway-Ronnie ’87

Sociology/Anthropology, African/African American Studies

Senior Special Assistant to the Provost/Chief of Staff , Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison

Colin Justin

Colin Justin ’10


Instructional Technologist for the Humanities , Whitman College

Beserat B. Kelati

Beserat B. Kelati ’12


Assistant Director, Harvard Pre-College Program , Harvard University

Contact me about Education, Non-Profit Work

I am currently working in North Chicago, IL for the Schuler Scholar Program, an AmeriCorps program. As a scholar coach, I deliver auxiliary academic support to high achieving scholars at North Chicago High School through the facilitation of individual tutoring and small group learning activities. I also develop and implement a weekly enrichment seminar that build on reading and writing skills and promotes values of critical thinking, intellectual curiosity, self-awareness, and personal reflection; something Carleton and many liberal art institutions value. As a Scholar Coach, I have also had the opportunity to coordinate Summer College Programs for sophomore and junior Scholars, plan the Schuler Winter Celebration, and work as the Outreach Event Planner with the College and Alumni Program. I am currently in the process of applying to graduate programs in Urban Education and Educational Leadership and Policy programs for the fall of 2014. It has been an absolute joy working with talented under-represented youth and college access! If you are interested in any of those areas (education, event planning, non-profit or AmeriCorps), feel free to contact me.

Isaac W. Martin

Isaac W. Martin ’95


Associate Professor , University of California, San Diego

Contact me about Academia

I worked for two years as a researcher on the staff of a labor union in California. Then I went to graduate school to get a Ph.D. in sociology. Since 2004, I have been a professor of sociology at the University of California, San Diego.

Beverly Nagel

Beverly Nagel ’75

Dean of the College , Carleton College

Carleton College, BA; Stanford University, MA, PhD.

At Carleton since 1980.

Kathleen C. O'Brien, Ph.D.

Kathleen C. O'Brien, Ph.D. ’98

Women's Studies, Sociology/Anthropology, Latin American Studies

Adjunct Instructor , University of Arizona

Sarah L. Park

Sarah L. Park ’02


Associate Director, Industry Relations , UCLA

Joe Quick

Joe Quick ’07

Sociology/Anthropology, Latin American Studies

Graduate Student , University of Wisconsin, Madison

Contact me about Anthropology, Interdisciplinarity, Latin American Studies

I did a masters program in Latin American Studies right after college at the University of Chicago and am now a doctoral student in anthropology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Right now, I'm in the middle of writing grant proposals for long-term fieldwork in Ecuador on the commodification of indigenous culture for touristic consumption. So there are a few different things that I might be able to help someone with: Latin American area studies (especially the Andes and Mesoamerica), interdisciplinary masters programs, graduate studies in anthropology, general grad school questions. Or anything else, really; I enjoy reading in the Emic about what current students are up to, and would be glad to hear more.

Erin E. Quigley

Erin E. Quigley ’03

Sociology/Anthropology, Archaeology

Membership Director , Maine Island Trail Association

Contact me about Access, Arts and the Environment, Community Service, Environment, Equity, land conservation, Outdoor Activities, Renewable Energy, Social Justice, Volunteerism

Carleton -> travel -> US Forest Service -> MS in Natural Resources at UVM -> forestry consulting -> independent consulting with land conservation organizations and teaching at the community college level -> unfinished PhD with the UMaine Sustainability Solutions Initiative -> founded land conservation and outdoor recreation management consulting business -> founded sea kayak outfitter in Portland, ME -> became Membership Director at the Maine Island Trail Association! :-)

Daniel J. Read

Daniel J. Read ’12


Graduate Student , University of Georgia

Contact me about Anthropology, Conservation

After graduation, I worked one year as an AmeriCorps volunteer at the Northfield High School TORCH program.  After that, I enrolled in graduate school.

Brian Swann

Brian Swann ’03

Sr. Assist. Dean of Admis. & Coord. of Internat. Recruit. , Carleton College

Contact me about Admissions, Data Analysis, Diversity, Education (Higher Ed), Education (PreK-12), Educational Policy, Outreach to Underserved Students, Travel

Admissions, Carleton College (2008-present)

Center for Excellence in Urban Teaching, Hamline University (2005-2008) 

 B.A. in Sociology & Anthropology from Carleton College


Maribel Zagal

Maribel Zagal ’14

Sociology/Anthropology, Educational Studies

Success Counselor , Bottom Line

Contact me about Counseling, Education (Higher Ed), Education (PreK-12), Mentorship, Non-Profit Work

Education (Pre K-12)

Beth Ann Drinker

Beth Ann Drinker ’83


Primary Teacher , Town of Grafton

Contact me about Elementary Education

Carey (Hartin) Dukes

Carey (Hartin) Dukes ’96


Teacher , Unknown

Contact me about English Language Learners, Social Studies, Special Education

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs Administrative Assistant to Americorps VISTA Service Learning Facilitator to Masters in Education to High School Teacher certified in ESL, Special Education and Social Studies. 

Sophie E. Kerman

Sophie E. Kerman ’08


Upper School French Teacher , Saint Paul Academy and Summit School

Contact me about Freelancing, Languages, Teaching & Learning, Theater, Translation

After Carleton graduation, I spent a year as an English teaching assistant in a suburb of Paris, observing the city and buying lots of used books. This led me to graduate school in French at the University of Minnesota, where I got my M.A. but decided to leave the Ph.D. program. Instead, I spent a year and a half working as a freelance French to English translator and medical interpreter, and in September 2012 I started teaching Upper School French (levels 1, 2, and 5) at St. Paul Academy and Summit School. I've managed and written for a theater review blog called Aisle Say Twin Cities, and I currently write reviews and articles for Minnesota Playlist. Feel free to contact me if you are on a very twisty career path, or have questions about grad school, teaching, or freelancing.

Mary C. Paulette

Mary C. Paulette ’11

Sociology/Anthropology, Educational Studies

School Counselor , Edwardsville Elementary

Contact me about Bilingual Education, International Education, School Counseling, Social Justice

I am currently a graduate student studying School Counseling at University of Massachusetts Amherst. I am also an Assistant Residence Director for Resident Life at UMass. Since graduating from Carleton, I have worked as an English teacher at Georgetown Bilingual School in Jesus de Otoro, Honduras. I also spent two years in an elementary school as part of City Year San Jose, an education-focused non-profit that aims to decrease the high school drop out rate through tutoring, mentoring and afterschool programs. I would love to talk to students about elmentary education, school cousenling, bilingual education, non-profit work, or living abroad.

Sarah M. Prather

Sarah M. Prather ’11


Sociology and English Teacher , Mawar Sharon Christian School

Contact me about International Travel, Volunteering, Year of Service

Summer 2011: Americorps with "Blugold Beginnings" at University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Fall 2011: Student teaching in St. Paul (In addition to SOAN, I was a teaching licensure student)

Winter 2011-Spring 2012: Substitute teaching

Spring 2012-Summer 2014: Peace Corps in Indonesia

Fall 2014-Summer 2015: Americorps with "I Have A Dream" Foundation in Boulder, Colorado

Summer 2015-present: Secondary Social Studies and English teacher at Mawar Sharon Christian School in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia


Mona Sadow Teitelbaum

Mona Sadow Teitelbaum ’81


Middle School Teacher , Solomon Schechter Day School of Greater Hartford

John Trevino

John Trevino ’12


Assistant Principal , Hiawatha Academies

Contact me about Administration, Education (PreK-12), Literacy, Teaching


Lauren H. Blacik

Lauren H. Blacik ’09

Sociology/Anthropology, Archaeology

Superintendent , Pipestone National Monument

Rui Su

Rui Su ’16



Contact me about Human Rights, Law, Nonprofits, Sociology/Anthropology

Math Tutor | 01/2015 – Present

  • Help students solve math problems

Science Olympiad Tutor | 01/2014 – 03/2014

  • Inspired middle school students to develop passion for science and hands-on learning

  • Facilitated teamwork and problem-solving while teaching scientific knowledge

Volunteer for ESL Classroom Support | 12/2013

  • Worked with ESL students on a one-on-one basis to assist their academic work in various subjects

HOPE Center Volunteer Advocate | 10/2013 – Present

  • Answer the 24-hour SafeLine to help resolve immediate crises arising from sexual misconduct

  • Distribute publicity materials to make our services better known in the community

Carleton College Physics Grader/Tutor/Lab Assistant | 09/2013 – 06/2014

  • Corrected homework and tutor students in physics class to maximize students’ academic performance

  • Worked with professors to meet the needs of the class

Volunteer for MN United | 11/2012

  • Encouraged people to vote on the amendment that limited marriage freedom

Katherine E. Tollefson

Katherine E. Tollefson ’99


Landscape Architect , NOCA Planning + Design

After Carleton, I spent a few years volunteering with community development organizations - Amigos de las Americas (Honduras, Dominican Republican) and Save the Children (Honduras). In between volunteer gigs, I worked at an experimental education pre-school and with my dad doing handyman for hire work. My SOAN focus was indigenous issues and cultural revitalization. I returned to this in 2002, and did an internship with UNHCHR Indigenous Project Team, in Geneva. As part of the internship, I attended the First Session of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, in NYC, which was amazing and momentous! It was also overwhelming, and I realized I wanted to look into a different approach to human rights work.

I studied environmental planning at UC Berkeley, through their concurrent Masters program in City & Regional Planning and Landscape Architecture. After school, I worked for a few years at a consulting firm as a landscape designer. The work focused on wildlife habitat, wetland, and stream restoration. I'm now back in Washington State, where I grew up, figuring out the next steps and considering returning to cultural resources planning.

Government/Public Service

Jeffrey D. Ball

Jeffrey D. Ball ’72


City Manager (Ret.), Klamath Falls

Contact me about Law, Law School

I worked for 32 years with the City of Klamath Falls as deputy city attorney, hearings officer, city attorney and finally city manager. Throw in a couple of years in small town private practice and 15 years adjunct faculty at OIT. Sociology study at Carleton was extremely valuable to me in my career in local government in a small community. On a daily basis I would deal with people and groups from a broad array of socio-economic classes: from migrant farm workers to blue collar union guys to downtown business owners to local CEOs to Wall Street underwriters and investment advisors.I went to law school at UW-Madison. Not sure how relevant my experience in Madison in the 70's would be to study there today but more than happy to talk about the law school option with any interested student. I should note that Professor Macaulay at UW taught the sociology of contracts almost as an extension of one of Professor Rodner's classes.

Niramittata Ly

Niramittata Ly ’05


Community Development Programs Manager , Minnesota Housing Finance Agency

Ankita Verma

Ankita Verma ’17

Sociology/Anthropology, Educational Studies

Minnesota Attorney General's Office

Contact me about Educational Studies, Race and Ethnicity, Volunteering

Residential Assistant, Residential Life, Northfield, MN

Student Sustainability Assistant, Office of Campus Energy and Sustainability, Northfield, MN 

Research Assistant, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Northfield, MN

Language Lab Assistant and Tutor, Carleton College, Northfield, MN 

Volunteer Tutor, Center for Community and Civic Engagement, Northfield, MN


Jolene Gay Beitz

Jolene Gay Beitz ’96


Family Nurse Practitioner , Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic

Kiah Calmese Walker, MHA

Kiah Calmese Walker, MHA ’97


Director, Hospitality & Support Services , UW Health at The American Center

Alpha Oumar Diallo

Alpha Oumar Diallo ’12


Country Manager , CDC-Foundation, MenAfriNet

Contact me about Epidemiology, Global Health, Sub-Saharan Africa

Allison Nist, M.D.

Allison Nist, M.D. ’75


Senior Physician , Collier County Health Department

Contact me about Medical Anthropology, Medical Sociology

I studied "Barriers to Family Planning in the Andes" in clinics in and near Mexico City, Guatemala City and Quito Ecuador, through a Watson Fellowship in 1975-1977, before going to med school 1977-1981, doing a Residency in Internal Medicine, working in Spanish Harlem 1984-1987 & a migrant farm worker clinic in Immokalee, FL 1986-1988, then ultimately founding and working in HIV, TB, STD and Hepatitis clinics in Southwest Florida from 1988 to the present... Carleton Soc-Anthro and pre-med were the perfect compliment to each other and have enriched my life's work immeasurably!

Drewallyn B. Riley, MPH

Drewallyn B. Riley, MPH ’05

Women's and Gender Studies, Sociology/Anthropology

Continuous Quality Improvement Coordinator , Oregon Health Authority

Contact me about Global Health, HIV/AIDS, Maternal Health, Public Health, Sexual/Reproductive Health and Rights

My initial attraction to sexual and reproductive health came from observing my mother - a feminist who worked for years first at a woman's health clinic and then as the director of a feminist non-profit in Montana. One of her jobs at the women's health clinic was as an abortion counselor and, in 1993, the clinic was firebombed and destroyed by an anti-choice arsonist (I was 11 years old at the time). That experience cemented in me the desire to ensure that all women have access to sexual and reproductive health care, and I envisioned myself eventually working in the non-profit/social work sector just like my mother.

Fast-forward to Carleton, where I became a SOAN major after falling in love with classes taught by Jay LeviAnnette Nierobisz, and Pamela Feldman-Savelsberg. I realized that through anthropology I could combine my two greatest passions - experiencing and learning about new cultures, and sexual and reproductive health. Pamela played an instrumental role in cementing my love for anthropology, and I took every class of hers I could. Her Ethnography of Africa, Anthropology of Health and Illness, and Anthropology of Gender classes opened my eyes to the amazing ways in which different cultures understand and respond to health and illness. In addition, the theory and methods taught in the SOAN classes were my introduction to understanding how these methodologies could be used to improve public health programs in diverse cultural settings.

Fall term junior year I did a study abroad in Jamaica on SIT's Gender and Development Program. There, I volunteered at the Jamaica AIDS Society. My time volunteering and the classes on gender dynamics and power in the Caribbean made me acutely aware of the interaction between gender norms and accepted sexual behavior and practices, as well as negative reproductive health outcomes such as HIV infection and unwanted pregnancy. I received a Larson Fellowship to return to Jamaica to conduct my SOAN thesis on the role dancehall music plays in the formation of gender norms among Jamaican youth. My time in Jamaica, coupled with my SOAN classes, made me want to live and work internationally on reproductive health - especially HIV/AIDS. As a senior at Carleton, I was very interested in Medical Anthropology; however, I wasn't ready to commit to a PhD program. It was then that Pamela introduced me to the field of "Public Health," which I'd never heard of before.

Two years after I graduated from Carleton (during which time I taught English in South Korea) I started my Masters in Public Health at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor where I focused on the areas of maternal health and HIV/AIDS. During this time I was able to travel to and study maternal health in Ghana, China and Senegal. After graduating with my MPH in 2009, I went to Tunisia for the summer to study Arabic through the Critical Language Scholars program, funded through the State Department and then started a two-year fellowship at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta as a Global HIV Prevention fellow. The program was an HIV prevention intervention designed to promote positive parenting and effective parent-child communication about sexuality and sexual risk reduction for parents of 9-12-year-olds. My job entailed providing technical assistance to non-governmental and community-based organizations in the eight countries in Africa where the program has been implemented, and included traveling 4-6 times a year to these countries. I then was hired to stay at the CDC as a contractor for another year and a half, working on the same program. 

I moved to Chapel Hill, NC in May 2013 to begin a new job at Ipas.  Ipas is a global nongovernmental organization dedicated to ending preventable deaths and disabilities from unsafe abortion.  As the Youth Advisor for the East Africa region, I worked to enhance the ability for young women in Kenya, Zambia and Ethiopia to access safe abortion and prevent unwanted pregnancy.  I continued to travel 4-6 times a year to the African continet to provide technical assistance to the projects there.

In October 2015 I moved to Portland, OR to be closer to my family and Montana roots. I now work at the Oregon Health Authority in the Maternal and Child Health section. Here, I am the Continuous Quality Improvement Coordinator for a federally-funded program to support at-risk families with young children ages 0-3 years. My role is to provide support to the local agencies that implement this program, by helping them understand their data to make improvements in how they deliver the programs.

Emily R. Scotto

Emily R. Scotto ’15

Women's and Gender Studies, Sociology/Anthropology

Sexuality Educator , Annex Teen Clinic

Contact me about Adolescent Development, Anthropology, Child Development, Family Services, Feminism, Sexual Violence Prevention, Sexuality Education, Social Justice, Sociology, Youth Services

  • Gender and Sexuality Center, Center Associate (January 2014 - Present)
  • Sociology and Anthropology Department, Summer Research Assistant (Summer 2013)
  • Health Care and Rehabilitation Services of Southeastern Vermont, Summer Therapeutic Community Outreach Specialist (Summer 2012; 2013)
  • Northfield Day Care Center, Teacher's Assistant (Fall 2011 - Spring 2013)
Margaret E. Torgeson

Margaret E. Torgeson ’73


Director of Membership (Ret.), Oregon Dental Association

Lina P. Walkinshaw

Lina P. Walkinshaw ’10


University of Washington Health Promotion Research Center

Info Systems/Technology/Library

Ruth Ann Jones

Ruth Ann Jones ’83


Special Collections Librarian , Michigan State University

Contact me about Academic Librarianship

Since 1991 I’ve worked at Michigan State University, a Big Ten university with 48,000 students. I’ve had very diverse positions over the years: reference librarian, digital projects manager, special collections cataloger, and now marketing & public relations coordinator. I’d be happy to talk with Carleton students who are considering librarianship as a career; I’ve found it to be a field with room for people with very diverse talents, passions, and backgrounds.

Emily Flaschner Meyer

Emily Flaschner Meyer ’04


Children's Librarian , Cambridge Public Library

Contact me about Children's Literature, Information Science, Libraries

I'm a children's librarian working at a branch of the Boston Public Library. I started working for the BPL in August 2012 but worked at another public library for a year previously and a French library for two years. I also worked as a children's book editor at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt for 3 years before changing careers. I'd be happy to talk about either career track. I'd love to talk about how awesome libraries are and how I stumbled into the perfect job for me.For graduate school, I went to Simmons Graduate School of Library and Information Science. I went full-time for one year and part-time for one year, graduating in May 2012. I'd be happy to talk about what the Simmons program was like, how I balanced two part-time jobs with school, and the best and worst parts about going back to school after an 8-year hiatus.

Patrick M. Wolf

Patrick M. Wolf ’93

Sociology/Anthropology, Archaeology

Director Product Management , CloudBees

Legal Professions

Caitlin C. Coomes

Caitlin C. Coomes ’05

Sociology/Anthropology, Latin American Studies

Attorney-Advisor , U.S. Dept of Interior, Office of the Solictor

Steven K. Huffer

Steven K. Huffer ’81


Attorney , S.K. Huffer & Associates, P. C.

William E. Kennedy

William E. Kennedy ’85


Attorney , U. S. Government

Contact me about Elected Office, Law

I attended the University of Minnesota Law School, then spent a couple years teaching English in Japan and traveling through Central America. I initially practiced law at Legal Aid in Washington, D.C. providing legal services to low income individuals. I have been practicing consumer protection law at my solo office in Santa Clara, California (Silicon Valley) since 1993. Recently finished an 8 year stint on the Santa Clara City Council. Hi to Kim Rodner, best prof I ever had.

Nancy D. Miller

Nancy D. Miller ’70

Art History, Sociology/Anthropology

Attorney , Neirow Perez P.C.

The Honorable Jeffrey D. Thompson

The Honorable Jeffrey D. Thompson ’71


District Judge , Winona County Court House

Contact me about Law, Leadership, Politics

I graduated from Carleton College with a degree in Sociology. In those days Sociology majors had to pick a culture and an organization to follow throughout college. I picked the Eskimos, and the FBI. After college I worked in a factory and went to William Mitchell Law School at night. After graduating from law school, I got a job as Assistant Winona County Attorney and moved down here to Winona. I especially enjoy trial law. Trials are truly a drama of justice with a cast of characters. I have defended murder cases, prosecuted murder cases, and now I am a District Judge. I served ten years, 1989 to 1999 as the Rice County Attorney. This year, on April Fool’s Day, I took office as Chief Judge of the Third Judicial District, which includes Rice County and Northfield. My college experience gave me a broad background in the Humanities: History, English, Psychology, Philosophy, and, of course, my major Sociology. I can spot specious arguments and logical fallacies. I believe I better understand the historical and sociological context of human events. Human nature doesn’t change. Patterns can be found. Lessons can be learned. People can grow. A thought that has been very important to me as a trial court judge is contained in this quote from Oscar Wilde, “Every Saint has a past, and every Sinner has a future.”

Other Careers

Cheryl M. Allendoerfer

Cheryl M. Allendoerfer ’90


Contact me about Education, Research

I went to graduate school at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I started in the Anthropology department, in the PhD program in cultural anthropology. My focus area was Southeast Asia, and I planned to do field work in Indonesia on ethnic identity construction. Part way through that program I met a professor in the School of Education (at UW-Madison) who was doing ethnographic work in schools in the U.S., and after finishing the MA in anthro I switched departments to work with this professor in education. I did my dissertation research in a U.S. high school, examining Southeast Asian immigrant students' ethnic identity construction, and completed my PhD in Curriculum & Instruction/Multicultural Education in 1999. 

I am currently a Research Scientist in the College of Engineering at the University of Washington. I have been in this position since 2004, conducting educational research in the context of undergraduate engineering and science education. Many of my projects focus on recruiting and retaining underrepresented minority students in science engineering. I use my SOAN background daily in my qualitative (and sometimes ethnographic) research. I work with engineering faculty who are interested in educational issues, particularly issues of diversity. When they want to dig deeply into issues like students' identities or social contexts of learning, they pull in someone like me who can do qualitative research and analysis. This type of position was never on my radar until I happened to stumble across it, and I think it's helpful for college students to be aware early on that the methods you’re learning and the ways of understanding people and society that you’re gaining in your major can be applied in many different and interesting ways.

Daniel E. Bollinger

Daniel E. Bollinger ’16


Mary D. Buswell

Mary D. Buswell ’15


Massachusetts General Hospital

Contact me about Epidemiology, Medicine, Public Health

  • San Francisco General Hospital, Tuberculosis Control Program Intern
  • HealthFinders Collaborative, Evaluation Intern
  • Carleton Academic Support Center, Lead Writing Consultant
  • Sociology and Anthropology Department, Academic Assistant
  • Main Street Kids, Assistant Teacher
Sarah R. Cannon

Sarah R. Cannon ’07


Research Scientist , (Unknown)

Lydia Chu

Lydia Chu ’17


Contact me about Anthropology, Business, Career Development, Consulting, Cross Cultural Understanding, Equity in the Workforce, Immigration/Migration, International Development, International/Global Studies, Marketing, Nonprofits, Public Health, Social Entrepreneurship, Sociology, Writing

Student Career Assistant, Carleton College Career Center, Northfield, MN - Fall 2013 to Present

New Sector Alliance Fellow, Minneapolis, MN - Summer 2016

Intern, Social Entrepreneur Corps, Dominican Republic - Summer 2015

Intern, EduCARE India, Dharamsala, India - Summer 2014

Volunteer, Pidwa Game Reserve, Gravelotte, South Africa - Summer 2013

Volunteer, Stepperiders, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia - Summer 2012

Jordi R. Comas

Jordi R. Comas ’94


Freelance , Self Employed

Contact me about Communications, Food, Public Policy, Social Enterprise, Social Entrepreneurship

Patricia C. Dana

Patricia C. Dana ’11


Leah R. Eby

Leah R. Eby ’13

Sociology/Anthropology, Cross-Cultural Studies

Girls Inc. Eureka! Program Coordinator , YWCA Minneapolis

Torre M. Edahl

Torre M. Edahl ’14

Sociology/Anthropology, Dance

Independent Performer and Choreographer , Self Employed

Contact me about Arts Management, Dance, Theater

My work, like many in the arts, is a combination of long-term employment (day jobs) and project-based jobs. Where possible, I've noted if a job was paid or unpaid, part-time or full-time, and stipend-based or hourly pay; I do this not to overwhelm the reader, but to be transparent about the financial side of the arts. As a new graduate, I felt ashamed that I had to work in the service industry even though I ALSO had a job in "my field," and even now I must maintain a part-time day job while also holding a management title with an established dance company. It is not shameful, though: this is the reality of the industry, and trasparency around that is important.


Summer 2014:

Graduate Carleton, take an (unpaid) internship with Zenon Dance Company & School, as well as a food services job to support myself. 



January: promoted to administrative assistant at Zenon (paid, part-time)

March: take an (unpaid) dance opportunity with Live Action Set, performing 10 shows at The Southern Theater in May (The Half-Life); receive a year-long fellowship through The Jerome Foundation and Northern Lights.MN to create a new gallery performance work.

June: leave food services industry

August: premiere new work at MNFringe (Human Like Me, break even with box office after paying dancers)

September: absorb the volunteer coordinator role into my Zenon job (small increase in hours)

November: begin rehearsals for a new Live Action Set show (The Sparrow) (small stipend pay), begin freelancing with Live Action Set as an adminstrative assistant (small project-based pay, eventually. Mostly volunteer at this point).



January: Promoted to School Coordinator as Zenon (full time)

March: Live Action Set's The Sparrow show goes up, fellowship culuminates in 6-week showing at The Soap Factory

June: Organizational restructuring at Zenon due to budget (School Coordinator role dropped to half-time, no decreaes in responsibility)

August: Promoted to Managing Director of Live Action Set (still freelance/project-based pay)

October: Leave Zenon; begin working part-time as a box office associate with Brave New Workshop. Perform in the Twin Cities Horror Festival with Dangerous Productions (stipend pay).

December: Perform at the Red Eye Theater with Collective Unconscious Performance (stipend pay)



February: Hired as first Managing Director for ARENA DANCES (part-time, contractor status)

March: Perform at the Southern Theater with Live Action Set (UNSET) (hourly rehearsal pay&performance stipend)

May: Begin rehearsals for new MNFringe piece (Persephone) as performer, movement director, and producer (volunteer for me, small stipend for others)

July: Decide with my Persephone co-director that we will continue to make work together; unveil Loom Lab as our new dance-theater company; leave Live Action Set

August: Persephone premieres at MNFringe to strong reviews and attendance (I am now able to take a small stipend for this piece), begin planning for future Loom Lab season


Peter E. Goss

Peter E. Goss ’96


Contact me about Financial Aid, Higher Education Policy

Ruth L. Greenspan

Ruth L. Greenspan ’74


Contact me about Environmental Planning

Jason Hallen

Jason Hallen ’08

Circulation Librarian & Library Technology Coordinator , Carleton College


  • MSLIS, Drexel University, 2015
    • Library science degree with a concentration in Digital Libraries
  • BA, Carleton College, 2008
    • Majored in Sociology/Anthropology

Professional History

  • Gould Library, Carleton College, 2011 - present
    • Supervise the circulation desk and coordinate technology library-wide
  • Rice County Dollars & Sense program, Rice County, 2011-2013
    • Coordinated financial literacy program for elementary to college age youth in Rice County, MN
  • TORCH program, Northfield High School, 2010-2011
    • Coordinated college access program for underserved students
  • AmeriCorps Promise Fellow, Northfield Middle School, 2008-2010
    • Served cohort of at-risk students
Katherine B. Harding

Katherine B. Harding ’02


Kate Harding began to develop her interest in media and ethnography during her years at Carleton. Kate has appeared on theNational Geographic ChannelThe History Channel, and theSundance Channel. After exploring several majors at Carleton - English, History, Art History, Political Science, Physics - Kate declared SoAn because it allowed her "to cover all those topics from a perspective [she] really enjoyed" and because she had some very inspiring professors in the department whom she wanted to learn from.

In addition to being involved in the media, Kate conducted ethnographic field study in Kathmandu, Nepal. She first visited the country during her gap year before Carleton and returned to live there for three years. Kate describes living in Kathmandu as a pivotal moment where she began to understand the complexity of a country beyond the initial essentialization of a culture, "going through that transition in fieldwork is important because it allows one to see a place objectively, without the rose-colored lenses." A common mistake among ethnographers (and young travelers) is that they are initially "too judgmental about their own culture and too romantic about other cultures." Her favorite part of ethnography is connecting with people and being reminded that it is possible to share something universal, because, in the end, "every place is both extraordinarily beautiful and extraordinarily horrifying, too."

Noheli Hernandez

Noheli Hernandez ’17

Women's and Gender Studies, Sociology/Anthropology

Eddisa G. Herrera

Eddisa G. Herrera ’16


Contact me about Anthropology, Latin American Studies, Sociology, Sociology/Anthropology, Urban Planning, Urban Studies, Women and Gender Studies, Women's Issues

Alumni Annual Fund Office Caller

TRIO/Student Support Services Peer Leader

PEAR Attendant 

Hart R. Hornor

Hart R. Hornor ’16


Contact me about Agriculture, Anthropology of Science, Ecological Anthropology, Economic Justice, Educational Studies, Journalism, Social Entrepreneurship


News Editor, The Carletonian, Northfield, MN Sept. 2013-Present 

Contributing Writer, Real Change News, Seattle, WA Dec. 2013-Jan. 2014

Grounds Assistant, Carleton College Facilities, Northfield, MN Sept. 2013-Present

Floor Assistant, Northwest Wholesale Florists, Seattle, WA June-Dec. 2013

Gardener Assistant, Washington Park Arboretum, Seattle, WA June-Aug 2013


Kobie K. Hudson

Kobie K. Hudson ’96

Sociology/Anthropology, East Asian Studies

Criminal Intelligence Analyst , Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension

  • Earned Juris Doctor from University of Minnesota Law School
  • Assistant Public Defender - 10th District Public Defender's Office (Anoka County)
  • Assistant Attorney General - Office of the Minnesota Attorney General, Criminal Trial Division
  • Associate General Counsel - Minnesota Department of Corrections, Policy & Legal Services Division
  • Criminal Intelligence Analyst - Minnesota Department of Corrections, Office of Special Investigations
  • Criminal Intelligence Analyst - Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, Minnesota Fusion Center
Jonathan E. Ice

Jonathan E. Ice ’72


Contact me about Blindness Rehabilitation

My career path initially was very tortuous.  Later I found this was quite typical for many blind Americans.  For my first 23 years post-graduation I was 1) a VISTA volunteer, 2) child care teacher, 3) receiving clerk in a music company, 4) manager of a congregate dining site for senior citizens, 5) sales clerk at a kosher bakery, 6) stocker at an emergency food pantry.  Between (4) and (5) I made a failed attempt at a professional career in physical therapy.  In the mid-1990's I got interested in blindness rehab, finally got some blindness training of my own (I've been legally blind my whole life), got my Master's degree in rehab counseling, and got a job as a rehab counselor with the Iowa Department for the Blind.  I did that for 4.5 years before moving over to the more congenial and less stressful profession of rehab teacher.  I did that job from 2000 to the time of my retirement in January 2017, with a lateral move to the New Mexico Commission for the Blind in 2013.

Marda J. Kornhaber

Marda J. Kornhaber ’77



Contact me about Human Resources

Following my graduation from Carleton with a degree in Soc/Anth, I went to Northwestern and obtained an MM/MBA in Organization Behavior, Industrial Relations and Marketing.  Since then I have spent 35 years in a variety of HR roles in large industrial conglomerates.  Currently I work as an HR VP for a company in the Water Industry and my role takes me up and down the Americas.

Emily M. Lamberty

Emily M. Lamberty ’14

Sociology/Anthropology, Latin American Studies

I began my career in development as an AmeriCorps VISTA working for an education organization in St. Paul. I was later hired to stay on at the end of my service year and continue doing development work. Then I worked doing development and grant writing for multiple nonprofits in the Twin Cities with a small consulting firm. I've been at my current position at Jeremiah Program in Minneapolis since January 2017.

Kathryn L. LeTourneau

Kathryn L. LeTourneau ’97


Advisor , Ipas (inroads) Intnl Network for Reduction of Abortion Discr

Contact me about Abortion Stigma, Global Health, Reproductive Health, Reproductive Justice

From Carleton, my now-husband and I moved to Chicago. I thought law school was my ultimate destination, but a stint at a big-time law firm quickly disabused me of that idea. We decided to sell all of our stuff and move to the gulf coast of Florida and get a sailboat. A few years of waiting tables and living the beach life was fantastic, but then I got restless. I started volunteering at Planned Parenthood, which turned into a job supporting affiliates that were looking to start, expand, or improve their abortion services. I loved that job and wanted to take it further, so I went to grad school, dragging Ben back to my home state of North Carolina. UNC has a dual-degree program where I got my masters degrees in Public Health and in Social Work.

From there, I started working in adolescent reproductive health program evalation at RTI International. I spent seven years honing my research-to-practice skills. When a job convening a global network to address abortion stigma opened up at Ipas, I jumped on it. I had done my grad-school internship there, and also had done some volunteer work with people in the local reproductive justice community. I've been in this role for 2 years now, and I love it.

Networking, volunteering, and selecting roles to broaden my skill set were all key to my career path. 

Jiyoung Lee

Jiyoung Lee ’19

Sociology/Anthropology, Studio Art

Nora E. Mahlberg

Nora E. Mahlberg ’09

Sociology/Anthropology, Environment and Technology Studies

Contact me about Law School, Non-Profit Work

Olgaby Martinez

Olgaby Martinez ’16


Hannah Nayowith

Hannah Nayowith ’16

Sociology/Anthropology, Educational Studies

Contact me about Arabic Language, Educational Studies, Feminism, History, Human Rights, Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Middle Eastern Studies, Nationalism, Peace and Conflict Studies, Race and Ethnicity, Social Psychology, Sociology/Anthropology, Spanish

Center for Community and Civic Engagement: Northfield Reads and Counts Lead Tutor, Communications Team Coordinator, Greenvale Park Community School Coordinator

J Street U National Board: Vice President for the Midwest

Greenvale Park Community School: Carleton Volunteer Coordinator

Carleton Educational Studies Department: Student Departmental Advisor

Tomorrow's Youth Organization: Volunteer

Northfield Reads and Counts: Kindergarten and Second Grade Tutor

Alumni Relations Office: Office Assistant/Reunion Worker

Sancho/Reboto Family (Alpedrete, Madrid, Spain): Childcare Provider/English Teacher

Michael D. Nesbitt

Michael D. Nesbitt ’06


Senior Transportation Specialist , Federal Highway Administration

Gwendolyn M. Neumeister

Gwendolyn M. Neumeister ’12


Contact me about Advocacy, Doula, Farming, Midwifery, Nursing, Public Health

My courses at Carleton sparked my interests in intersecting identities, gender and sexuality, public health, and seeking cultural and historical understandings for individuals and communities. After graduating, I took my first job as the Health Advocacy Coordinator at an inner city high school in Minneapolis. I engaged in both direct service work and more administrative work, like program planning, grant writing, and data tracking. The most rewarding aspect of my work, though, was my work as a patient advocate, working one on one with students to apply for health insurance and go to doctors appointments.

I continued working in public health as a Maternal and Child Health Educator as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Guatemala. I strived to serve as a listener and learner first, and then worked collaboratively with local health educators, midwives, and community members to identify needs in the community. I was inspired by the book Helping Health Workers Learn, which I recommend to anyone who is interested in working in community health. 

Unfortunately, I needed to cut my Peace Corps service short, and returned to the US after 8 months in Guatemala. I continued pursuing ways to work with women's health, and trained as a birth doula. I began supporting moms and families, attending births, and later started a pregnancy support group for women at the Iowa Correctional Institution for Women.  

Right now, I am applying to nursing school and hope to receive my Masters of Science in Nursing with a focus in midwifery. 


Raymond Ngu

Raymond Ngu ’13

Sociology/Anthropology, Educational Studies

Contact me about Anthropology, Educational Studies, Government/Public Service, Public Policy, Sociology

Anh P. Nguyen

Anh P. Nguyen ’10


I'm currently pursuing my PhD in Sociology at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. I'm happy to talk with students thinking about applying to graduate programs in sociology or other fields. Before grad school, I served as an AmeriCorps member with Admission Possible (now College Possible) in the Twin Cities, so I can also talk about post graduation volunteer and nonprofit work.

Abigail Noebels

Abigail Noebels ’08


Associate Attorney , Susman Godfrey LLP

David J. Oser

David J. Oser ’71


CFO , Craft3

Contact me about Community Development Banking, Microfinance

David Oser is Chief Financial Officer of Craft3, a non-profit financial institution supporting economic, ecological and family resilience in Oregon and Washington.  He has over 35 years’ experience in economic development banking and is an expert in financial and risk management.  Prior to joining Craft3, David was Executive Vice President at ShoreBank in Chicago and a member of the Bank’s senior management.David has been engaged on many domestic and international consulting and speaking assignments. For several years, he was a Director of Kashf Microfinance Bank in Lahore, Pakistan.  He has conducted risk management seminars for bankers in South Africa, Romania and the Republic of Georgia. David has provided technical assistance to banking and microfinance programs in Pakistan, Poland and Bangladesh. Domestically, he has managed investments and risk management programs for client banks in Arkansas and Kansas and conducted due diligence assessments of numerous financial institutions.David earned a BA from Carleton and an MA from the University of Chicago.

Susana A. Perez

Susana A. Perez ’17

Women's and Gender Studies, Sociology/Anthropology

High School Coach , College Possible

Contact me about Ethnographic Fieldwork, Sociology/Anthropology, Women and Gender Studies

Amelia L. Piazza

Amelia L. Piazza ’14


Winona C. Rachel

Winona C. Rachel ’17


Adam J. Rossow

Adam J. Rossow ’07


Lyssa A. Searcy

Lyssa A. Searcy ’11

Sociology/Anthropology, French and Francophone Studies

Director, Account Management , EAB

Contact me about SOAN in Business

Since graduating in 2011, I've been working at a mid-sized research and consulting firm in Washington D.C.. Our primary clients are hospitals and health systems, and I have personally filled roles in sales/marketing and now key account management. While business is a less-conventional place to apply a SOAN degree, I find "people" and "culture" applications everywhere. Any transformational initiatives in business (and particularly, our changing health care industry) are underscored by a need for culture-change and cultural awareness. I'd love to chat with anyone interested in the business side of health care or those looking to navigate the transition from Carleton and the SOAN Department into the working world! 

Katherine A. Shaffer

Katherine A. Shaffer ’15



Contact me about Child Development, Civic Engagement, Disabilities, Environmental Health, Food Security, Health Access, Immunology, Medical Anthropology, Public Health, Social Justice, Sociology/Anthropology

  • Residential Life, Resident Assistant
  • Recreation Unlimited, Camp Counselor
  • Nanny
  • Weirick Communications, Office Assistant
Nina J. Shapiro

Nina J. Shapiro ’14



Anne A. Sinner

Anne A. Sinner ’16

Women's and Gender Studies, Sociology/Anthropology

Contact me about Education, Literacy, Public Engagement, Race and Ethnicity, Social Change, Socioeconomics, Sociology/Anthropology, Women's and Gender Studies, Women's Health



Tarit J. Soonthornsawad

Tarit J. Soonthornsawad ’15

Sociology/Anthropology, Music

Contact me about Anthropology, Anthropology of Advertising, Asian American Studies, Consumption, Ethnomusicology, Globalization, Jazz Studies, Musicology, Sociology of Race

Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellow

Music and Dance Program Assistant - Student Activities Office 

Mentor - Project Friendship 


Kelly M. Thomas

Kelly M. Thomas ’11


Contact me about Education (Higher Ed), Higher Education

Joshua S. Tolkan

Joshua S. Tolkan ’05

Sociology/Anthropology, Environment and Technology Studies

Real Estate Development Assistant , Project for Pride in Living

I work at Project for Pride in Living, a large affordable housing developer and social service agency in the Twin Cities. After leaving Carleton I studied Permaculture in Israel for a while before attending the Hubert Humphrey Institute at the University of Minnesota to get my Masters Degree in Urban and Regional Affairs. After graduating in a down economy and feeling disillusioned with government work I took an AmeriCorps position in the real estate development department at PPL. While there I re-envisioned the way PPL worked to help low income home owners repair their homes and created a new position for myself managing PPL's owner occupied home repair programs.

Milah L. Xiong

Milah L. Xiong ’14


Contact me about College Access, Community Development, Education, Employee Relations


Center for Community and Civic Engagement, Events Fellow, Northfield, MN

September 2010-Present

  • Foster communications and connections between Carleton College and various community groups
  • Organize and publicize events with basic skills in Reason website software, Excel, and Word

Facilities, Office Assistant, Northfield, MN

November 2013-Janurary 2014

  • Worked in an office and developed basic skills in Excel and Colleague data entry program
  • Designed energy posters for a museum exhibit and posters of presenters at a Climate Summit

Sociology and Anthropology Department, Student-Worker, Northfield, MN

September 2012-June 2013

  • Worked with professors and produced posters for events with InDesign and Adobe Acrobat Pro

Macy’s, Associate, Maplewood, MN

November 2010-January 2013

  • Trained extensively in customer service and sales

Social Justice Internship, Program Coordinator, Northfield, MN

  June 2012-August 2012

  • Created a program called VOICE Hmong Youth Summer Program: An exploration of personal experiences with division between Hmong immigrants and Hmong Americans
  • Engaged in literature review to help develop a program curriculum for youth grades 6-12

Recreation Center, Student-Worker, Northfield, MN

September 2011-June 2012

  • Participated in Sexual Misconduct, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) trainings

Quantitative Inquiry Reasoning Knowledge Fellowship, Researcher, Northfield, MN

July 2011-August 2011

  • Conductedoriginalresearchon HmongmusicandlanguageandinterviewsinSaintPaul
  • Presented paper and PowerPoint Presentation for a conference at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee            

Northfield Reads and Counts, Tutor, Northfield, MN

January 2011-June 2011

  • Assisted teachers and students in reading, writing, and math


NorthfieldHighSchoolACT Practice Sessions, Tutor,Northfield, MN                             February2014-April 2014

  •      FacilitatedACTpracticesessionsformajoritylow-incomefirst-generationcollegestudents

Lamton,Tutor,Saint Paul, MN                                                                                    September2012-February2014

  •      TutoredgradeschoolstudentsinmathandEnglishata TibetanCommunityCenter

Additional: Ruth's House and Northfield Community Action Center Food Shelf

Peace Corps/AmeriCorps/Teach for America

Victoria H. Dan

Victoria H. Dan ’15


Pre-K Literacy Tutor , AmeriCorps - Minnesota Reading Corps

Contact me about Affordable Housing, Public Art, Transportation Planning, Urban Design, Urban Planning

Emma L. Grisanzio

Emma L. Grisanzio ’17


Program Support Coordinator , Interfaith Action of Greater Saint Paul

Relay for Life Chair, High Schools Against Cancer Chair, YMCA Swim Instructor, Babysitter, Math Tutor, Piano/Cello Teacher, Photographer

Mo Vue

Mo Vue ’14

Sociology/Anthropology, Educational Studies

Junior High School Coach , College Possible

Contact me about Asian American Studies, Educational Research, Educational Studies, Hmong, Immigration, Race and Ethnicity, Social Change, Social Justice, Sociology/Anthropology

Work Experience

Office Assistant, Saint Paul Public Housing Agency, Saint Paul, MN                                               June-August 2010

  • Filed applicant’s folders into shelves alphabetically
  • Reorganized department’s files for case workers weekly

Peer Leader, Carleton College Intercultural/International Peer Leader, Northfield, MN                      2012-2013

  • Mentored seven incoming freshmen to assist with transitioning into college life
  • Discussed relationship building skills with peers during weekly meetings
  • Guided freshmen to various resources available on campus
  • Facilitated a discussion for 20 participants about race and beauty in America

Research Assistant, Summer Research Assistant for Sociology Professor, Northfield, MN                June-August 2013

  • Coded in-depth interview transcriptions and wrote annotated bibliography for Trans-racial Adoption Project

Peer Leader, Carleton College TRiO: Student Support Services Peer Leader, Northfield, MN             2013-Present

  • Mentored five incoming freshmen to assist with transitioning into college life
  • Facilitated discussions about social class inequality in America


Volunteer Experience

Tutor, Uplift, Carleton College                                                                                               2011-Present

  • Tutor Somali youth ages12-14 at Faribault Middle School in math and English assignments

Peer Leader, Carleton College TRIO Student Support Services, Northfield, MN                               2011-Spring 2012

  • Mentor a freshman from lower-class background to ease transition from high school into college

Volunteer CoordinatorCatholic Charities, Saint Paul, MN                                                         Winter 2011

  • Volunteered 20 hours to aid with preparations for holiday events                                 

Publicity Manager, Theater Department Senior Thesis Project, Northfield, MN                              Spring 2013  

  • Publicize events around campus for project For Colored Girls When the Rainbow is Enuf
  • Spent two hours per day for one week publicizing

Event Manager, Sociology/Anthropology Department Senior Thesis Project, Northfield, MN             Spring 2013

  • Prepared food and drinks, videotaped, and kept track of time for presenters

Volunteer, Carleton Spring Break Service Trip, Chicago, IL                                                       Spring 2013

  • Revitalized a building through painting and cleaning for Project for Life Program

Science/Lab Research

Elizabeth A. Durham

Elizabeth A. Durham ’12

Sociology/Anthropology, French and Francophone Studies

PhD Student , Princeton University

Contact me about Anthropology, Fellowships

After graduating from Carleton in 2012, I spent nine months as a Fulbright Student Research Grantee in Cameroon, West Africa, where I carried out a medical anthropological project on HIV/AIDS and state anti-AIDS programs. I then pursued an MPhil in visual, material, and museum anthropology at the University of Oxford in England, where I strengthened my interest in medical material culture. I plan to finish my MPhil by July 2015, and to begin my PhD in anthropology at Princeton University in September 2015. Though these things are never set in stone, I currently envision focusing my doctoral work on the increasing pharmaceuticalization of anxiety in Cameroon.

I'm happy to talk to students about any and all things related to anthropology and/or academia -- MAs, PhDs, US fellowships, UK fellowships, fieldwork, publications, networking, career angst in general.

Hope M. Harvey

Hope M. Harvey ’09


Postdoctoral Associate , Cornell University

Contact me about AmeriCorps, Graduate Education, Public Affairs, Social Policy, Social Work, Sociology

I spent a year in AmeriCorps working at the nonprofit Caritas of Austin as a case manager for adults facing homelessness. I then attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison's La Follette School of Public Affairs, where I received my Masters degree in 2012.  I am currently a PhD student in Sociology and Social Policy at Harvard University, and I study housing, family, and social policy using both quantitative and qualitative methods.  

Richard M. Majerus

Richard M. Majerus ’07

Sociology/Anthropology, Educational Studies

Director of Advancement Strategy and Analysis , Colby College

Contact me about Entrepreneurship

I was an Assistant Dean of Admissions at Carleton and now run my own statistics and strategy consulting firm called Third Coast Analytics (  My firm specializes in higher education research and builds predictive models and customized data visualizations.   If anyone has questions about working in education or founding your own business please feel free to contact me. In 2012, I earned an M.A. in Sociology from the University of Notre Dame. The focus of my degree program was sociology of education and advanced research methods.

Blake D. Ratner

Blake D. Ratner ’92


Executive Director , Collaborating for Resilience / CGIAR

Contact me about Conflict Resolution, Environmental Policy, Experiential Learning, Intercultural Communication, Intercultural Dialogue, International Development, Languages, Natural Resource Management, Negotiation, Peace and Conflict Studies, Peace and Social Justice, Research and Development, Science/Research, Social Change, Social Entrepreneurship, Sustainability

During the first year after Carleton, I worked for Rice County Social Services on cases of child welfare, family conflicts, and intercultural mediation.  But I was keen to return to the international domain that had sparked my interest in environment and development, so I moved next to Cornell University, where I earned a professional masters (Development Administration) and a Ph.D. (Environmental Sociology), while my wife completed her degree in Asian Studies.  All along, while at Carleton and after, I sought ways to test my skills in practical work that pushed the boundaries of my capabilities. That included a stint at the World Bank while completing the Ph.D., first as an intern then a consultant on several assignments on agricultural rehabilitation and policy reform in Cambodia.  About a year after completing the Ph.D., I left the World Bank for a job with the World Resources Institute, attracted by the opportunity to exercise significantly more leadership and shape a new regional program in mainland Southeast Asia. That included a move from DC to Chiang Mai, Thailand, where I set up office hosted by a CGIAR Center (World Agroforestry Center).  

After several years, the coming birth of our daughter brought us back to Minnesota.  I took on a variety of faculty appointments (including a term teaching sociology and environmental studies at Carleton), and launched a new experiential education program focused on environmental sustainabilty through the Higher Education Consortium for Urban Affairs (HECUA). When our daughter was two, and we felt ready to venture abroad again, I took up my first position at WorldFish, another CGIAR research center, based in Penang, Malaysia. 

My initial contract at WorldFish was just for a year, but we were able to secure funding (from the Swedish government) to extend the program, and based on the achievements with that program, I was offered the challenge of establishing a new regional office. That took me to Phnom Penh, Cambodia, as Regional Director, a role I held for about five years. Next I took on leadership of a global theme of research on natural resource governance, which included a move to DC to be based at the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI). In 2014 I was asked to compete for the new role of Research Director, with oversight of the organization's reseach strategy and global program implementation.  We moved back to Penang, and I held that position until late 2016, when the Board of Directors asked me to take on the role of Director General (CEO).  

Luisa A. Rodriguez

Luisa A. Rodriguez ’16


Research Assistant , Innovations for Poverty Action

Carol S. Trosset

Carol S. Trosset ’81



Contact me about Assessment, Educational Policy, Ethnographic Research, Experiential Learning, institutional culture, qualitative analysis, Science Education, Statistical Analysis, Welsh language and culture

PhD, cultural anthropology, University of Texas-Austin, 1989

MA, zoology, Miami University, 2013

1988-1994: Visiting faculty positions in anthropology at University of Arizona, Grinnell College, University of Virginia, Tulane University, and Beloit College.

1995-2017: Positions in institutional research and assessment at Grinnell College, Hampshire College, Bennington College, and Carleton College; also consulting work for a variety of institutions.

Kasey L. Wiedrich

Kasey L. Wiedrich ’00

Sociology/Anthropology, South Asian Studies

Director of Applied Research , CFED

Social Service/Advocacy

Ingrid L. Hofeldt

Ingrid L. Hofeldt ’17

Women's and Gender Studies, Sociology/Anthropology

Legal Advocate , Missions, Inc

George D. King, Jr.

George D. King, Jr. ’76


Senior Pastor , The Cities of Refuge - Dallas

Contact me about Affordable Housing, Church Pastor, Knox Seminary

Graduated 6/76 - Carleton College, Northfeild, MN

Graduated 6/80 - Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Ft. Worth TX

Employed  8/80 - Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, Houston TX - Christian Education Director

Employed 6/82 - Campus Crusade for Christ, Here's Black America, Atlanta, GA - National Field Director

Employed 8/87 - Concord Missionary Baptist Church, Dallas TX - Discipleship Pastor

Employed 11/89 - Frazier Berean Baptist Mission Church, Dallas TX - Mission Pastor

Employed 11/00 - Cities of Refuge - Dallas Church, Dallas TX - Senior Pastor

Construction 8/08 - Affordable Senior Housing - Carpenter's Point Senior Housing, Dallas TX - Owner

DMin - 8/11 - Knox Seminary, Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Doctoral program



Xochitl A. Lopez

Xochitl A. Lopez ’97


Children's Counselor , Santa Clara County

Contact me about Art, Law, Organizing

I recently started my first job as an attorney. I work for a union-side labor and plaintiff's wage and hour firm in Oakland, California. Prior to that, I spent several years working as an organizer, officer, and representative for a labor union. Before that I was working in the art world and doing education related work as well. I did a variety of projects, but was especially focused on Chicano theatre. Most of this work has been in Northern California.

Flannery K. McArdle

Flannery K. McArdle ’13


Counselor , U. of Maryland Mental Hlth. Program - Digital Harbor HS

Jennifer E. McCann

Jennifer E. McCann ’00

Women's Studies, Sociology/Anthropology

School Social Worker , Baltimore City Public Schools

Contact me about Children and Adolescents, Counseling, Mental Health, Play Therapy, School Social Work, Social Work

My first year after Carleton, I participated in a year-long volunteer program, Lutheran Volunteer Corps.  Through LVC I worked a small non-profit in Baltimore while living in a community of other volunteers.  It was a great way to get started in a new city.  After LVC I worked at a few non-profit jobs.  I realized that the kinds of jobs I wanted to do all required a Masters in Social Work, so I went back to school at the University of Maryland.  After that I provided therapy for kids and adults at several agencies.  I worked at Johns Hopkins for a few years providing short-term counseling for adults with multiple chronic health conditions, but I really missed working with kids.  So I applied to work for Baltimore City Public Schools.

Lawrence Scofield

Lawrence Scofield ’67

Psychology, Sociology/Anthropology

Interim Pastor , St. Paul Lutheran Church

Contact me about Church Pastor

Quit Christianity while at Carleton.  Peace Corps after graduation; wife became ill, so we resigned early, returned to hometown, sought a job relating to psych [my major].  A friend introduced me to Exec. Director of Weatchester Association for Retarded Children [WARC].  He hired me as 'Activities Instructor,' lead to 13 year career ending as Vocational rehabilitation Counselor.  Returned to Christianity while at this job.  Left WARC, went broke while looking for industrial personnel position. Discovered call to ordination, interviewed with Bishop of CT, entered church's formation/discernment process all while working as EMT, then as factory laborer.  Enrolled in Yale Divinity School.  Curate [Assistant Pastor] 2 years @ Christ Church, St. Joseph, MO; Pastor 8 years @ St. George Church, Camdenton, MO; 15 years @ Emmanuel Church, Corry, PA.  While at Emmanuel, I also spent about 12 years as Coordinator/Dean of our Diocesan School for Ministry.  Retired.  2+ years supplying for the same two yoked Lutheran churches. 1+ year as P/T interim pastor @ St. Francis, Youngsville, PA.  1/2 year as "stated supply" @ Lamb of God Lutheran Church, Erie, PA.  Itinerant supply pastor for multiple churches in the area.  P/T interim pastor @ St. Paul Lutheran Church, Warren, PA.

Dawn J. Thomas

Dawn J. Thomas ’16


Community Outreach Educator , Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest & Hawaiian Islands

Contact me about Health Disparities, Health Education, Healthcare, Maternal and Child Health, Medical Anthropology, Nursing, Public Health, Reproductive Health, Spanish, Youth Development

After Carleton, I served for a year in JVCNW/Americorps in Wenatchee, WA in a federally qualified community health center. I worked with primary care providers and the outreach team to provide diabetes education and retinal exams in-clinic, and helped to coordinate healthcare outreach to  migrant farmworkers in the area. This was mostly during apple and cherry season, so in the summertime. After JVC, I got a job at Planned Parenthood in Tacoma, as a community outreach educator, as I hoped to dive into my interest in sexual and reproductive health. I am currently in the process of taking science pre-requisites for nursing school, and hope to, long term, work as a clinical provider. 

Sarah P. Trachtenberg

Sarah P. Trachtenberg ’17

Women's and Gender Studies, Sociology/Anthropology

High School Coach , College Possible

Contact me about Education, Social Justice, Sociology/Anthropology