Learning Outcomes

As part of Carleton's assessment initiative, the SOAN Department of has identified six Student Learning Outcomes for SOAN majors. These are in addition to Carleton's broader outcomes for all students.

As a SOAN major, you will learn to

  1. Articulate the complexity of contemporary socio-cultural phenomenon in their many dimensions (e.g. temporal, structural, spatial and symbolic).
  2. Formulate appropriate sociological and/or anthropological research questions about socio-cultural phenomena.
  3. Select appropriate sociological and/or anthropological research methods to study socio-cultural phenomena.
  4. Apply sociological and anthropological theory to analyze socio-cultural phenomena.
  5. Describe how sociology and anthropology interact with one another and contribute to various interdisciplinary conversations.
  6. Engage the world by drawing upon your understanding of historical and contemporary socio-cultural phenomena.