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30 Minutes Program: Meet with Social Worker/International Adoption Project Coordinator at the Career Center!

January 18, 2012

Hi So/An majors,

We thought you might be interested in meeting with Meg Bale '56, a social worker who has worked with adoption issues all of her life, during the 30 Minutes Program next week at the career center.  You can read her bio at this link.

Description of 30 Minutes Program:
The Career Center brings prestigious alumni back to Carleton to meet with students 1-on-1 for 30 minutes.  You can ask each alum for advice regarding full time jobs, internships, resumes/cover letters, networking, finding your way, etc.  The conversations are relaxed and informal, and meant for you to ask any question you have about life after Carleton.

If any of you are interested in more general counseling/psychology, there are a few more spots to meet with the other alumni below:

Week 4 - Counseling/Psychology

Monday, January 23, Linda Vest Klein '76, Psychologist, Head Start
Tuesday, January 24, Carrie Higinbotham '97, Clinical Social Worker/Therapist, Centered Practice
Wednesday, January 25, Heather Libbey '91, Psychologist, The Emily Program

Wednesday, January 25, Meg Bale '56, Social Worker, International Adoption Project Coordinator, University of Minnesota
Friday, January 27, Anne McBean '73, Psy/Marriage & Family Therapist, University of Minnesota

To sign-up to visit with Meg Bale or any other alumni coming go to this website

If you have any questions please feel free to stop by the career center or email muellers!