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U of M Lecture: Soft Power: The Politics of Culture in Globalizing Times

October 17, 2011

Berdahl Lecture--Soft Power: The Politics of Culture in Globalizing Times

 Speaker will be Ulf Hannerz, Professor Emeritus, Anthropology, Stockholm University. When the Cold War ended, a number of new key terms started to appear, suggesting directions for the global future: "the end of history," "the clash of civilizations," "the world is flat" and others. While they originated with one individual commentator or other, they soon became terms of the collective consciousness, notions influencing thought and debate in an emergent transnational public sphere. "Soft power" has been another such term, proposed by the political scientist Joseph Nye. He argued, above all, for the international political uses of American culture. But as the term became more widely popular, across borders, it also found other uses. In this lecture, the place of ideas of "soft power" in a wider context of transnational flows of culture will be examined, from an anthropologist's point of view. Reception following the lecture in the HHH Atrium. 

Location: Cowles Auditorium Hubert H. Humphrey Center Contact:

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  • Phone: 612-625-3400
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