Off-Campus Studies

Studying off-campus may expand your thinking beyond a purely academic approach to SOAN, giving you a different understanding of what it really means to study another culture. The department offers a Field Research Seminar in Guatemala every other Winter Term led by Jay Levi. There are also many other options for off-campus study with sociology and anthropology in their curriculum. If you are creative enough, you can put a social scientific slant into almost any program.

You may apply up to 12 credits of OCS work to the SOAN major. We typically give credit for courses that are comparable to existing courses and courses that we could offer as a Department. Credit is given after you've returned from your program. When seeking credit, please schedule a meeting with the Department Chair. Bring your syllabi and assignments to help determine if you can receive credit for the courses.

Selecting an Off-Campus Program:

Use the Program Browser of Carleton's Off-Campus Studies Office to find  Carleton & non-Carleton programs that Carleton students have done in the past. Or consider some of the programs below.

For information on other programs, finances, and off-campus study policies, visit the Office of Off-Campus Studies.