Not everyone has time to major in a language. But that doesn't mean you can't do advanced work in one.

In most languages we offer a MINOR to those students who want to do advanced work in languages while pursuing another major. The MINOR is an excellent way to demonstrate a high level of proficiency in a language and will be recorded on your transcript.

Students who pursue the MINOR In Spanish are required to complete 36 credits beyond the 103 level. All courses must be taught in Spanish. Only one of the courses can be in translation and it must be taken within the Spanish department at Carleton. We limit the number of non-Carleton OCS credits that can be applied to the certificate to a maximum of 12, and these credits do not substitute for the 12 credits at the 300-level that students must complete on campus or through the departmental OCS programs. In order to be certified as having fulfilled the requirements for the Certificate of Advanced Study in Spanish, students must complete with a grade of C- or better six courses beyond 103. Although courses for the certificate may be taken on an S/CR/NC basis, “D” or “CR” level work will not be sufficient to satisfy course requirements. Students who place out of 204 must still complete the six course requirement (36 credits).

To students who are interested in the Minor:

Students will have until the second week of their tenth term to declare their minors.  The form to declare can be found on the Registra's Office web-site (this form requires the department chair's signature). 


"I decided to get a Spanish minor while majoring in Sociology/Anthropology. Learning a second language has allowed me to expand my perspective and build my interpersonal skills, which are both incredibly useful when discussing social issues and looking forward to my future in direct service work. Before I came to Carleton, I would never have imagined that my abilities could improve to the point where now I rarely get nervous when placed in situations where I know I'll be speaking Spanish! On a personal level, my confidence in general has grown throughout my time at Carleton by taking Spanish classes, and this was especially true after returning from my semester in Chile, when I realized that I lived a full life for more than 3 months, all while speaking another language and living within a culture different from my own." (Annie Sinner '16)

"I ended up being absolutely amazed by the content of the upper level courses. I thought about things that I had never thought about before, and it was remarkably doable while also majoring in chemistry. I love the Spanish department, and despite not being a major I really feel like a part of it." (Nathan Rockey '16)

“Though I majored in Latin American Studies, I spent most of my time at Carleton in the Spanish Department. I found the courses and the professors in the Spanish department extremely engaging and challenging. The thing I appreciate most about Carleton and about my experience with the Spanish department is how it pushed me outside of my comfort zone, leading me to explore places around the world and go beyond my limits. The professors were always there to challenge and encourage me, both during my years at Carleton and after, and that has shaped my character and taught me lessons that I still apply every day.” (Amber Shields '08)

 ***Some quotes have been shortened or edited for clarity.

Text adapted from: https://apps.carleton.edu/curricular/span/Certificate_Study/