Certificate of Advanced Study

Most students in our courses are not necessarily majoring in Spanish. Often students continue to take Spanish while pursuing a major in a different department simply because they are interested in the language and culture. An increasing number of students pursue the certificate of advanced study (the equivalent of what would be considered a minor area of study at many universities and colleges).

Students who pursue the Certificate of Advanced Study in Spanish are required to complete 36 credits beyond the 103 level. The courses must be taught in Spanish. We limit the number of non-Carleton OCS credits that can be applied to the certificate to a total of 12, and these credits do not substitute for the 12 credits at the 300-level that these students must complete.

The certificate allows for a maximum of flexibility in that students can take as many as 24 credits in the 204-299 range. However, the most common scenario is that these students follow the progression that our majors follow and benefit from the general goals of the Spanish major.

Students need to fill out the Certificate Form (located on this page) and turn into Mary Tatge, LDC 340, mtatge@carleton.edu.  Form must be completed no later than May 1 of senior year.  Courses being taken during that term will be counted upon completion of course.


“Though I majored in Latin American Studies, I completed the Spanish Certificate and spent most of my time at Carleton in the Spanish Department.  I found the courses and the professors in the Spanish department extremely engaging and challenging.  The thing I appreciate most about Carleton and about my experience with the Spanish department is how it pushed me outside of my comfort zone, leading me to explore places around the world and go beyond my limits.  The professors were always there to challenge and encourage me, both during my years at Carleton and after, and that has shaped my character and taught me lessons that I still apply every day.” (Amber Shields)