Evaluating Assignments

Workshops and Presentations

Conversations about evaluating or assessing the efficacy of assignments are frequently elements of workshops and presentations on campus. 

Consultations and Funding

There is a lot of expertise on campus when it comes to evaluating assignments themselves or the curricular support associated with assignments.

  • The Institutional Research and Assessment Office can point you to Carleton-specific and more general resources about assessmentCherry Danielson, Associate Director, Institutional Research and Assessment is a great resource.
  • The Writing Program is particularly great resource for those interested in considering the efficacy of writing assignments.  The Writing Program's summer grant program includes support for the writing and submission of articles based on the design and implementation of courses originally funded through this grant program.  Carol Rutz, Director of the College Writing Program is a great resource.
  • Those interested in evaluating the efficacy of curricular and research support associated with particular types of assignments should contact Andrea Nixon, Director of Curricular and Research Support.

Assignment Collections

If you would like to contribute an assignment to a collection, here are some good options. 

  • Carleton's Science Education Resource Center (SERC) Pedagogy in Action is a collection of over 800 assignments contributed by faculty members from Carleton and elsewhere.  Increasingly SERC has been working with the interdisciplinary initiatives at Carleton and the assignment collection increasingly reflects disciplinary diversity.  Assignments are categorized by subject areas as well as pedagogy.
  • Quantitatively Rich Courses and Assignments

Production Meetings

If an assignment has been developed or offered in conjunction with production meetings,  they are a great place to discuss the efficacy of support.  Production meetings can be a great place to talk about making the support of similar assignments in the future both effective and sustainable.