Speeches and Presentations

Giving a speech or presentation as part of a class, your comps, or your work in the community?  There are a number of resources available if you are looking to learn to use presentation tools, find images or references, design your presentation, or in practicing your talk.

Drop-In Centers

  • Learning to Use Presentation Tools and Scan Images - The ITS Helpdesk is a place to learn to use presentation tools such as PowerPoint.  The folks at the Helpdesk can also help you scan or edit images you might want to include in a presentation.  If you also have questions relating to researching a topic and image collections you can also try the Research/IT desk in the Library's Reference Room.
  • Finding Resources and Image Collections - Reference and instruction librarians are great resources.  They can help you with the background research for your talk as well as help you locate image collections above and beyond a Google image search.  Drop by the Research/IT desk.
  • Designing a Slide Presentation, a Poster or Working with Presentation Technologies - How many slides are too many?  How do you know if your images will display properly?  The folks at the IdeaLab can help you design your slide presentations or create images to include in your presentation.  They can also help you practice working with data projectors or other presentation technologies available in Carleton classrooms and performance spaces.
  • Practicing Your Talk - How do you go from an outline to giving a polished talk?  Whether you are presenting as part of a group or individually the folks at the SpeakEasy can help you with communication skills, effective uses of presentation aids, organization, voice, clarity, and persuasive impact.  


  • Consultations with Librarians - The reference librarians are available for individual research questions including topic exploration and strategies for finding resources such as images for presentations.
  • Consultations with SpeakEasy Staff - While drop ins are welcome during normal SpeakEasy hours, you can also schedule appointments outside regular office hours at mutually convenient times, as well.  Use this form to set up a time.

Online Resource

  • State Your Case! - This is a collection of online resources that are about speaking effectively.