Information for First-Year Students

First Year Students' Guide

Chair: Professor Roger Bechtel

Can I Major in it?

A regular major is offered in Theater Arts, and advanced students may apply for a special major in Dance. A minor in Dance is also offered.

Topics Explored

Theater: acting, voice, movement, dramatic literature, history and theory, design and technical theater, directing, playwriting, and the chance to produce, write, design, direct, stage manage and perform.

Dance: ballet, modern, West African dance, contact improv, choreography, dance history and theory, moving anatomy.

How to Get Started

There are a variety of courses open to first-year students: THEA100 (Topics vary from year to year), THEA110 (Beginning Acting), THEA115 (Introduction to Design and Technical Theater), THEA185 (The Speaking Voice), THEA190 (Carleton Players Production), THEA 225 (Theater History and Theory), THEA239 (Topics in Costume), THEA240 (Directing), THEA242 (Modern American Drama), THEA246 (Playwriting).

Dance courses open to first-year students, depending on skill level, include: DANC107 (Ballet I), DANC115 (Cultures of Dance), DANC147 (Moving Anatomy), DANC148 (Modern Dance I: Theory and Technique), DANC150 (Contact Improvisation), DANC190 (Fields of Performance), DANC200 (Modern Dance II: Theory and Technique), DANC204 (Fall Dance), DANC205 (Winter Dance), DANC208 (Ballet II), DANC214 (Fall Dance Student Choreography), DANC215 (Winter Dance Student Choreography), DANC 266 (Reading the Dancing Body), DANC268 (The Body as Choreographer).