Women’s and Gender Studies

  • 2017 Academic Fair--Melanie Xu, Meera Sehgal, Director, Michelle Rowley, Distinguished Benedict Prof

    2017 Academic Fair

    Meera Sehgal, director, Michelle Rowley, Distinguished Benedict Professor
  • Iveta Jusova, WGSE study abroad program.

    Iveta Jusova, director of WGSE Off-Campus Program

    The Women's and Gender studies program in Europe explores feminist and queer theory in practice across Western and East Central Europe.
  • Two students on the WGSE program.

    Two WGSE students in their Berlin classroom.

Carleton’s Women’s and Gender Studies Program provides an interdisciplinary meeting ground for exploring questions about women and gender that are transforming knowledge across disciplinary lines in the sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities. Its goal is to include gender, along with class, sexual orientation and race, as a central category of social and cultural analysis.

Courses focusing on women and/or gender are offered by the departments of Asian Languages and Literatures, Classics, English, German and Russian, Romance Languages and Literatures, History, Media Studies, Music, Religion, Philosophy, Political Science, Art, Sociology and Anthropology, as well as Women's and Gender Studies itself. Carleton offers a Minor in Women's and Gender Studies that allows students to complement their major field with an interdisciplinary focus on women and gender. However, all courses are open to all students, if they have fulfilled the prerequisites.

Women's and Gender Studies 110, an entry point to the major, is a topical introduction to the field. Women's and Gender Studies 234 provides the theoretical and methodological tools for advanced work on women and gender. The capstone course, Women's and Gender Studies 396, offers students an opportunity to study a topic in depth and to produce a substantial research paper.

The major culminates in a senior comprehensive project, directed by advisors from two disciplines, that builds on the skills and interests developed in previous coursework in Women's and Gender Studies. Each student devises an appropriate program of courses in consultation with the major advisor.