Women's and Gender Studies majors end up in a wide range of careers. Please let us (and your classmates) know what you're up to by creating a profile. We want to hear from you!

Education (Higher Ed)

Lindsey K. Walters

Lindsey K. Walters ’16

Women's and Gender Studies, History, African/African American Studies

PhD Student in American History , University of Cambridge

Education (Pre K-12)

Sophie L. Glassford

Sophie L. Glassford ’16

Women's and Gender Studies, Sociology/Anthropology

Assistant Girls Cross Country Coach , Penn High School


Phoebe L. Chastain

Phoebe L. Chastain ’14

Women's and Gender Studies, American Studies

Maternal & Child Health Volunteer , Peace Corps

Drewallyn B. Riley, MPH

Drewallyn B. Riley, MPH ’05

Women's and Gender Studies, Sociology/Anthropology

Continuous Quality Improvement Coordinator , Oregon Health Authority

Emily R. Scotto

Emily R. Scotto ’15

Women's and Gender Studies, Sociology/Anthropology

Sexuality Educator , Annex Teen Clinic

Legal Professions

Brett Elizabeth Landis

Brett Elizabeth Landis ’04

Women's and Gender Studies, History, Theater Arts

Managing Attorney , Colorado Legal Services

Other Careers

Matthew F. Elfstrand

Matthew F. Elfstrand ’17

Women's and Gender Studies, History

Olivia M. Fantini

Olivia M. Fantini ’14

Women's and Gender Studies

Nathaniel Greene Middle School

Eleanor Fireside-Ostergaard

Eleanor Fireside-Ostergaard ’16

Women's and Gender Studies, Biology

Clare Z. Hiyama

Clare Z. Hiyama ’16

Women's and Gender Studies


Cassie Kosiba

Cassie Kosiba ’03

Associate Professor of Physical Education, Athletics and Recreation, Head Women's Basketball Coach, Phys Ed, Athletics, Recreation

Joshua H. Kwan

Joshua H. Kwan ’17

Women's and Gender Studies, Psychology, Educational Studies

The Walt Disney Company

Sofia A. Rosales Juarez

Sofia A. Rosales Juarez ’17

Women's and Gender Studies, Studio Art

Anne A. Sinner

Anne A. Sinner ’16

Women's and Gender Studies, Sociology/Anthropology

Robin K. Wonsley

Robin K. Wonsley ’13

Women's and Gender Studies

Peace Corps/AmeriCorps/Teach for America

Rachel J. Clark

Rachel J. Clark ’15

Women's and Gender Studies

College Possible

Science/Lab Research

Michael J. McClellan, III

Michael J. McClellan, III ’13

Women's and Gender Studies, Chemistry

PhD Candidate, Atmospheric Science , MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Social Service/Advocacy

Katherine S. Weseman

Katherine S. Weseman ’02

Women's and Gender Studies

LGBTQA Student Services Coordinator , DePaul University