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Meera Sehgal
Meera Sehgal Profile
Associate Professor of Women's and Gender Studies and Sociology
Director of Women's and Gender Studies

Meera Sehgal (B.A., Ferguson College, India; M.A., Pune University, India; M.A. & Ph.D. in Sociology, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2004) has a joint appointment in the Sociology & Anthropology department and in the Women’s & Gender studies program. She serves as the director of the South Asian studies program and is a member of the Sexual Misconduct Committee in Carleton’s Community, Equity and Diversity Initiative.

Her research interests are in the areas of gender, race, class & sexuality; social movements; globalization; militarism; transnational feminisms and India.  Based on ethnographic methods, her research examines the mobilization of women in the right-wing Hindu nationalist movement in India. Her more recent fieldwork centers on a South Asian transnational feminist network and its consciousness-raising work in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Meera emphasizes interdisciplinary feminist perspectives in her teaching and travels regularly to India for research and familial purposes. She teaches courses on social movements, women's health in the U.S., qualitative methods, transnational feminist theory, and feminist approaches to knowledge production, globalization and militarization.


Iveta Jusova
Iveta Jusova Profile
Director of the Women's and Gender Studies Program in Europe and Professor of Women's and Gender Studies
Mingwei Huang
Mingwei Huang Profile
Visiting Instructor in Women's and Gender Studies
Meryl Lauer
Meryl Lauer Profile
Visiting Instructor in Women's and Gender Studies

Emeriti Faculty

Katie Sparling
Kathryn Sparling Profile
Tanaka Memorial Professor of International Understanding and Japanese, Emerita

Stanford, B.A.; Ochanomizu University, M.A.; Harvard, Ph.D.; Japanese language and literature, especially modern fiction, with particular emphasis on Natsume Soseki, Mishima Yukio, Shimao Toshio, and fiction by contemporary Japanese women. Growing interest in English language fiction by Indian women. Began teaching at Carleton in 1983.


Shana Sippy
Shana Sippy Profile
Research Associate in Religion
Tammi Shintre
Tammi Shintre Profile
Administrative Assistant in Women's and Gender Studies
Administrative Assistant, Sociology and Anthropology

Other Faculty Involved in Women's and Gender Studies

Barbara Allen
Barbara Allen Profile
James Woodward Strong Professor of Political Science and the Liberal Arts

Indiana University, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Teaches courses in American politics, feminist political theory, politics and the media, and constitutional law. Her broad interests include research related to liberal philosophy, democratic theory, institutional analysis and design, rational choice, and policy and law related to gender and race. Her areas of specialization related to empirical theory and methodology include quantitative methods, political socialization and behavior, public opinion and theories of learning. Began teaching at Carleton in 1988.

Kristin Bloomer
Kristin Bloomer Profile
Associate Professor of Religion
Off Campus: Fall 2018 through Spring 2019
Anita Chikkatur
Anita Chikkatur Profile
Associate Professor of Educational Studies
Chair of Educational Studies
Adriana Estill
Adriana Estill Profile
Associate Professor of English and American Studies
Off Campus: Winter 2018 through Spring 2018
Pamela Feldman-Savelsberg
Pamela Feldman-Savelsberg Profile
Broom Professor of Social Demography and Anthropology
Director of Africana Studies
Off Campus: Fall 2018 through Spring 2019

Pamela Feldman-Savelsberg received her Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University in 1990. She has been working on reproductive health issues, first as a Peace Corps volunteer in Cameroon, and later as an anthropologist. Her research focuses on connections between reproduction and belonging, especially when these are called into question by reproductive difficulties (e.g., infertility), ethnic stereotyping of fertility, or the challenges of migration. She has conducted research in both rural and urban Cameroon, as well as with Cameroonian immigrants in Berlin and Paris. She teaches courses on gender, Africa, migration, medical anthropology, reproduction, and social science writing as well as the African and African American Studies capstone.

Clara Hardy
Clara Hardy Profile
Chair of Classics
John E. Sawyer Professor of Liberal Learning
Professor of Classics
Diane Nemec Ignashev
Diane Nemec Ignashev Profile
Class of 1941 Professor of Russian and the Liberal Arts
Off Campus: Spring 2018 through Fall 2018
Annette Igra
Annette Igra Profile
Professor of History
Off Campus: Spring 2018 through Fall 2018

California-Los Angeles, B.A.; Sarah Lawrence, M.A.; Rutgers, Ph.D. American women's history and women's and gender studies. Interests include social welfare history, labor history, and historiography. Introduced a new course entitled "Gender and Work in U.S. History." Began teaching at Carleton in 1994.

Amna Khalid
Amna Khalid Profile
Assistant Professor of History
Jessica Leiman
Jessica Leiman Profile
Associate Professor of English
Annette Nierobisz
Annette Nierobisz Profile
Broom Fellow for Public Scholarship
Professor of Sociology

Winnipeg, B.A.; Queen's, M.A.; Toronto, Ph.D. Research interests are in the areas of the sociology of law, work and occupations, and gender. Her dissertation research explored the connections between law and the economy, specifically how judges respond to workplace wrongful dismissals in eras of economic uncertainty. Has also been involved in research that examined workplace sexual harassment complaints lodged with the Canadian Human Rights Commission. In addition to teaching introductory sociology, Annette also teaches research methods, the sociology of law, the sociology of work and occupations, and criminology. Began teaching at Carleton in 2000.

Constanza Ocampo-Raeder
Constanza Ocampo-Raeder Profile
Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Liz Raleigh
Liz Raleigh Profile
Assistant Professor of Sociology
Asuko Sango
Asuka Sango Profile
Associate Professor of Religion
Chair of Religion
Carol Donelan
Carol Donelan Profile
Professor of Cinema and Media Studies
Off Campus: Winter 2018 through Spring 2018