Women’s and Gender Studies Comps Schedule and Procedures

Students should select two advisers, from two different disciplines, in the spring of junior year or early fall of senior year.

Friday of 8th week in Fall Term, senior year: Approx. 5-page proposals due to both advisers

The proposal should state the topic to be studied, establish its significance to the field, describe the original contribution of the project, demonstrate familiarity with the secondary literature, describe the sources to be used, and include a preliminary bibliography. The two advisers will read the proposal and inform the student whether to proceed with comps or revise and resubmit the proposal.

Monday of 3rd week in Winter Term: Draft of approximately 20 pages due to both comps advisers. The two advisers will provide the student with feedback.

The 20 page specification here represents an average. Comps projects differ greatly in length depending on their field. Appropriate length for this preliminary draft and the final draft should be determined in consultation with the advisors.

Monday of 7th week in Winter Term: Complete draft due to both comps advisers, who will provide feedback.

Last day of Finals in Winter Term: Three copies of final draft due. Two of these are for the advisors. In the event of disagreement between the two advisors over the status of the paper, a third reader will be designated. The third reader will provide written comments for the student and advisers.

Spring term, senior year: Comps talk early in the term, t.b.a.

One week after the student's comps talk, s/he will be notified regarding pass/fail. Evaluation will take into consideration both the paper and the talk, the assessment of the advisers, and the comments of the third reader if there is one. Exceptionally strong comps may be nominated for distinction by the program, with the final determination to be made by the College.

As you get started thinking about possible topics, it may be of help to know who is available to act as advisor. Here is a list of faculty who regularly teach in the program, with their department affiliations and their teaching and research interests.

Listing of previous comps titles