Oct 24

Applications due to enroll in IDSC 103

Due Nov. 7, applications for Winter term IDSC 103: Student Conversations about Diversity and Community.

Tuesday, October 24th, 2017

Do you want an opportunity to engage in conversation with your peers about diversity and community at Carleton College? Talking across differences is an excellent skill to have for any future life/career paths.

Join the Critical Conversations Program and apply for IDSC 103:  Student Conversations About Diversity and Community.  Every winter term, several sections of IDSC 103 are offered, each led by two graduates of IDSC 203. Groups of 8-12 students participate in peer-led conversations about diversity and community at Carleton. Readings and experiential exercises invite students to reflect on their own social identities and their attitudes toward race, gender, class, and sexuality. By taking risks and engaging in honest conversations and self-reflection, students work together to understand differences, develop empathy, and explore how to build communities that are welcoming and open to diversity. Students are required to keep a weekly journal that is assessed by faculty members. 2 credits, S/CR/NC only.

Applications are due November 7th

Sponsored by Critical Conversations at Carleton. Contact: Amy Sillanpa, x4406