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About Carleton's Digital Collections

Purpose of Carleton Digital Collections

Carleton's Digital Collections (CDC) provide access to digital materials in support of curricular and research activities. New collections are reviewed and added if they fit within one of these categories:

  • Materials particularly related and unique to Carleton College;
  • Materials used for curriculum and research support;
  • Materials particularly related to local history, such as Northfield or Rice County.

If you have or are aware of collections that need to be digitized or are already digitized but could be a good fit for CDC, please contact a member of the Digitization Team at

More about Carleton College Digital Collections

To support the use of digital materials in teaching and to facilitate online access to the materials unique to Carleton, the Library collaborates with campus partners to create Carleton College Digital Collections. Currently, the site includes historical collections, such as archival photographs, historical documents, audio/video, alumni and literary magazines, and students' newspapers and publications. The site also includes teaching collections, such as the Art & Art History Department's Visual Resources Collection, and class-specific resources including American Sublime, California Images, and others. If you are interested to discover Northfield-related resources, please visit Northfield History Collaborative website.

For more details about individual collections, click on any of the links to the left for a full description of each collection.

Copyright Information

Carleton College maintains these collections for teaching, learning, and research purposes only. Aside from items in the public domain, items in these collections are not to be reproduced or used in a commercial setting. Please refer to Carleton Campus Copyright website to learn about the fair use for research/educational purpose. The Library has made a reasonable effort to secure any permissions needed in order to make it available for personal or research use. If you have any additional information about the material or would like to suggest a correction, please contact

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