Digital Humanities Update from the Director

June 5, 2013

A few months ago, Iris Jastram gave a wonderful presentation on copyright at one of our workshops, and she has now published a version of it! You can view it on her blog, Pegasus Librarian.

Iris's presentation was a major help to me in working with my students last term on fair use issues for their web design projects, and I know other faculty and students here and elsewhere will find this publication really helpful. Congratulations, Iris!

A couple of other quick updates: Please hold the date of Sept. 21 for our 3-college workshop. And thanks to Dean Bev Nagel and Associate Dean Fernan Jaramillo for providing additional funding for us to hire more DH Associates, and to support a little more travel and outreach for the DH leadership group. More details will be coming soon, after the chaos of graduation.

Thanks to all of you for your energy, enthusiasm and attendance at the DH events of the past year.
Best wishes for the summer (if it ever really gets here),