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Austin Mason
Austin Mason Profile
Assistant Director of the Humanities Center for the Digital Humanities and Visiting Assistant Professor of History

As Assistant Director of the Humanities Center for Digital Humanities, I work closely with representatives from the Library, Academic Technology and Information Technology Services to foster interdisciplinary collaboration between faculty and undergraduate student-scholars, integrating digital methods deeply into the Liberal Arts curriculum. I teach courses on digital methods, history courses with strong digital components, and collaborative courses in a number of departments that incorporate digital project work. I also co-supervise the Digital Humanities Associate program that trains undergraduates to help coordinate research and pedagogy projects in humanities classrooms. Read my full profile.

Sarah Calhoun
Sarah Calhoun ’01 Profile
Ref & Instr Liaison to Humanities and Digital Scholarship

I work in the Libe as the R&I Liaison Librarian for Humanities and Digital Scholarship. As part of that, I help to supervise the Digital Humanities Associates, and work closely with many other groups around campus and at St. Olaf to help support digital scholarship work. The thing that most excites me about digital scholarship is its potential for improving accessibility of scholarship, both in terms of reaching scholars with disabilities but also helping to cross language and writing system barriers.


Elizabeth Budd ’19 Profile

Digital Humanities Associate

Elizabeth is a junior history major who loves the possibilities created by digital humanities. She spent last spring in Rome on an off-campus study progam and now knows a surprising amount about medieval apse mosaics. She also enjoys traveling, maps, and Sudoku. Learn more on the blog!

Ana Yanes Martinez ’19 Profile

Digital Humanities Associate

I am a junior, Latin American Studies major and Education Studies concentrator. I have an obsession with the magical world of Harry Potter and I am certain my Hogwarts letter was lost in the way. I have a passion for art and cultures, and I love looking for ways in which to combine them with the digital world. You can read more here.

Martha Durrett ’18

Digital Humanities Associate

I'm a junior Computer Science (digital) and English (humanities) double major (digital humanities!). I spent my junior fall studying computer science abroad in Budapest, and it was great! I don't speak Hungarian, but I do know enough vocabulary to go grocery shopping. That's all you need, right?

Sasha Mayn ’18 Profile

Digital Humanities Associate

Senior (feels weird to say!) Linguitics major, Latin minor, programming enthusiast, voracious reader, avid knitter, pun lover.

Tenzin Dophen ’19 Profile

Digital Scholarship Intern

Tyler Chang ’20

Digital Scholarship Intern

Bea Crow ’20

Digital Scholarship Intern