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Austin Mason
Austin Mason Profile
Assistant Director of the Humanities Center for the Digital Humanities and Lecturer in History

As Assistant Director of the Humanities Center for Digital Humanities, I work closely with representatives from the Library, Academic Technology and Information Technology Services to foster interdisciplinary collaboration between faculty and undergraduate student-scholars, integrating digital methods deeply into the Liberal Arts curriculum. I teach courses on digital methods, history courses with strong digital components, and collaborative courses in a number of departments that incorporate digital project work. I also co-supervise the Digital Humanities Associate program that trains undergraduates to help coordinate research and pedagogy projects in humanities classrooms. Read my full profile.

Sarah Calhoun
Sarah Calhoun ’01 Profile
Ref & Instr Liaison to Humanities and Digital Scholarship

I work in the Libe as the R&I Liaison Librarian for Humanities and Digital Scholarship. As part of that, I help to supervise the Digital Humanities Associates, and work closely with many other groups around campus and at St. Olaf to help support digital scholarship work. The thing that most excites me about digital scholarship is its potential for improving accessibility of scholarship, both in terms of reaching scholars with disabilities but also helping to cross language and writing system barriers.


Elizabeth Budd ’19 Profile

Digital Humanities Associate

Elizabeth is a senior history major excited by the possibilities digital tools create in humanities research. For her own research, she is mainly interested in poverty in late nineteenth-century London and hopes to explore the intersection of lived experience, poverty, and space. In her free time, Elizabeth enjoys reading, looking at maps, and doing Sudoku. Read more on the blog!

Zobeida Chaffee-Valdes ’19

Digital Humanities Associate

Zobeida Chaffee is a senior History Major, interested in pursuing a career in library science and archiving.  She loves cooking, organizing things that don't actually belong to her, and travel. Stop in DHA Office Hours to say Hi!

Alief Moulana ’19 Profile

Digital Humanities Associate

I am a senior biology and math double major interested in pursuing a career as a research scientist where I want to study how microbes evolve. I also have passion for global politics, world history, and languages.

Luna Yee ’21

Digital Humanities Associate

Luna is a sophomore prospective Computer Science and Cognitive Science double major. She has an academic interest in user experience, machine learning, and computational linguistics, as well as personal interests in creative writing and editing. She hopes to contribute to making efficient and effective solutions to the wealth of design dilemmas in digital humanities.

Chris Tordi ’19 Profile

Digital Scholarship Intern

Hi! My name is Chris Tordi, a senior computer science major interested in full-stack development with an emphasis on user experience. As the Accessibility Intern on the team I will be working with front-end and back-end development interns as well as the digital ethics intern to promote good accessible design principles in our projects.

Chris Padilla ’20

Digital Scholarship Intern

My name is Chris Padilla, I am a junior computer science and philosophy double major from the Boston area. Apart from academics at Carleton, I enjoy spending my time playing frisbee and dancing. I am excited to learn about digital scholarship, particularly gaining experience with project management techniques and working with data in meaningful ways.

Alec Wang ’21 Profile

Digital Scholarship Intern