Previous Digital Humanities Associates

Check out some of our past DHAs!

2015-16 Associates

Graham Earley '17 (Math/Stats and Computer Science)

I'm a Math/Stats and Computer Science major from the class of 2017. I was led to the digital humanities by my interest in how to apply quantitative and technical solutions to the research questions asked by disciplines other than just math and computer science. I love seeing these two worlds come together.

Benjamin Weiss '16 (History)

I'm a senior History major, but that doesn't mean I don't have other more "digital" interests. I've tried a smorgasbord of classes relating to technology, from developing evolutionary algorithms for artificial intelligence to learning how to program synthesized instruments using MIDI. What I love most about the digital humanities is its fusion of topics I'm extremely interested in (e.g. history, literature, etc.) with tools I find fascinating.

Florence Wong '16 (Studio Art)

I'm interested in intersecting art, technology and other disciplines to design and implement projects tackling current problems in the world, particularly social justice, animal rights and sustainability.

Wanchen Yao '17 (Computer Science and Economics)

My name is Wanchen Yao and I'm a Computer Science/Economics double major graduating in 2017. I'm interested in saving the world and eating food.

Qimeng Yu '18 (Math/Stats)

I'm a sophomore math/stats major. My interest in the intersection of technology and humanities is the main reason that I chose to work for DH at Carleton. Working as a DHA has been a wonderful experience so far.