Welcome to Disability Services

Welcome to Disability Services at Carleton College

Burton Hall 03

Director Chris Dallager, cdallager@carleton.edu, 507-222-5250

Assistant Director Andy Christensen, anchrist@carleton.edu, 507-222-4464

Fax: 952-479-5305

Disability Services promotes access and equity for all students of Carleton College.  In our support of the Carleton College mission to provide an exceptional undergraduate liberal arts education (see the entire Carleton mission statement at  https://apps.carleton.edu/about/mission/), the Disability Services office values full access to the wide range of academic, organizational, residential, and work opportunities for Carleton students, regardless of disability status. The Disability Services office is a catalyst for ensuring equal learning and working opportunities for students with disabilities by increasing the capacity of Carleton to eliminate physical, programmatic, policy, informational and attitudinal barriers. We promote barrier-free environments that facilitate equal opportunities for people with disabilities and that assist Carleton in meeting its obligations under federal and state statutes.