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When U.S. News and World Report conducted a special survey of higher education leaders several years ago, the Carleton faculty was declared to be the college faculty in the country "most committed to undergraduate teaching." Indeed, the special quality of interaction between faculty and students is the hallmark of the superb education our students get at Carleton. At the same time, this premier teaching faculty also engages vigorously and productively in a wide spectrum of scholarship and creative activity. Their articles, monographs, books, textbooks, public performances, and aesthetic works of all sorts inform their teaching today and sustain it for the long haul, inspire their students, and enrich their collegiality as well as the disciplines in which they work.

Although a listing of books, articles, compositions, performances, and art exhibits is an imperfect reflection of scholarly activity, this bibliography provides a public record of the tremendous intellectual and creative energy of the entire Carleton faculty.

Beverly Nagel, Dean of the College


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