Filing a Community Concern Form

When sexual misconduct or inappropriate behavior occur on campus, it affects our entire community. Because the College cares about the safety of its students and the climate of its community, we encourage you to communicate with us about your concerns—regardless of whether you believe any College policies have been violated. When we are well-informed about what is happening on campus, we can make decisions to better support and protect our community.

If this is an urgent concern, please contact the Dean of Students office directly. You may also contact any member of the Sexual Misconduct Support Team. If anyone’s safety is at risk, please contact Carleton Security at x4444.

The Community Concern form is available here through the Dean of Students webpage, or at Click here for a PDF version of the form.

Does submitting a Community Concern form automatically start the Complaint Process?

The Community Concern form and the Complaint Process are two separate processes. Submitting a Community Concern is not the same as filing a Complaint under the College’s Sexual Misconduct Policies and Procedures. Complaints must be filed with the College’s Complaint Process Coordinator. By submitting a Community Concern form, you are notifying the College of your concern. The College will then take reasonable action to provide for the safety of the campus, and to ensure that those affected are connected with appropriate support options. Unless the Dean of Students Office and the Title IX Coordinator believes that life or safety is compromised, we will not take action without communicating with you.

Who is required to submit Community Concerns?

Carleton faculty and staff are required to report certain information whenever they become aware of incidents of suspected sexual misconduct. This information is indicated within the Community Concern form. Peer leaders who have advisory roles on our campus are also required to report instances of sexual misconduct. RAs, SWAs, GSCAs, and OPLs will fill out the indicated portions of the form and will inform their supervisor about the reported information. Peer leaders are not required to submit the names of people involved in the incident with their reporting.  Click here for more information about required reporting.

When should I submit a Community Concern?

Whenever you believe that concerning behavior is affecting you or other members of our community. There is no concern that is too minor—by communicating with our community about what kind of behavior we expect from each other, we strengthen our community standards. When the College is informed of what is occurring on campus we can, intervene if we perceive troubling patterns of behavior, assist community members in navigating challenging situations, connect community members with support and resources, and identify what topics should be included in community education and prevention efforts.

Where does a Community Concern form go?

When you submit a Community Concern it is sent to the Dean of Students Office (unless it is a concern that involves faculty and/or staff, in which case it will be sent to the College Ombudsperson/Title IX Coordinator, depending on the type of concern). If you are an RA, SWA, GSCA, or OPL, the form will also be forwarded to your supervisor.

If the concern regards behavior of a sexual nature, basic non-identifying information from the form will also be sent to the Title IX Coordinator for reporting purposes, and may be included in annual federally-mandated statistics reports and in a campus report of sexual misconduct that is published each term.

What type of follow-up should I expect?

The College will respond promptly and effectively to your concern. You can expect that within 24-48 hours staff will contact you to make sure that we understand your concern, gather additional information, and discuss next steps and support options for you and others involved.