Business Requirements Analysis

Note that this page contains historical information not strictly relevant to ongoing project work.  It is retained here mainly for historical purposes.

When the data warehouse first began, a business requirements analysis was done to examine the needs of many campus administrative offices.  The purpose of this page is simply to record how the analysis was carried out, both for historical purposes, and also to give people an idea of how we generally go about identifying and prioritizing needs.

Our initial business requirements analysis procedure was to identify needs through interviews with key departments, and to categorize those needs by 1) potential benefit to the college, and 2) implementation ease.  After collecting and organizing this information, we tabulated it and presented it to the Administrative Computing Advisory Committee, which advised us initially to proceed first with Admissions prospect research—an area identified as having high impact and relatively high ease of implementation.

Since then we have re-interviewed several departments.  And some of our initial priorities have been altered by the Administrative Computing Advisory Committee, due mainly to changes in institution-wide priorities necessitated by the economic recession that began in 2008.

Below is the graphic that the data warehouse project leads initially presented to the Administrative Computing Advisory Committee.  Click the image to see a full PDF.  As noted, we offer this merely as an example of how we are proceeding to identify college business needs.  This chart has been, and will be, adjusted and expanded over time (as we complete projects, and priorities change).

 Business Requirements Analysis